31 Oct 2007

Kerana Karina: Episod 2

Karina resah gelisah dengan kehadiran Imran, bekas kekasih yang hampir-hampir menjadi tunang beliau, selaku penerbit yang ditugaskan untuk menerbit albumnya...:).

Best juga lakonan Marsha...

(Next episode will be on Friday 02 Nov, 9 am)

Determine to improve the local music scene

Roger Wang a.k.a Mr. Fingerstylo

Talking about RAM Music Production, its very first pet project was to launch nationwide the singing career of one beautiful (and pitch-perfect) local singer named Caroline Samunting a.k.a Cay. The ambitious project was featured full page in the Daily Express back in 1996 (if I'm not mistaken it was published for three consecutive days! Mind you). I don't know what actually went wrong, things just turned out to be not as expected. I managed to get the single which was suppose to be the killer-song in the album. It's called Rahsia penned by Felix Samunting. Although produced back in 1996, until now I still find this song so refreshingly fascinating with that strong current hit appeal. Too bad it never gets on the air hence never had the chance to reach the mass listeners. The copy I have here is the non-mixed and non-mastered version (I can only imagine how the final product sounds like). Take a listen as well to the guitar strumming played skillfuly by the maestro.

Cay - Rahsia (audio track)

A focus on performing arts in KK - Pt 2

The formation of Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu Sabah (SPArKS)

Time ripe for performing arts body

by Mary Chin (Daily Express 28 Oct)

THE time was ripe for the formation of a performing arts association. To name a few, we have the KK Music Society, KK Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Choral Group, Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra, Double Take, The L'espressivo Trio, Jazzelton Quintet, ballroom dancing associations and what have you.

Dama Orchestra shows, among others, dominated the music scene some years ago, drawing capacity crowds. Equally packed was the Yellow River Cantata organised by L'espressivo Music Lab, founded and led by well-known soprano Phoon Sook Peng as Organising Chairperson. Annual dancesport championships organised by ballroom dancing schools are a hit with veterans, novices and beginners alike.

In the State capital, charity concerts in aid of schools, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and less fortunate groups are a regular affair, sometimes featuring international artistes. Last year, the presence of a 3,000-strong audience at the charity concert featuring veteran Taiwanese singer Yu Ya, 55, demonstrated clearly that Sabahans, young and old alike, have ears for music, be it classical, modern or contemporary.

Protem President of the newly-registered Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (SPArKS), Datuk Adeline Leong observed that many young people are coming forward uninhibitedly to exhibit their talents in the form of music, dance and drama. SPArKS was registered on September 1st this year.

"These young people need encouragement and support, and most importantly, a platform to build on these talents. We (SPArKS) are here to provide that platform. It is also motivating to see that parents nowadays are liberal in allowing their children to choose careers in the field of performing arts in fulfillment of their dreams.

"This changing performing arts scene in Kota Kinabalu warrants the setting up of a performing arts body to unify music, dance and drama enthusiasts and promote their cause as a common interest group (CIG), as well as to showcase their talents. That's how SPArKS was conceived and born," she told Daily Express.

When told that only a few artistes make it to the international scene, Leong, who is the former President of Sandakan Municipal Council, said this situation was not an issue. "The majority are very happy doing what they like and giving joy to many."

The idea of forming a performing arts association was mooted by the Director of Sutera Harbour Resort, Encik Foo Kia Inn, two years ago. Last year, Foo, popular acoustic guitarist Roger Wang and Leong got together to plan the formation of SPArKS.

The first protem committee meeting, attended by 14 members, was held at the Sutera Marina Club on Oct 4, 2006. During those first few meetings, the committee planned to organise the lst Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival.

"We wanted to enliven the music scene in the city by introducing Sabahan musicians and music enthusiasts to the world of international jazz music.

But since SPArKS was not a registered body yet, it had to find a partner to co-organise the event and to look for sponsorship as well. We found the perfect partner in the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu which became the main organiser with Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) and Suria Group also in the Organising Committee," Leong explained.

Judging from the overwhelming response, the inaugural KK Jazz Festival at the Jesselton Point was a resounding success. Over 1,000 people turned up to enjoy the charity concert, a musical extravaganza featuring more than 20 local, national and international musicians (in five performing groups) and offering a wide variety of jazz music.

Said Leong : "We have, in a sense, succeeded in creating appreciation of this genre of music among a segment of the local populace. KK folks are receptive to jazz. On top of it, the Rotary Club of KK managed to raise some funds for its community projects in rural areas."

This has prompted SPArKS to consider a 2nd KK Jazz Festival. "We will be organising it next year."

What does the future hold for SPArKS?

Leong said its vision is for Kota Kinabalu to have a performing arts centre eventually.

"We are aware that the Federal Culture, Arts and Heritage Department is building a centre of this nature. When that is completed in a few years' time, it will provide many opportunities for our young people to showcase their talents in the fields of music, dance and drama.

"We are also happy to learn that Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) is also planning to build a performing arts centre at the urging of the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

"When the centre becomes a reality, it will be an additional venue for performances not only by local but also internationally-acclaimed artistes," she said.

Leong concurred with Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun who said there is little doubt that the State indeed has an abundance of talents among its young people.

"We really need a centre for performing arts in the city because in many major cities in the world, art and culture symbolise modernisation.

"And with Kota Kinabalu becoming a big city, I feel there is a missing link in our city as we become more prosperousÉwe should look into other areas that we might have neglected," Masidi was quoted as saying last week.

"Having such centre will definitely enrich the quality of life of people, particularly those who are living in the city."

On other plans, Leong said SPArKS is keen to organise a KK Arts Festival with music, dance and drama events happening all in one week.

However, she was quick to point out that all these events need sponsorship.

"When the time comes, we hope major corporations will come forward to sponsor the events in the Festival as part of their corporate social responsibility and community service. In fact, ordinary citizens can also chip in to fulfil their individual social responsibility if they wish to lend a helping hand."

Even ballet dancers also complaining

30 Oct 2007

The Shuffle dance craze in KK

When we mention the word "shuffle" we are quick to imagine a list of audio tracks played randomly (from track 1 jump up to track 8 and jump back down to track 3 for instance). But what about Shuffle dance? Most of you must've heard it, probably since two years back (or earlier). There are times the terms "Trance Shuffle" are used in refering to the dance. I guess the inclusion of the word 'trance' is due to the fact that the dancers are often seen as abnormal or rather in a hypnotic state (I strongly hope they're not D.U.I - Dancing Under Influence).

For those who are still wondering what Shuffle is, just take a look at this video (shot at Kompleks Karamunsing on the 20th Oct)

The vid above is actually for the promo of the Trance Party 2 which took place in BED - Best Entertaiment Destination last night (arrgh! I missed it...I thought 29th is today!)

If you want to have more glimpse of the situation in KK, just click the YouTube channel of this guy known as Abangben. They claim he is the best shuffler in town (probably he does more spinning than the rest and while he does that he maintains his balance...mmm..I wonder if he won last night's competition). From his channel you can get video links of other shufflers in actions around town.

SO..!! Are you interested to do the Shuffle! It's not that difficult, after all it's a good form of excercise (forget about the Poco Poco dance). For a start you can learn from this video (just click at the video itself for the other series like the 'running basic' and 'the kick basic'). Oh..by the way, they call it Melbourne Shuffle cos this dance is said to be originated from Australia (from Melbourne I guess).

But I prefer learning from this video instead (opss...did I say 'I'..:O). For easy movement you can just wear socks for the tutorials (pandai-pandai kunun pakcik bagi tips kan!)

Good luck! and have fun!


P/s: This dance is very much suitable for the ladies, but surprisingly I have yet to see a lady do the Shuffle! Hmm...puzzling!??

29 Oct 2007

Kerana Karina : Episode 1

Mari saksikan lakonan si Marsha sebagai heroin utama drama Kerana Karina (the first on-line drama series)

Aiinaa...siapa juga pelakon lelaki dengan watak "akak-akak" tu?? Koserr!

Hot rumour..!

From the clues given...it's not hard for me to make a guess...:x (Hmmm...the person who brought the other girl up stairs, should've called Mr. X first)

Jejak Juara Bintang RTM

A focus on performing arts in KK - Pt 1

Masidi: KK to have centre for performing arts

Kota Kinabalu: Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun on Monday said discussions are being held with City Hall to decide on a suitable site for a centre for performing arts here.

He said a permanent centre of the kind is really needed to cater to the huge talent in Sabah.

After watching many artistic performances, he said there is little doubt that the State indeed has an abundance of talents among its young people.

"Those who watched the Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO) perform last night would agree with me that we have world class material among our musicians who can be nurtured and tutored to perform even better," he said.

He said that the way the orchestra played classical pieces such as Pachaebel's Canon in D and Beethoven's 9th Symphony (choral finale) would make Sabahans proud of their enormous talent.

And the fact that most of the musicians are in their teens, the youngest being a seven-year-old demonstrates a permanent artistic centre is really needed so that their talents are nurtured and not wasted, he added.

However, he said he would prefer that City Hall build and operate the centre.

"But it should be a simple, functional yet iconic landmark, a symbol of the city's coming of age, balancing commercial pursuit with quality artistic enjoyment," he said.

Masidi said they would be officially submitting the proposal to the State government after they have sorted out the preliminary matters.

"We really need the centre of performing arts in the city because in many major cities in the world, art and culture symbolise modernisation.

"And with Kota Kinabalu becoming a big city, I feel there a missing link in our city as we become more prosperousÉwe should look into other areas that we might have neglected," he said.

Having such centre, he said would definitely enrich the quality of people particularly those who are living in the city.

According to Masidi, although there are not many people who really want to attend classical-type concerts compared to rock concerts, the young talents must be supported so that they continue playing classical music even after they complete school.

"Perhaps to many people such music is not popular but the musicians, a combination of the young and the experienced, do provide us with quality music to enjoy," he said.

Masidi even though he hardly plays any music instruments, he still enjoys classical music that he described as educational because listeners have to study the history to understand every piece.

"So, instead of just enjoying the music, we are actually learning a history at the same time that inevitably would enrich the people's lives," he said.

Source: Daily Express 23 Oct 2007

So there you go! A centre for performing arts is in the pipeline. Apart of the questions...when and where such centre gonna be built? Another question is how is the so-called iconic landmark going to look like? Which local inspiration is going to be adopted as its architectural design?

Is it gonna be the sails of the regatta Lepa Lepa? (eat your heart out Sydney Opera!..:) )


If the Istana Budaya got the inspiration from gubahan sirih junjung

I don't see any problem why we can't settle for gubahan daun pisang junjung

Probably just a simple geometric design like the Royal Albert Hall (London) is not a bad idea...

...but instead of having a dome-like roof, we can replace it by either the siraung...

...or the Bajau's tudung saji (tenduang) .

Interestingly the Singapore's Esplanade - Theatre On The Bay, is proudly called by the locals as The Durian .....(it speaks for itself doesn't it)

Are we going to proudly called ours as The Tarap?...:D (If it's going to speak loudly for itself lah..:=D)

28 Oct 2007

A chance for song writers to shine!

So far we have seen so many contests searching for singing stars but not for song writers (as if this bunch of talents are being totally ignored). The contest below while still involves singing talents, is opened for song-writing talents as well. So to all the song writers out there here's your big chance!

For more details click SUTASI

27 Oct 2007

Romeo + Juliet = ........??

Rasa macam tercabar pula kesabaran menanti kemunculan single bertajuk Romeo & Juliet yang bakal menyaksikan gandingan Nikki dan Ebi...

Other related links

Romeo + Juliet (tak pasti text yang disertakan adalah lirik lagu tersebut?)
Giliran Ebi, Nikki bersatu
This one's out of the bag already

(scroll down to go to the articles on those links above)

Kalau dalam blog Mr Manager pada post beliau di sini (scroll down) masih nyatakan projek ni sebagai "rahsia kerajaan" sedangkan telah pecah lobang sana-sini...:)

The answer to the equation above probably....Rome + Juliet = Gerenti hits malatop!

26 Oct 2007

Makan time in Sabah

I consider myself as a light-eater, so food basically is not my favourite subject...I'll manage with only rice and lada potong campur kicap!...:)

But for those who like food......It's makan time! Very typical scenario in most restaurants in Sabah...

...except for the butod eating...:P (penuh perasaan pula durang makan tu..:D)

Talking about restaurants, I guess most of you are aware that only in East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and W.P Labuan too) can we find a Malay (halal) stall at one corner of a Chinese restaurant. A true evidence of strong racial intergration. Unfortunately the articles above didn't feature such restaurants....:(

And for those who prefer to have their meal in some fancy eateries. (I wonder if they serve lada padi potong campur kicap?)

And the famous Kopi Tenom

Pertama kali pula dengar ada filem Jerman buat penggambaran di Tenom (mungkin hanya sekadar dokumentari..:))

24 Oct 2007

Ebi beraya sakan

Eh! macam ada muka I lah!..=)

Jestie Alexius 4 : Sarat dengan vokal berharmoni

Seperti juga album-album beliau sebelumnya, tidak dinafikan album Jestie Alexius edisi keempat ini juga memuatkan lagu-lagu yang tidak kurang hebat. Malah dari Trek 1 sehinggalah ke Trek 12, kesemua lagu begitu menggamit halwa telinga saya. Ada sesuatu yang cukup menarik dan istimewa dalam lagu-lagu yang ditampilkan dan bila saya amati betul-betul, rupa-rupanya penggunaan vokal berharmoni agak begitu ketara (seolah-olah mendengar penyanyi berkumpulan). Bukannya beliau tidak pernah menampilkan lagu sedemikian sebelum ini (terutama versi acapella Kosorou Kopo Nangku Doho) tapi jika dibandingkan, kali ini penampilan vokal berharmoni agak begitu padu, sedikit rumit serta bersahut-sahutan dengan vokal utama.

Setelah mengamati kesemua lagu berulangkali (terutama semasa memandu), mungkin ada yang terkejut kalau saya memilih Trek 8 (Side B, Trek 2) lagu yang berjudul Tingkodon Noh sebagai lagu kegemaran peribadi. Susunan muzik dalam lagu berkonsepkan adult contemporary rock ini (terutama petikan gitarnya) begitu mengasyikkan. Cuma pada rangkap korus, bunyian gitar (muzik) sedikit menenggelami suara halus Jestie. Samada disengajakan, I'm fine with it, sebab ketika ini juga pendengaran terus tertumpu kepada kemahiran petikan gitar (termasuk bunyi bass sekali). Mendengar Lagu-lagu balada dalam album ini, termasuk lagu Inggeris Most of My Time Thinking of You, seolah mengimbas kembali nostalgia lagu-lagu dendangan kumpulan Michael Learns To Rock (mungkin ada kena mengena dengan susunan vokal harmoni yang yang saya sebutkan tadi). Jadi kalau anda menggemari lagu-lagu MLTR tiada alasan tidak menyukai lagu-lagu balada Jestie dalam album ini.

Berbalik kepada penampilan vokal harmoni dalam album ini, malangnya tidak dinyatakan pula mereka yang terlibat dalam nyanyian berharmoni tersebut. Apapun itu bukanlah satu isu besar. Bagi saya samada ianya dilakukan oleh sekumpulan individu atau secara solo (dengan bantuan 'vocal machine') yang penting lagu-lagu sebegini (termasuk juga beberapa lagu Dusun seperti Adaa - Clarice John) sedikit sebanyak memberi petunjuk pengkarya kita semakin 'adventurous' dalam merealisasikan kreativiti masing-masing sehingga menitikberatkan sekali aspek susunan vokal melalui penampilan vokal berharmoni yang agak tersisih sebelum ini (mungkin atas alasan mengganggu atau menjejaskan penampilan vokal utama). Sudah semestinya evolusi sebegini wajar kita sambut dengan satu tepukan gemuruh. Namun itu cerita vokal berharmoni versi rakaman. Bagaimana pula kalau versi live?. Adakah harmoni yang ditampilkan secara live, sekuat penampilan dalam album. Teringat pula persembahan live lagu Adaa semasa pertandingan juara Carta Dusun lalu. Harmoni yang begitu mengasyikkan dalam versi rakaman, dan dianggap sebagai sebahagian daripada 'pencantik' lagu tersebut, langsung tak kedengaran. Diharapkan Jestie tidak akan mengalami situasi serupa dan mampu mengekalkan 'kepaduan' vokal berharmoni beliau dalam album ini semasa penampilan live.

You can listen the demo on radioblog and more demos on JMI's blog

23 Oct 2007

Sprinkling talcum powder on egg?

Adoii..!! Sakit betul perut dan dada aku sekali terketawa baca this post di blogspot si PooWok. It is regarding the phone-in contest over Radio 4 with DJ Yasmin Yusof (actually I didn't realise Radio 4 is still around, I thought it has already been replaced with Traxx FM. I couldn't even tune in to the frequency given on its website).

(Anyway back to the story) According to his post the DJ was inviting listeners to call in and answer a trivia question. The question was, "What is the household name of sodium chloride?" (the answer should be 'salt'). One housewife who called in didn't know the answer and asked for a clue. The clue given by Yasmin was "something you put on your husband's eggs in the morning". The housewife confidently answered TALCUM POWDER! (dia mesti terfikir telur-telur yang lain ni kan?..LOL). I can only imagine the DJ (Yasmin Yusof), whom I think laugh quite heavily, fell to the floor laughing out loud. She didn't return on air after few songs according to poowok.


Siapakah artis yang dimaksudkan...?

Jawapannya cukup mudah, so tiada hadiah kepada sesiapa yang dapat memberi jawapan yang tepat..:))

22 Oct 2007

Rachel sebagai Azizah kecil.

Azizah kecil dan Azizah dewasa!

Mungkin sedikit persamaan dari segi bentuk wajah menyebabkan Datin Tiara mengambil Rachel memegang watak Azizah semasa kecil dalam teater P.Ramlee...The Musical...good idea! (ala-ala Datuk Siti semasa kecil lah konon ni kan....hehe)

21 Oct 2007

Book shopping while floating

After visiting KK many times before since 1987, the floating bookshop MV Doulos is in town again. Since its last two visits here (1996 and 2000) I never miss making a trip going on board. So this year is no exemption.

You really need to watch out your steps while climbing this staircase. The steps are very unconventionally designed.

Macam terpaksa saja saya tengok tu perempuan menyanyi

Just part of the crowds

Books and books everywhere!

...and more books

...and CDs as well

...and the currency exchange

After an hour or so, I'm spoilt for choice and didn't know what to pick in the main section of the bookshop then I walked out.

On the way out, I saw the sign that reads "special priced books" and headed to the section. The books featured here are those donated to the ship and supposedly not for sale. But if you buy the specially-made Doulus bag priced at RM 20, you can pick any two of those books. Good offer plus good quality reading materials equals irresistible....and I finally settled for these two books.

So glad I found the one on the right ...."Adventures In Singing...A Process for Exploring, Discovering and Developing Vocal Potential". A very good reading indeed for those who really like singing. Filled with theories, tips and techniques for vocal development. Here's the contents, with one topic called "Vocal Athlete".

So if you happen to listen someone singing like Pavarotti next time...the chances are he's got to be me...hehe!

And the other books we bought (mostly for kids and teenagers).

My niece bought the one with purple cover "A Feast of Good Stories". And you know what, it was indeed a collection of very, very good short stories for me to...err...curi maybe buat short film kah nanti...LOL!

Learn more about MV Doulos here

20 Oct 2007

Teater P.Ramlee...The Musical

Teater P.Ramlee...The Musical sudahpun membuka tirai sejak 18 Oktober. Berbagai-bagai ulasan dapat dibaca. Para media (termasuk beberapa blogger) yang mendapat undangan khas untuk menyaksikan persembahan teater ini rata-rata memuji. Komen dari penonton pula bercampur aduk, ada yang memuji tak kurang juga yang tidak berpuashati terutama mereka yang datang hendak menikmati lagu-lagu P.Ramlee. Difahamkan agak kurang lagu-lagu beliau berkumandang. Tak tahulah betul atau tidak. Yang penting kawan kita si Alvin (Defoo) berteater sakan...

Hmmm....apa agaknya peranan si Rachel? Kalau bukan watak Saloma masih kecil...si Azizah masih kecil mengkalikan?

RM 800 for superimpose art works!

The photos below are the efforts of Hishamuddin Rais a writer cum activist. The so-called ‘art works’ are merely superimposed of two photos using graphic software (Photoshop being the most popular). It is sometimes known as morphing technique. Well, if you know how to do it or had done it before, you should realise how easy the work is. Probably the critical part is to select the right photos to be applied to. Your job would be easier and the end product would look perfect, if the photos have similar colour scheme, brightness, contrast etc. Once you’ve selected the right photos the rest are just a simple desktop job. You only need to sit still staring at the screen with your right hand (or left if you’re a left-handed) moves the mouse up, down, left, right, click here and click there. Your other hand is probably holding a can of coke or picking your nose (oops). In short it’s a work with just a click of a mouse.

Pak Lah as Einstein

Rafidah - what happen to my hair!?

Lim Kit Siang as a punk

Abdul Hadi as urban hippie

...and guess who?

What made me goggle in disbelief, they were sold for RM 800 each!. Anyone bought it? Yupp…the daughter of our Prime Minister, Nori Abdullah. Surprisingly she did not buy the Einstein piece alone but all of them (10 pieces altogether). Somehow I question whether it’s justified or ethical to sell this type of artworks. You ‘steal’ photos belong to other copyright owner, you remove Einstein’s face for your preferable face and claim the piece is yours (for you have the right to sell it)..hmm!

Here are some of my very own art works....(lelong! Lelong!)

Gwen Stefani as Heliza AF5

Brad Pitt 'merge' with A.Jolie

Any buyer? RM 2 only mah! Very cheap one! Not interested aah!? Buy one free one lah!! Sap..sap sui!...:=)

18 Oct 2007

Koleksi video klip raya

Candy & Aizat - Lenggang Mak Limah

Ebi - Suara Takbir

Serunding - Hakikat Hari Raya

Dodol - Getar Ria Raya

Berkumpulan - Inang Di Aidilfitri

Koboi tetap aktif


Welly dan Jiply Miroh

In the meantime I snapshot this advertisment in the DE yesterday regarding the opening of the first ever pet saloon in Sabah (I think it's exclusively for canine). Checking out the list of the services provided they include grooming, bathing, spa, manicuring, styling, coloring etc, which I think all sound familiar except for one that is...errr...anal gland! (what sort of service is that?)