28 Oct 2005

Like Father Like Son...t!

While searching for Linda’s debut album (*sigh* still no sight of it here!) at one of the stores in KK I heard this catchy hip hop rap tune played very loud….Opochot!!...it was a full Dusun rap song.!! I thought it was Atama…well you know…nowadays .it’s kind of “remember Dusun rapper…remember Atama!”..but this one sounds a bit different, the vocal is more solid. Curious, I approached the counter to find out…my oh my! The CD says Aldro John Gaisah…yepp...the sir name n look say it all…he’s the son of a great Dusun singer.…the late John Gaisah (pssst! We r related u know…geee...now I know where I got the talent from….ahakkss). Anyways I read an article about him in Daily Express recently….what I learnt from the article is that he’s 24 years old., the youngest (?), he was still an infant when his father passed away, he’s undertaking teacher training course at Kent College (so bakal Cikgu Aldro...lah ni)…and….errr….ladies u don like hearing this…he’s married with one child (if I were him I just keep quiet…haha!).
So what can we expect from a son of a great singer! Well for one he doesn’t sound (read: vocal tone) like his father (I guess its good news for him). However performing wise the”style” is quite similar except for the rap song. You can’t avoid comparing…so I’ve to say the senior is still uncomparable! (except perhaps u want to question his ability singing rap song!) I was expecting more hip hop songs but looks like there r only two the 1st track “Superstar” n the final track “Kah Di Apa Ku (Taragang Rasuk)”….ikut2 Atama juga kah ni?…no lah…just kidding it’s totally different. The rest are standard Dusun ballad, rock blues, cha cha and joget…mind u! talking about versatility….habislah Felix!!..kah kah…just kidding...luckily there's no dangdut. I choose the first track *Superstar* for your listening pleasure…over to the side bar guys!.....eh..bukan bar yg ada jual 10-3!…side bar d tepi tu lah!!