28 Nov 2007

Flashback - 2007 Pop/Rock Semi Final

I must say all the ten songs nominated this year are equally good. To find which one is the best, is more a less a subjective matter just like judging a beauty pageant. The juries must have difficulty doing their jobs. Perhaps the least that they could do is to pick those songs delivered in a 'studio quality' vocal performance. Not necessarily perfect but those with less pitchy, out of tune and non shaky or trembling voice, should be given due considerations. After all they're professional singers whom we expect to deliver their best.

My list of those who perform almost in the so-called 'studio quality' vocal performance...




Vince (no video)

Siti (unfortunately the sound was so imbalance)

...the first verse of this song reminds me of Yang Mana by Marsha..=)

Rich (Estranged)