6 Nov 2007

OIAM 2007

The first episode of One In A Million 2007 is scheduled to be shown on TV this coming November 16. There's not much media publicity given on this particular TV show, other than Paul Moss (one of the judges) becomes the spoke person of a male's anti-ageing skin care product...=)

Here's the link to the video of the audition conducted in KK some time ago.

KK audition (It takes a while for the video to appear)

Except for one or two, I think the clip shows mostly those who didn't make it to the next round (some of them even look weird...:X) . Hmmm...where have all the real talents gone?

Still having Shuffle fever..:)

This video features a synchronize shuffle (by two Ozzies) with a lady being one of the shufflers.

Simply awesome!. So ladies what are you waiting for!?. Thanks to Len (all the way from Sydney) for the video. If you enjoy watching shuffle as much as I do, just click the link to his website www.wedancehard.com. As far as I know, those fast, gasing-like spinnings, you see in some videos, have never been done yet by any shuffler in KK.