30 Nov 2007

Happy drivers eager to start racing

Huh!? Is the starting point right at the fish market? From the figure above, it looks like it. What happen to the fish market then...no trading for two days kah?..:D (as far as I know only the Philippino market is closed temporary used as venue for the spectators)

Bon Apetite : Sunset Bar, Nexus Karambunai

If you are in Nexus Resort Karambunai, drop by at Sunset Bar to enjoy a hearty meal or sip in a cocktail as you enjoy the sunset. Located on the beachfront, the Sunset Bar is a quaint establishment offering diners an al fresco environment to enjoy the South China sea breeze while they eat. For starters check out the Lite Bites which offer an array of finger food including satay (a Malaysian favourite), Greek salad, spicy potato wedges and soup of the day. They also serve an array of sandwiches – try the tandoori chicken served in tortilla bread with cucumber yogurt. Kids will love the Sunset Burger, chargrilled with onions or the jumbo New York Hot Dog served with caramelized onions, mustard and home-made relish. Moving on the main course, the Sunset Bar can whip up a hearty charcoal-grilled Australian Ribbed Eye Steak or if you prefer something light, try the Grilled Seabass Fillet with spring onions and lemon dressing. However, the pizza has proved to be the real winner at Sunset Bar. Choose from a variety of flavours, including quarto formaggio, margarita and Mediterranean. There’s definitely something for everyone! Craving for something sweet? Go for the chocolate cake, apple crumble or caramello cheesecake. Simply delectable! Cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and fresh juices are also available so take your pick. Surrounded by the great outdoors and with an amazing view of the sunset, the Sunset Bar will not disappoint.

Open daily from 12 noon to 11:00 pm. For more information contact Nexus Resort Karambunai at 088-411222

Kerana Karina : Episod 14 dan 15

Episod 14

Karina mengamuk...ditolaknya pula si Boy yang tidak bersalah...=D

Episod 15

Sign or not sign...

Full coverage of Yanie's wedding

Majlis Persandingan Yanie dan Irfin
Majlis Berinai Yanie

29 Nov 2007

Powerboat vs Powerstorm

The powerboat race


While preparation for the powerboat race is being geared up, the coastal areas in the West Coast were badly hit by a 'powerstorm' courtesy of the tropical storm Hagibis. This happened coincidently with the unusual high tide. So how's the weather gonna be like during the powerboat race? The weatherman predicts that the Hagibis will last until Thursday (29 Nov). But I read there's another storm named Mitag (nasib baik bukan G****K) just hit the Philippines. Hopefully it won't reach here especially this weekend.

A misleading photo?

This photo appeared big on the front page of the Daily Express yesterday with the caption "Villages searching for possessions with only the stilts of their homes remaining in Tg Aru". A friend who stays adjacent to the area said those remaining stilts were actually the aftermath of the September fire (remember?) and not due to the storm/waves. Personally I think if a house is blown like that (with only the stilt remains) it will definitely involve heavy casualties i.e. the occupants must have been blown away themselves.

It's Carnival Time

Fun weekend awaits

KOTA KINABALU: Drive by the Waterfront and you'll notice tents and other structures slowly going up by the water. KK's gearing up for the UIM F2000 World Cup GP. and the town's abuzz with talk of all the fun to be had over the coming weekend. Set for Saturday and Sunday. December 1 and December 2. 2007. the powerboat weekend promises to be an exciting event for all. It's not just going to be about powerboats and sprints, however. The races will also feature all-day street carnivals, filled with all sorts of entertainment that will ensure plenty of fun for the whole family. Dad can go off and watch the races, and mum can saunter off to check out the food and shopping stalls, while kids will surely be thrilled by the amusements that have been prepared for the day. Over 70 food and shopping vendors will be setting up shop over the weekend, providing plenty of opportunities to browse and quite a lot of options for good old street eats.

F2000 weekend will prove to be a great day for on-the-go gourmets, but don't fret about overeating... you can always walk it off on your way to the next attraction! Kids and grownups alike will enjoy the unique amusements on offer, which include an array of inflatable entertainment structures.These oversized inflatables come in six different forms at the street carnival, and offer interesting diversions for guests who'd prefer more interactive and athletic ways to spend their leisure time. Let the kids have a go on the bouncy castle, and watch them bounce away or take turns on its built-in slide.

An inflatable obstacle course serves as an interesting alternative to the playground, and makes for a fun. safe way for kids to while the day away. Be careful that they don't have too much fun. or they might never want to go home! Got a grudge against a former friend? Forget the fist fights. Ask them to come over for F2000 and duke it out in a jousting match. Beat each other senseless with foam batons instead!

Be the first to knock your opponent off the platform and onto a safety bed and be pronounced the victor. Not the aggressive type? No worries, the bungee race is there for you. You and your opponent race against each other through inflatable lanes. Sound simple? Sure, but you'll be harnessed to bungee cords that are anchored to your starting points.

Move too fast or lose your grip and you'll have to start over again! Non-competitive guests can always go for the outdoor wall-climb.Tins simple take on the popular sport lets you inch your way up an inflatable wall, complete with handholds and a safety harness. Don't worry about falling... the whole structure's inflatable, and there's a soft, cushy bed waiting to protect you from the ground. Inflatable structures are made from durable, semi-porous materials such as PVC. and are kept inflated through the use of special blowers that circulate air throughout these gigantic toys.The structures are 100% safe, and make for hours of endless entertainment. And how often can you brag about having taken out a rival in a friendly jousting grudge match? And if all these activities still aren't enough to whet your appetite for entertainment, then check out the great line-up of artists that are set to perform on Saturday.

Anuar Zain and some of your Akademi Fantasia favourites, including Felix. Lotter. Nora. Rich and Candy, will be on hand to make music and merriment.Check out the UIM F2000 World Cup GP this coming weekend. Saturday and Sunday. December 1 and 2. 2007, for plenty of wholesome fun for the whole family.

For more information, call 088-261611 or visit www.power-sportevents.com.my.

28 Nov 2007

The Sabah Tourism Awards 2007

The award goes to...

So KK won the cleanest town...ihik!..=). Congrats to Kak Nong restaurant (I heard that at Kak Nong, the staff salary will be cut off RM 50, each time the management receives complaint from customers on their inefficiency...:))

Flashback - 2007 Pop/Rock Semi Final

I must say all the ten songs nominated this year are equally good. To find which one is the best, is more a less a subjective matter just like judging a beauty pageant. The juries must have difficulty doing their jobs. Perhaps the least that they could do is to pick those songs delivered in a 'studio quality' vocal performance. Not necessarily perfect but those with less pitchy, out of tune and non shaky or trembling voice, should be given due considerations. After all they're professional singers whom we expect to deliver their best.

My list of those who perform almost in the so-called 'studio quality' vocal performance...




Vince (no video)

Siti (unfortunately the sound was so imbalance)

...the first verse of this song reminds me of Yang Mana by Marsha..=)

Rich (Estranged)

27 Nov 2007

Go Travel at Sutera Harbour

Go Travel is a Malaysian traveling guide TV program in Chinese aired over 8TV every Sunday at 7:30 pm. Join the program's two young hyperactive hosts discovering Sutera Harbour Resort in KK.

Part 1/3

Catch the other two parts

Part 2/3
Part 3/3

Whoaa..the Wake Board (water skateboard) is so tempting...(terpelanting-pelanting mengkali kalau saya yang main..=))

Balan Balan Ke Festival Filem

Filem berjudul Misteri Balan Balan, sebuah filem terbitan syarikat prroduksi di Sabah dan dilakukan keseluruhan penggambarannya di sini, khabarnya akan menyertai Festival Filem Malaysia.

26 Nov 2007

Kerana Karina : Episod 13

The morale of today's clip is...sebagai artis jangan 'bertapuk' dari orang awam dan wartawan kalau ada masalah peribadi...sampai dicari-cari...oops! =)

Tahniah Rich dan Estranged

'Tersangkut'lah juga seorang kelibat artis dari sini di peringkat akhir AJL22 nanti. Memang persembahan Rich agak mantap malam tadi (walaupun kelihatan sedikit vokal beliau hampir kehabisan stamina di penghujung lagu...:)). Sebenarnya saya tidak menaruh harapan yang tinggi lagu ini mara ke final sebab saya berpendapat persembahan lirik lagu ini agak lemah sedikit bilamana ungkapan "itu kamu" asyik diulang berkali-kali. Tapi pihak juri juga yang lebih arif. Mungkin melodi, gubahan muzik serta persembahan vokal Rich sendiri mengatasi segala kelemahan yang ada pada lagu ini. Hairan pula kenapa lagu Satu Harapan oleh Jac tidak terpilih. Sebuah lagu yang bagus dan persembahan Jac pula paling mantap antara penyanyi yang bertanding. Adakah pihak juri tidak sanggup memberikan double qualification kepada Audi Mok (??). Ada pula penyanyi seorang tu yang hampir 'tidak sampai' ketika membawakan lagunya tapi terpilih pula. I think ada pihak risau pencipta lagu tersebut akan buat bising lagi seandainya lagu beliau tidak terpilih. Persembahan Felix dan Fiq juga tidak mengecewakan. I think they did better than Sofaz, Misha/Andy dan penyanyi yang 'tak sampai' tu. Apa pun, samada layak atau tak layak di pandangan mata, tahniah sajalah kepada semua yang terpilih terutama Rich n Estranged..ArAmAITi!!..=)

P/s: Tahniah juga kepada Linda AF2, Marsha dan Yanie kerana tersenarai antara 20 Yang Anggun anjuran Majalah Eh!

Orkestra bambu

Ebi - Selesa dengan warna kuning

23 Nov 2007

Kerana Karina : Episod 12

Marsha hilang...eh silap lagi...I mean Karina..=)

Yanie Nikah Hari Ini

Dalam diam-diam, Yanie atau nama sebenarnya Sitti Suriane Julkarim, 22 akan bernikah pada jam 3.00 petang hari ini di Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Yanie akan menjadi isteri kepada pasangannya, Irfin Abdul Manan dengan wang hantaran sebanyak RM25 ribu.

Majlis berinai pasangan ini akan diadakan pada 27 November ini manakala, persandingan dijadualkan pada keesokkan harinya bertempat di Dewan Saadah, MUIS, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah pada jam 8.00 malam.

Source: gua.com

Details also on Mr.Manager blog

So diucapkan "Selamat Pengantin Baru"

Bintang-bintang nasyid

Siapa gia nama dia dulu ni??...Alexander kah tu?...:=)
ISBAT masih bertahan di carta nasyid

Separuh Akhir Pop Rock : Nama Kecil vs Nama Besar

Separuh akhir Kategori Pop Rock AJL 22 Ahad ini (25 Nov) memang dinanti-nantikan. Sebabnya tak lain tak bukan akan menyaksikan kemunculan Felix, Fiq dan Rich (Estranged). Layakkah salah seorang dari mereka mara ke peringkat akhir? Sekali imbas kalau ditinjau senarai calon-calon yang akan bertanding, memang satu laluan yang agak sukar bagi mereka untuk terpilih ke peringkat akhir.

Menariknya juga separuh akhir Pop Rock Ahad ini, ialah pencalonan nama-nama komposer dan penulis lirik yang agak kurang dikenali. Antaranya adalah nama-nama seperti Lin Li Zhen, PSSN, Taja, Tass, Master G, Denai, Andy Rahman, M. Zulkifli, dan Lawrence. Mungkin mereka telah lama berkarya tapi nama-nama ini bagi saya agak baru dalam gelanggang AJL. Mampukah mereka mara dan mengenepikan nama-nama besar seperi M. Nasir, Ajai, Audi Mok, Aidit Alfiat dan Loloq? Semuanya akan terjawab Ahad ini.

Memang agak sukar menentukan siapa bakal ke final. Jadi untuk memudahkan kerja maka saya pun melakukan cabutan tiket bertuah… =). Hasil cabutan, 5 yang akan ke final ialah.…

1.Janjiku - (Teja/Tass/Sofaz)
2.Farhana – (Denai/Andy Rahman/Jinbara)
3.Destinasi Cinta – (Lin Li Zhen/PSSN/Siti)
4.3 Malam Tanpa Bintang – (Azmeer/Master G/Fiq)
5.Sembunyi – (Aidit Alfiat/Lolog/Misha n Andy)

22 Nov 2007

The Cabbage Festival

The "Pesta Kobis" took place in Kundasang Ranau last weekend. The abundance supply of cabbage in Kundasang has prompted the organizing of such event in the area. Despite the dampening rain, the event went on smoothly. Read more from this report.

Sightseeing: The Gomantong Cave

Gomantong Hill is the largest limestone outcrop in the Lower Kinabatangan area and contains at least nine caves. For centuries the Gomantong Caves have been renowned for the valuable edible birds’ nests made by two of the four species of swiftlets that roost in the caves. During the harvesting months, visitors may be able to witness the birds’ nests collectors in action. This is an age-old tradition and the trade history of birds’ nests spans several hundreds of years. Gomantong consists of two caves complexes, Simud Hitam and Simud Putih. Simud hitam is the main cave, a five-minute walk from the Registration Centre. Along the way to the cave enjoy the beautiful green surroundings, and if you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a macaque or two. A boardwalk inside the caves make exploration an easy task. Be sure to have a torchlight ready. Once inside be amazed by the 90-metre high cave roofs. Which is where the swiftlets’ nests are often found.

Exploring the Simud Putih is more for the adventurous, requiring rock climbing skills. The ‘white saliva’ birds’ nests found here are more valuable as they are more difficult to collect. The birds’s nests harvesters are individuals who have nerves of steel and skill honed through years of experience. Dangling precariously from the narrow network of ladders is not the task for the faint hearted! It is not surprising that there are only a few experience individuals who are very much in demand by people and communities that hold the Government’s harvesting licenses. Edible birds’ nests are protected under the Birds Nest Ordinance and the Forest Enactment. Heavy fines and penalties are imposed on unlicensed collectors

Generally two collections are made. The first takes place early in the breeding season before the swiftlets lay their eggs. The birds then make another nest in which they finally lay their eggs. After the young had fledged, the second collection is made. Care must be taken to assure that the nests are collected only after the young swftlets have abandoned these nests. Besides observing the exciting display of skill and courage by the birds’ nests harvesters, another activity for keen naturalists would be to watch the spectacular display of over 2 million or so resident bats as they spiral out for their evening feed. This usually occurs at 5:15 pm and 6:15 pm but rain may delay or ’cancel’ this spectacular event. As the bats leave the swiftlets are usually beginning to make their way back to the caves after a day’s foraging. The changing of ‘shifts’ between the bats and birds makes quite fascinating scene! Look out for the Bat Hawks that linger not far from the scene, as they pray specifically on the bats as they leave their roost

How to get there

Take a 45-minute drive or enjoy a leisurely 6-hour drive from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan. From Sandakan town make arrangements for a journey to the Kinabatangan region, which is approximately 2 hours by road. For more information, please contact Sabah Tourism Board 088-212121 or Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd at 088-232 121

Source: Sabah Tourism Magazine.

21 Nov 2007

Kerana Karina : Episod 11

Gara-gara cemburu tahap gaban, Keflipun menerajang dan menumbuk Imran...eh silap!..Kefli pula I mean Huzir..:=)

Is Nikki up for something big?

Well I can only make a wild guess, since her manager left readers of his blog in high anticipation for yet another ‘Top Secret’ project! :=). The hints dropped this time suggest something huge. Readers are being clued up with the keyword “international”.

And by the way, in case you’re not aware, Nikki is one of the performers in The Live and Loud 07, from 23 Nov – 2 Dec. Dubbed as the nation’s biggest music festival,the show extravaganza also features some big international names including Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, James Ingram, James Morrison and American Idol second runners up Elliot Yamin (to name a few).

Back to the so-called ‘Top Secret’ project, let’s just wait and see what’s the hype all about when Nikki’s camp drop the bomb this coming 6 Dec.

(Nikki in action!) Nope don’t get it wrong. This is ain’t
Christmas Show and she’s not popping out of a
snow-covered Christmas tree!:o

20 Nov 2007

Wanita kelahiran Sabah cuba jatuhkan Howard

Penny Wong sewaktu mengangkat sumpah di
Dewan Senat. Di sebelah kirinya ketua Senat,
yang juga Menteri Pertahanan, Robert Hill. (foto Bernama)

MELBOURNE: Seorang wanita kelahiran Sabah adalah antara perancang utama Parti Buruh Australia (ALP) untuk menewaskan kerajaan Perdana Menteri John Howard dalam pilihan raya umum Australia pada Sabtu ini.

Senator Penny Wong Ying Yen, yang dilihat sebagai bintang sedang menyinar dalam politik Australia, telah berada di ibu pejabat ALP di Sydney sejak enam minggu lepas untuk merancang kekalahan Howard dan parti gabungan Liberal-National pimpinannya yang telah berkuasa sejak 11 tahun lepas.

Wong, 38, wanita kelahiran Asia yang pertama dipilih ke Parlimen Australia, adalah anak kepada arkitek dari Kota Kinabalu, Francis Wong Yit Shing.

Beliau datang ke Adelaide ketika berusia lapan tahun dan selepas pengajiannya menjadi seorang peguam sebelum memenangi kerusi Senat pada 2002 bagi mewakili negeri South Australia.

Jika ALP, yang diketuai Kevin Rudd memenangi pilihan raya kali ini, Wong dijangka dilantik menganggotai kabinet pusat.

Beliau kini merupakan jurucakap parti itu mengenai hal-ehwal pentadbiran awam dan akauntabiliti selain mengenai penyertaan tenaga kerja dan tadbir urus korporat.

Wong juga diramal menjadi Ketua Senat di masa depan, menjadikannya ahli politik ketiga paling berpengaruh di Australia selepas Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Menjelang pilihan raya ini, beliau diberi tanggungjawab besar membuat persiapan ke arah peralihan kerajaan jika ALP menang. BERNAMA

Hmmm...I wonder if she's gonna invite Che'nelle to sing during her campaign...=)

The Scoops Gelato Bar outlet in KK

What could be better than a refreshing serving of delicious gelato on a sunny Sabah day? For this piece of heaven visit Scoops Gelato Bar at Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu. Unlike regular ice-cream Scoops Gelato is freshly made everyday in small 4-litre batches, ensuring all around freshness. It is also creamier and has less air content than ice-cream, giving it an intense flavour. Health conscious? No problem as Scoops Gelato Bar uses natural ingredients without any preservatives or artificial colouring. The weight watchers will also be glad to know gelato has no more than 8% fat. They also serve dairy-free sorbet and sugar-free gelato (vanilla and cappuccino). Choose from a wide variety of flavours, from the classic chocolate to the more unusually flavoured banana cheese! There are over 60 flavours to choose from and 14 are served each day on rotation. Other flavours include blueberry cream, espresso, marshmallow, green tea tiramisu, Bailey’s cream, pink guava, pineapple sorbet, mango sorbet and strawberry yogurt…to name a few.

Scoops Gelato Bar also offers a 50 percent discount on selected gelatos so ask your friendly waiter for the picks of the day. Looking for a snack? Scoops serve a variety of salads and finger foods, such as fish fingers, sandwiches and French fries. Enjoy these dining delight with any of their beverages – we recommend the mock Sangria, a delicious fizzy fusion of fruits. All these can be enjoyed in a cool and hip ambience, perfect for after-dinner get together with friends and family. Did we mention the fantastic and friendly service? See you at Scoops!

Scoops Gelato Bar is located at Unit no. A-G-19, Block A, Ground Floor, Warisan Square (opposite The Island Shop). Opening hours 11:00 am -11:00 pm (Monday to Thursday) and 11:00 am to 12 midnight (Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays). For more offers, sign up for Scoops privilege card. For more information contact Raymond at tel. no 088-484 337 or 016-836 2652.

Vinusak bukan album tangkap muat

A newspapaer article on Vinusak album which was launched on the 8th Nov.

'Gadis Kudat' an attraction at Matunggong Gong Fest 2007

19 Nov 2007

AJL 22 (Balada Semi-final): Siti lost her 'bisa'

Eventhough Juara Lagu is said to be the contest amongst song writers, most headlines today scream at Siti's name instead of the song-writer Aubrey Suwito whose song she performed last night. I guess they have every reason to do so, cos if i'm not mistaken this is the first time a song performed by Siti fails to go to the final. But I guess this is just a temporary. She has a string of other hits currently and should be in the 23rd season next year (or they won't cos most of her hits now are written by Indonesian)

Siti Nurhaliza gagal ke final Muzik-Muzik 22
19-11-2007 12:51:07 AM

SHAH ALAM: Setelah dua tahun tidak bertanding, kemunculan semula Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza di dalam Muzik-Muzik tidak 'menjadi' apabila beliau gagal terpilih ke peringkat akhir Anugerah Juara Lagu Ke-22 (AJL22) bagi kategori Balada.

Siti yang kembali beraksi pada pertandingan berprestij ini mempertaruhkan lagu Bisakah ciptaan Aubrey Suwito dan liriknya hasil nukilan Tessh RS pada peringkat separuh akhir kategori tersebut yang disiarkan secara langsung di TV3 dari Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral, di sini, malam ini.

Well, I watched the show last night and honestly I never heard of the song Bisa Kah before (ok..go ahead and laugh). The other songs are just too good for Bisa Kah to compete. My favourites are Ceritera Cinta by Jac and Lan (these two sang so dramatically) and Harapan by Fazli Zainal (this guy sings as if he's watching himself in a mirror). And I don't see anything special to the song written by M. Nasir (performed by Idayu)....yet it still in the semi-final.

Kerana Karina : Episod 10

Karina, Imran and Jane go on a talk-show to promote the album “Kerana Karina". When being asked about her 'lover', Karina makes a dramatic statement…

...and a candle light dinner with Huzir...

Sufian as Parameswara

Sufian Buang the hero of Esther Esthera is said to have secured a role as Parameswara in a TV drama series made in Thailand. How he land up on that role, find out more from this report.

Hopefully the Laksamana Cheng Ho will be screened on one of our local channels.

Cruising the Kinabatangan

Much have been reported lately that the wildlife in the Kinabatangan river plain are under threat by the rapid plantation developement within the vicinity. The rhino for instance is in the verge of extinction. Another wildlife that's been said to have the same fate as the rhinos is the Borneo Pygmy Elephant. A person is considered very lucky to have a glimpse of these animals moving around freely in their natural habitat. The flashing of cameras, as mentioned by this article, upon seeing our version of mr jumbo, reminds me of those photographers at star studded red carpet. No doubt these animals have become the stars of their own...=) . Let's join this writer experiencing the thrill of cruising Sabah's wildlife hotspot...the riverbanks of Kinabatangan...

16 Nov 2007

Jamie Phoenix to play for Rhino?

Anyhow still a question mark...:)

*SIGH!* Dahsyat juga kemalangan di front page Daily Express hari ini . Mangsa seorang nenek 70 tahun di heret lori

Akak Ning dan adek-adeknya..:)

Kerana Karina : Episod 9

Today's clip focus more on Sherina, Marcus and Jeniffer in a boutique....:)

15 Nov 2007

Another unexplained paranormal mystery.

His family who were at the scene had prepared for the worst whilst the rescue team busy searching for his body in a pond at a golf course in Bongawan. The man who had gone missing for one whole day and feared drown suddenly emerged from the pond (magic kan!). And from the hospital bed he told his bizzare story of being detained by 4 'beings'.

This is another paranormal mystery that I think deserve to be extensively studied and explored, just like the UFO, the Bermuda Triangle, the crop circle, the vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary etc. Similar case happened few years back in Tambunan and a friend had relayed to me the same story about his 13 years old niece in his kampung who suddenly gone missing for two days on her way to her aunt's house which is only about 10 m away from her home. When these abductees reveal their ordeals, they appear to be pretty much similar...they meet 'beings' who brought them to an unknown destination (the fact is they're very much at the same spot where they last appeared). When they finally re-appear they look exhausted, weak and pale not realising they have actually gone for hours or days (they thought it only happened for a moment!).

And this is a book trying to explain in a scientific way and rational manner...=), the "unexplained" such as the phenomenon of levitation (most bottom pic), the erected rope, the stonehenge and many more paranormal mysteries happened around the world. Hopefully they will include our local "alam bunian" abduction as well in the future...=)

'Bukti' - a new single from Fiq

Check it out...

...mmmm..not bad (very matured voice)