12 Nov 2007

BB Idol

Nope it's not Bukit Bintang Idol, but the abbreviation for Bajau Bugis Idol!...=) (they should have included the local Bruneian as well to make it 3 Bs....or probably they reserve the Bruneians for another Idol, BRUSAYA Idol...Brunei + Bisaya). No doubt it's a good idea to have this kind of talent contest but on the other hand I have this big question popping up in my mind...."is it necessary to segregate our talents based on their ethnic groups??" But then on second thought, this is one good way to preserve the native language of the respective ethnic group. So personally I fully understand the objective, i'm fine with it and no further questions!..:X

Next up should be the SULIRAN Idol...err...that is Suluk Iranun Idol. So brace youself for few more. After all we have...how many ethnics and sub-ethnic groups in Sabah? something like 38? or 48? (judging by the dialects). Just pray hard they won't be Pilaks Idol!...or IMM13 Idol!...=)