26 Oct 2007

Makan time in Sabah

I consider myself as a light-eater, so food basically is not my favourite subject...I'll manage with only rice and lada potong campur kicap!...:)

But for those who like food......It's makan time! Very typical scenario in most restaurants in Sabah...

...except for the butod eating...:P (penuh perasaan pula durang makan tu..:D)

Talking about restaurants, I guess most of you are aware that only in East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and W.P Labuan too) can we find a Malay (halal) stall at one corner of a Chinese restaurant. A true evidence of strong racial intergration. Unfortunately the articles above didn't feature such restaurants....:(

And for those who prefer to have their meal in some fancy eateries. (I wonder if they serve lada padi potong campur kicap?)

And the famous Kopi Tenom

Pertama kali pula dengar ada filem Jerman buat penggambaran di Tenom (mungkin hanya sekadar dokumentari..:))