31 Jan 2010

dBOS Top 20

Wow...I have fun watching the list of tracks featured here changing positions, moving up and down, and here's the update as at 10 am today.

1. Hiti No Pitongkiadan - The Divine Masters
2. Ratu Penipu - Rubisa
3. Au' - Clarice
4. Kasih - Rey
5. Aku - Da'Prinz
6. Episode 22 - Andalusia
7. Ika Noh Songulun - Danny and Georgia
8. Tanak Kampung - Jimmy Palikat
9. Migiit Hongon Toh - Boni and Esther
10. Berubah - Joji
11. Resort Burung Garuda - Petrus Edwin
12. Kelawar - Dayang Noraini
13. Ugou - Samson (this song moves up fast after I move it to Playlist 3 folder)
14. Tinggallah - Ateng
15. Nadiku - Sabhi Saddi
16. Nung Noilaan Oku - Da'Prinz
17. Lampu Hijau - Senyum
18. Gagap - Stacy
19. Pogulio Noh - Angeline
20. Poor Mary - Mia

I have up to 100 list (matilah Billboard 100..hehe). But I guess displaying 20 of them is good enough.

30 Jan 2010

Sabhi Album Launch

Oops, the article says the venue is at 1Borneo ( misinformation?)and the poster says Shenanigan's at 3:00 pm
Despite my extreme regret, I just would like to thank the individuals who extend an invitation. Looks like it's all set to be a well organized event. Hopefully it will be going on smoothly with many press in attendance hence the wide publicity and reviews afterwards. All the best and will always give my utmost support!

Boyce a.k.a Sabhi Saddi - Sayang Gila

Sabhi - Nadiku

And check out this one Jalan Pulang

KENTE Musim 2

Durang posing di the double six kah ni, kena check betul-betul tu pic takut ada 'extra' face timbul...*LOL* (...and that caption?)

29 Jan 2010

Wanted...'The Next Top Entertainer'!

After its successful debut last year, the search for the top entertainer is back again this year. So get yourselves ready.

For details and registration forms just clik here.

And since the KE's website is still under major construction, please visit their Facebook Page, if you need to interact with the organizer directly.

Borang yang telah diisi boleh juga dikemukakan terus kepada senarai AJK seperti berikut:

Ayuki Sinidol
Callix TomKurus
Davelynne Rampas
Fidelis Francis Andam
Francis Au
George Duat (Organising Chairman)
Japrin Thomas
Jason Jay Prinze
Jason J Bullah
Lissa Dolly
Mailson Mahap
Marc Mojitoh
Mark Linus Joseph
Mike Miklin Ationg
Qisthine Syl
Sumpit Nacalz
Suzanne Lujain-Bingkasan
Usal Jon
Zoe Albertus

Attractive prizes await you, so act now, the closing date is on 20 Feb 2010!

Songs Highlight

After days of featuring slow numbers here, let's press the accelerator a little bit for some fast songs.

Azid - Mentari Senja

First up is a rock number called Mentari Senja, by a new talent Azid.

Goyang 72 - Budak

A jazzy song by an indie band, love it!

Norhayati - Asmara Asrama

How's that for a song title, a nice song about kantoi, a girl calls up her boyfriend who stays in a hostel but the call was answered by another girl. This song fits for Stacy.

Nuyuui - Cinta Gila

This is from the album co-produced by Awang BPR. Details click here. You can hear Awang's skill as the lead guitarist here.

Reminds me of Abot.

Santeeke - Realiti Insan

I first came across this group on Astro Ria's Beat TV (hosted by Sazzy and Ashraf Sinclair) back in 2007. So this song must have been produced back then. It's quite popular but I guess not much celebrated, performed by a 5-member band (three of them are Sabahans). Credit: Santeekee's MySpace.

27 Jan 2010

'Berubah' by Joji

Kali ni kita ada seorang peminat yang meminta lagu mari kita baca SMS beliau.

Dear DJ Langat

Sekitar tahun 2004 keterunaan ku telah diragut oleh seorang sumandak ketika menyambut kedatangan tahun baru 2005 di siring Sungai *toot* (maaf DJ terpaksa censor nama Sungai). Selepas dia berpindah ke kota mengikuti kursus kecantikan dia tidak pernah mengubungi saya lagi. Saya cuba menghubunginya tapi macam mana handphone pun saya tiada (aikk mcm mana pula dia hantar sms kan..ni tambirang ja ni).Saya hantar SMS ni pun pinjam handphone janda muda di sebelah rumah (oh ada pula dia explain). Saya dengar dari kawan-kawan, yang dia telah berubah menjadi gadis metropolitan. Siapa lah diri ku ini, aiso sinikulan, kuli-kuli do tokey, ika tu olumis ogumu pomuhang lagi urang kaya...eh silap tertiru pula lirik Tanak Kampung..siou DJ. Anyway DJ, sudi kiranya putarkan apa-apa ja lagu yang bertemakan si jejaka terus menerus mencintai seorang sumandak walaupun sumandak itu telah berubah...thanks.

Jejaka kekampungan...Roy (bukan nama sebenar)

DJ: Dui kasian ko Roy, tapi apa susah-susah janda muda sebelah rumah kan ada. Apapun untuk si Roy terimalah lagu Berubah dendangan pendatang baru Joji. Sedih lagu dia ni...standby tissue paper.

Online edit version (2:49 min)

26 Jan 2010

'Au'' by Clarice

After the phenomenal Adaa (Don’t) few years back, Clarice doesn’t seem to have a sequel of hit ballads. But having heard her latest effort entitled Au’ (No) I guess this is the one that will challenge the popularity of Adaa.

Take a listen (a box of tissue by your side is advisable)

Edited version

Did you cry? Excellent jobs indeed, I love it from the very start till the end. The music almost equals a real symphony orchestra. I bet this song will be the hot favourite among contestants, as lagu wajib, in Sugandoi Kaamatan this year.

'Tinggallah' by Ateng

Let me present you with this song. It's called Tinggallah by the talented Ateng, khusus untuk mereka yang pernah putus cinta (ko pernah kan?). So kepada mereka yang pernah putus cinta tu bersedialah kamu dengan satu kotak tissue paper, toilet paper pun buli juga (tapi pastikan belum kena pakai). Kertas suratkhabar? Lantaklah! Sudah stand by!? Nah terimalah.

(Versi pendek and low quality ja)

Sedih nggak?. Apa!? Tanak Kampung lagi sedih? Tapi ko tersingut-singut juga kan. Anyway to me this song has very good potential to be popular, good melody, good lyrics and most of all a commendable delivery by Ateng himself (tepukan please!). But on the other hand, my overjoy is slighlty marred by the technical aspects in this song (if you know what I'm saying).

If you want to know more about Ateng just click here

25 Jan 2010

Ujibakat AF8 Di Sabah

AF Musim 8 telah mengadakan ujibakat di Kota Kinabalu dari 22 - 24 Januari bertempat di Hotel Promenade KK. Dianggarkan lebih 1,300 peserta datang mencuba nasib pada ujibakat tersebut. Klik sini atau sini (versi BM) untuk berita lanjut.
Source The New Sabah Times

24 Jan 2010

Duet Songs

I thought of posting this entry on Valentines’s Day but then what the heck! I’m talking about mushy, mushy duet songs by our singers.

Duet numbers (male and female combination) are not very often done by our singers, taboo or what? (kidding). Do we have duet numbers back in the 60s? The answer I got after checking with some seniors is, “none that I know”. There are a couple of oldies in a karaoke CD I have here, such as Hozou Noukit Noukit and Boos Nopo Kopiangu, performed in duet by Clement and Bibiana. But according to some oldie enthusiasts those songs were not originally sung in duet (perhaps only for the karaoke version). What about in the 70’s? Errm..not so sure (any input?). 80's? Let me see, the problem is I wasn't around Sabah most of the 80's and 90's but as far as I know back in the early 80's (or was it late 70's?) there was this couple, Donny and Molly (yes our answer to Donny and Marie Osmond) released a duet album. I remember Mr.Donny came to our house and handed over the cassette himself. A couple of duet songs follow suit then. We once had a cassette featuring a compilation of local duet numbers, but God knows the whereabouts of the cassette now. Out of all the duet songs, one that has become a legend is Silik-Silikan Mato Nu (isai boh om ngaran nu…sumandak do talawa) which was released some times in the early 80s. Those who don’t know this song must be from another planet (just kidding). But…OMG I forgot the singers’ name (kill me!).

Let’s take a look at the scenario in this internet era. Not that many I guess, just a couple of them. The earlier one I noted is by Abraham and Winnie, Kotohuadan (you can check it on Playlist 3). Then we have Boni Mosios duet with Esther in Migiit Hongon Toh. The most recent ones are from Ivye and Reno in Tupus Kasasari Kibabang and a fiancés couple Danny F. Malingi and Georgia Joy in Ika Noh Songulun. The theme is notably getting romantic nowadays, isn’t it? While listening to Silik Silikan I imagine a guy pokes out his head from behind a tree and sings “isai boh om ngaran nu?” to a surprised sumandak waiting for a bus, all in a distance of 10 feet apart. But while listening to these current duets I imagine a couple in, err...2, 1 feet apart *grin*. I mean, mic swapping is a must when singing these songs live (tapi Silik Silikan pun buli ber mic swapping bah kan…kekekek),

Let’s take a listen.

Migit Hongon Toh – Boni & Esther

Loosely translate, Holding Hands. Taken from Boni's Mosik album

Short version

Tupus Kasasari Kibabang – Ivye & Reno

Translation? Let me check my Kadazan – English dictionary first, it says here, Love Always Shines or in Malay Chenta Shentiesha Bershenar, gitu.

Sample version

Ika Noh Songulun - Danny & Georgia

One of these should fit the translation, You’re The One, You’re The Only One, You’re The One and Only, Only You, Engkaulah Satunya….whichever you prefer *smile*

Just visit Danny's blog for a glimpse of Georgia's pic.

Full version (low quality sound)

A lovely distinctive voice of Georgia Joy there... :=)

So which one is your pick to be our very own Endless Love (Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie)?

22 Jan 2010

Lagu Dari Bekas Juara

Mari kita dengar dua buah lagu ini dari bekas-bekas juara pertandingan nyanyian peringkat kebangsaan. Pertama lagu dari bekas juara Bintang RTM, dengan lagunya berkonsepkan R & B berjudul Kasih.

Rey - Kasih

Amacam? Ada lenggok R & B juga kah? Pakar R & B sila komen sikit!

Ini pula lagu dari bekas juara Sinaran Passport Kegemilangan Musim 6 (1996), Dayang Noraini. Mungkin ada yang ingat-ingat lupa, terlampau lama juga dia bertapuk kan! She made quite a big impact back in 1996, mana tidak belum-belum lagi lagu Menghitung Hari (Kris Dayanti) sampai di Malaysia sudah dia nyanyi tu lagu dengan penuh feeling masa final pertandingan (Kris Dayanti pun orang Malaysia belum kenal masa tu). KD with her Menghitung hari only reached Malaysia a couple of months later, after Dayang Noraini introduced that song. So KD kena sembah ratu sama dia ni (hehe). Saya tercari-cari juga video Menghitung Hari masa pertandingan akhir tu di YouTube tapi tiada orang upload mengkali. Anyway here's her single entitled Kelawar. Kalau ndak silap, this single was released way back in 2004 (or was it 2005) tapi mengkali terlampau kena copyright control sampai tiada jual di pasaran (saya dengar melalui X-Fresh FM ja). Take a listen versi "sikit aja tau" ;-).

Dayang Noraini - Kelawar

21 Jan 2010

Andalusia - Episode 22

Andalusia - Episode 22

Kualiti rakaman lagu ni pun kelas juga, terutama part korus. Yupp..I've seen their music video for this song. As far as the video quality image is concerned, I've to admit it's the most impressive Sabahan's music video so far. Big applause to the director Mr. Jason Jack Bullah.


Ni pula lagu dari kumpulan Albab

Albab - Seloka Remaja Kota

Artikel berkaitan Albab.

20 Jan 2010

The Divine Masters- Hiti Noh Pitongkiadan

Lama juga tidak mendengar cerita The Divine Master, artikel di bawah ni cerita durang beberapa bulan lepas masa membuat persembahan di D'Junction Penampang.

And this is their single in Kadazandusun entitled Hiti Noh Pitongkiadan

The Divine Master - Hiti Noh Pitongkiadan

I'm really on cloud nine listening to this song. Sedap banget bunyi rakaman dia..sooo universally sound. Ndak kempunan juga dengar lagu rock KDM dengan kualiti rakaman macam ni. Not so sure where they recorded it. If it is done down here in KK, a big, big applause to the studio concerned.

19 Jan 2010

Jimmy Palikat - Tanak Kampung

Tanak Kampung - Jimmy Palikat

Odoi dogo! silap! te-kasi main pula lagu Resort Burung Garuda (by Lotter's father Petrus Edwin Edin)...siou..maklumlah DJ masih paning-paning gara-gara terlampau ber-Moonshyne..kekek. Patutpun lain-lain suara si Jimmy.

Nah...hiti nopo nga...lagu sebenar!

Walaupun lagu dia rancak, sian juga aku dengar lirik or pengakuan tanak kampung ni...uhukk...uhukk!

Siapa ada lagu "Yoku Dusun Bandar"? sila email sama DJ Langat dengan segera.

17 Jan 2010

Transfomasi Boy Esdeco

Pasti tak ramai yang kenal sebab nama itu baru ingin mencuba meneroka bidang seni. Namun pemilik nama itu bukanlah baru kerana sebelum ini dia dikenali sebagai Boy dari kumpulan Esdeco yang pernah bersama-sama Adam AF. Ingat lagi?

Boy atau Sabhi, 25, mahu menggunakan nama yang tertera di dalam kad pengenalan kerana apa yang dibawakannya sekarang tidak sama dengan dulu. Sabhi memperjuangkan muzik R&B sebagai pertaruhan bergerak solo.

Mereka juga pernah muncul secara berkumpulan apabila diberi peluang merakam single berjudul Sayang Giler. Malangnya kumpulan itu tidak mendapat tempat dan sudah lama menyepi.

"Secara rasminya Esdeco masih wujud, cuma kami tidak dapat memberikan komitmen kerana masing-masing sibuk. Sekarang saya hanya mahu tumpukan kepada kerjaya solo saya sekarang. Saya sedar saya akan bermula dari bawah semula sebab menggunakan nama baru.

"Saya percaya muzik R&B ramai peminatnya. Jiwa saya sebenarnya meminati muzik ini tapi sebab kumpulan dulu memperjuangkan muzik hip hop dan dance music, saya pendamkan dulu minat ini. Semasa bersama Esdeco dulu pun saya sebenarnya sudah ada hasrat untuk merakam album secara solo.

"Saya lakukan ini dengan pilihan saya sendiri bukannya kerana pilihan orang lain," kata Sabhi yang kelihatan makin segak dalam imej R&B sekarang.

Dia menukar imej kerana tidak mahu dibayangi Esdeco, apatah lagi aliran muzik Esdeco dan muzik solonya sekarang jauh bezanya.

"Sebab itu juga saya menggunakan nama Sabhi Saddi. Saya tidak mahu peminat menyamakan saya semasa bersama Esdeco dulu. Muzik saya sekarang jauh berbeza dengan apa yang telah saya lakukan dulu. Ibarat saya mempunyai dua watak yang berbeza. Imej saya juga berubah mengikut watak saya sekarang, jelasnya.

Sekarang ini banyak pula kemunculan kumpulan dan artis solo yang membawa muzik indie. Sabhi harap kemunculannya dengan muzik yang berlainan akan mendapat tempat.

"Sekarang banyak sangat kumpulan muzik indie yang muncul. Kalau kita dengar radio, lagu-lagu mereka yang banyak diputarkan. Saya percaya lagu-lagu R&B perlahan ada penggemarnya. Peminat lagu-lagu slow sebenarnya masih ada, katanya lagi.

Kekok guna nama sendiri

Walaupun Sabhi Saddi ialah nama sebenarnya, namun Sabhi akui dia sendiri kedang-kadang masih tersasul sebab selalu menggunakan nama Boy sebagai ganti diri. Malah semasa berbual dia masih membahasakan diri sebagai Boy.

"Saya sendiri sebenarnya kadang-kadang tersasul membahasakan diri saya sebagai Boy kerana sudah terbiasa menggunakan nama itu. Mungkin sebab baru menukar nama... kalau lama-lama nanti saya boleh biasakan diri," jelas Sabhi lagi.

Lagu Nadiku dijadikan single pertama yang bakal mengenengahkan namanya. EP tersebut memuatkan lagu-lagu Gemerlapan dan Jalan Pulang.

Nadiku - Sabhi Saddi

Err...much better than the other ex-Esdeco :-). Cuma saya notis dalam lagu di atas, kedengaran juga beberapa part dia inhale between two syllables in a word.

Sabhi will be performing in Celebrity Showcase on 31 Jan at Shenanigan's Hyatt, along with Alvin, Richado and Luscious.

Carta dBOS-fm

Top 10 (Week 2)

1. Ratu Penipu - Rubisa
2. Sefia - Wilton Hamdih
3. Babang - Ivye Alexandra
4. Gagap - Stacy
5. Konspirasi Cinta - Ivye Alexandra
6. Harijadi - Episode
7. Pogulio Noh - Angeline Sebin
8. Lampu Hijau - Senyum
9. Ucapan Terakhir - Ivye Alexandra
10. Aku - Da'Prinz

11 - 20

11. Kota Kinabalu - Tajon Re-Mix
12. Bayu - Episode
13. Bergaya - Episode
14. Poor Mary - Mia
15. Diana (Album Promo)
16. Nulu Kinabalu - Connie
17. Moonshyne - Atama
18. Pertemuan - Velvet
19. Biru - Mia
20 Osorou Ku Ih Pogulu - Angeline Sebin

Banjir lagi

Gara-gara hujan yang tidak berhenti-henti sejak hari Jumaat, beginilah jadinya.

Ini bukan berita banjir tapi kisah isteri kedua Datuk B (ada pula mulut-mulut sumbing bilang dia ni bini keempat...mmm lantaklah)

Event: Celebrity Showcase

A showcase at Shenanigan's or Sheni in short on this coming 31 Jan.

Err...pic artis lelaki tengah tu, I thought si Felix :-)

14 Jan 2010

'Babang' Sungguh Bercahaya

'Babang' (Cahaya) merupakan album kedua Ivye Alexandra dan menampilkan sepuluh trek yang kebanyakannya hasil ciptaan Ivye sendiri. Memang banyak yang menarik dalam album ini, dari sampul album sehinggalah ke lagu-lagu yang terkandung dalam album ini. Terdapat dua buah lagu dalam bahasa Melayu yang tidak kurang hebatnya dan kalau diberikan promosi secukupnya termasuk membuat promosi di KL nescaya boleh membawa penyanyi ini ke persada muzik tanahair.

1. Babang

2. Konspirasi Cinta

3. Kalansanan Sinding Ku

4. Poromiton Ku

5. Tupus Kasasari Kibabang

6. Joget Pomolingo

7. Ucapan Terakhir

8. Kasarahan Ku

9.Kada Noh

10. Tambalut Ku

13 Jan 2010

Single 'Aku' Dari Da'Prinz

Selepas Ada Hiivai Dandi Toh (Jangan Lupa Janji Kita), Da'Prinz sebuah kumpulan tempatan Sabah yang dianggotai oleh empat orang anak muda yang 'ganteng-ganteng' belaka telah menghasilkan sebuah lagi single dalam usaha mereka untuk menghasilkan album penuh. Single yang diberi judul 'Aku' dicipta oleh Allen Max sementara lirik ditulis oleh AG.

Bagi saya, mungkin inilah usaha mereka yang terbaik setakat ini, the melody of this song has good progression and quite catchy, not arranged in an obvious way. Vocal harmony and arrangement are commendable. Thumbs up to the recording too (recorded at a studio in Tenom, mau pigi Tenom lah ni macam). But most of all I really like the climax and ending parts (from minute 3:10 onwards). Take a listen.

Aku - Da'Prinz

Well done...

Kita teruskan sahaja hiburan bersama kumpulan Da'Prinz dengan lagu-lagu berikutnya

Nung Noilaan Ku (Jika Ku Tahu)
(song/lyrics - Ambrose Mudi/Ambrose Mudi)

A song earlier recorded by Clare Petrus Edwin (and I thought was written by Clare's father...I was wrong)

Ada Hiivai Dandi Toh (Jangan Lupa Janji Kita)
(song/lyrics - Ambrose Mudi/Ambrose Mudi & Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan)

I hope tiada unsur-unsur politik..oops.

Sayunya melodi.

Another song by Da'Prinz, Bersama Di Hari Natal a Christmas song, is uploaded on playlist 'It's Christmas'

12 Jan 2010

Babang - Terbaru Dari Ivye

Nah..lawa pics dan pose-pose si Ivye ni kali..

11 Jan 2010

Anugerah Juara Lagu 24

Actually malas saya mau komen pasal AJL 24 ni, sebab anyone can be the juara. But I'm really proud of myself cos for the first time ever in the history of AJL my prediction is absolutely correct! Hehe.

Ramai yang tidak menjangka lagu Pergi boleh menang sebab lagu ni kurang popular and not celebrated much. But I had strongly expected this song will win. It's not because it is the best among the rest but for other reasons. Have you ever asked why, in the first place, this song was shortlisted? When I scanned down the list of songs yesterday I had difficulty determining the winner because they are all look and sound good. My top 5 are Yuna, Faizal, Pergi, Aurora and Misha. Having had such problem I looked for a song which has the most connection with TV3. Zam..zam..kalakazam..it's the song called 'Pergi'. It's all about the movie Talentime which belongs to Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad who had her last moment at TV3. She was the best buddy of Fatimah Abu Bakar and TV3's CEO Datuk Farid. Actually while predicting earlier I was still like 50/50 but upon learning that these two personalities were on the jury's seats (especially Datuk Farid - as if he was there to make sure the judges tidak menyimpang..hehe) then confirmed it's gonna win!

Surprisingly though this song was prsented brilliantly last night. It's like an ugly duckling turn into swan. The extra props in the form of Indian female vocalist and a Malay lady playing the Chinese violin had really made Rais Yatim smile, not to mention the tribute to the death clips on the screen. In short Pergi had all the factors to win last night.

10 Jan 2010

Lagu-lagu artis harapan

Mari kita dengar dua buah lagu ni, yang pertama berjudul Sefia dendangan Wilton Hamdih (nama girlfriend dia kali kan). Not bad ni lagu, lirik boleh tahan, melodi pula ada part yang memerlukan long big note, kira mencabar jugalah kan. I like the sound of the string here rich and full, macam real orchestra,

Sefia - Wilton Hamdih

Sound effect yang 'tik..tik..tik' tu sengaja bah, so kalau kamu terdengar ni lagu di mana-mana kamu taulah dari mana durang dapat..hehe.

Ini pula lagu dari Suib Zainin penyanyi rock Sabah berjudul Bohong. Lagu ni kalau tidak silap penyanyi asal dia perempuan (lupa pula nama) so ni kira cover version lah kan.

Bohong - Suib Zainin

Lagu wajib si Suib ni sebenarnya lagu Steelheart 'She's Gone'. Tarik habis dia nyanyi lagu ni...tabik!

Lagu tema Avatar

So..berapa kali kunun kamu tengok filem Avatar? 1, 2, 3 kali..hehe. Saya 2 kali saja. Sayang bah tiada panggung 3D di KK, tapi tengok yang 2D pun sudah cukup menakjubkan. Tidak dinafikan hebat banget filem ni terutama dari sudut visual effect dan CGI. Terlopong jugalah mulut saya tengok suasana hutan Pandora...those bio luminiscent plants and creatures were really mind blowing. Ada pula tu creatures macam jelly fish terapung-apung. Paling dahsyat bila makhluk-makhluk di Pandora tu buli berhubung melalui sambungan macam 'USB'...kekek. Memang dahsyat imaginasi James Cameron menampilkan hutan Pandora. Tapi saya tengok kaum Na'vi tu iras-iras suku kaum Masai di Kenya. Yang kelakar lagi muka starring dia (si Jake) lepas masuk Avatar, macam muka si Tomok pun ada...hehe. Dari segi kreativiti, imaginasi, cinematography, animation, CGI, visual effect and those other technical aspects saya rasa Avatar bakal meraih banyak award nanti (mengkali pencabar dekat ialah District 9). But to say it's gonna win best picture macam Titanic..mmm..I'm in doubt. Storyline dia, to me, it's a little weak and not actually what I had expected. Why the need to send the guy Jake for spying when they already have Grace and the other guy? Why do human being really need the 20 million/kg mineral? Is it to save the earth? I was expecting something like the Pandora had just been discovered and human beings badly need it as a replacement to earth (which in the year 2154 already destroyed). But that's not the case, instead it's something very cliche. If you notice the storyline is 65 - 70% ala cerita Pocahontas! Pokok besar yang tumbang pula inspirasi dari September 11..hehe. Talking about imagination, it's hard for me to imagine in 2154 we still have jet fighters with propellers (2 propellers lagi tu) and what about wheel chair for the paralysed? Do you think it's still exist in 2154? But yang pasti kalau tengok cerita ni betapa kita akan rasa benci pada kita manusia..haha!

Apapun mari kita berhibur dengan lagu tema Avatar, I See You by Leona Lewis

9 Jan 2010

Raja Lawak Sabah perlu sokongan

8 Jan 2010

Stacy ke Lim Kok Wing pada Febuari

Stacy bakal memulakan pengajiannya di University Lim Kok Wing bulan depan (Februari) demikian menurut laporan mStar online. Beliau akan mengambil jurusan Sound and Music. Baguslah, nampaknya jadi juga, satu perkembangan yang cukup menarik. Aku ingatkan dia sudah lupa tentang tawaran yang LKW bagi dulu.

Cerita lanjut.

Mari mengimbas...

Tidak lama lagi AF8 bakal membuka tirai. Muka-muka baru bakat dari Sabah bakal menjelma (atau mengkali muka-muka lama juga..hehe). Dalam masa yang sama teringat pula bekas peserta-peserta AF musim-musim lepas. Masa saya tengah memandu tempoh hari berkumandang dua buah lagu ini di radio, dalam hati berkata memang hebat bakat seni suara dua orang penyanyi ni, ada karakter dan gaya tersendiri. Indivdu yang dimaksudkan juga tidak kurang mempunyai pakej yang menarik. Fikiran pun terus bertanya..whatever happened to these talents?

Velvet - Pertemuan Ini

Very nice vocal tone.

Yazer - Cinta Zaman Berzaman

Lagu nasihat

Yang ini off topic tiada kena mengena dengan AF. I'm just fascinated with the way this genre is performed in this song. It's suppose to be a nasyid genre but the music is too damn out of the box for a nasyid song so let's just call it lagu nasihat. Err...in conjunction with the current controversial issue of the kalimah "Allah" ngam juga mengkali dengar ni lagu..hehe!

New Sakha and Hedi Yunus - Ingatlah Pada Allah

Imagine, if both parties agree to use the same kalimah, a group of singers from both religions performing this song on stage...di depan Nik Aziz *LOL*

5 Jan 2010

'Bakakuk' is really shooting (on target)

For those who may not familiar, 'Bakakuk' means breech-loader a type of rifle (senapang patah in Malay). This explains the image of rifles on the CD cover. This is the second studio album by Atama and I must admit I truly enjoy every beat of the tracks featured here. While Tribal Roots (first studio album) focussed more on the bouncy Sumazau beats, only one track features such beat here, courtesy of Haro Poh Logot Logoton. Instead it's hard not to imagine or fantasize (gulp!), Shakira or Beyonce doing their things while listening to this album. Yupp I'm talking about the R & B Experimental beat (or whatever you wish to call it) which is kinda dominant here...evolving or what? Anyways local elements are far from being ignored, infact you'll hear a lot of them in the lyrics. Talak or romantically known as 'Moonshyne' (gulp!), bosou or romantically known as...(any suggestions?), nonsom, tuhau, lihing etc are all casually rapped here. Not forgetting the very special thing called 'CTS'....whatever that is? Just like Tribal Roots (no matter the hoo-haas about it) this is again another locally produced album that I'm so proud to have in my collection.

Nah some samples..

1. Pangazou

2. Haro Poh Logot Logotan ft Adolf Jamit

3. Moonshyne ft GZell (of MyStarz 2)

4. Rumamai Tokou ft Carl Appolonius (Esther's elder brother)

5. Pit Sulapit

6. Mansau Ansau ft Carl A.

7. Sompori Pori ft Ivy Alexandria

8. Kamemon Daling Daling ft As Bow

9. Miniagal Sinsing ft Alvin My

(komon oyo! Almost there!)

10. Turugda Umandak ft Ivy Alexandria

This reminds me a little of Chenelle's Hurry Up!

11. Thank You ft Alvin

I'm spoiled for choice when it comes to picking up my favourite....probbaly I'll go for Sompori Pori...but then Daling Daling is danceable, I love it too..Moonshyne is nostalgic (gulp!)..Pit Sulapit is equally interesting....gee..I don't know.

Click here to Bakakuk's MySpace.

2 Jan 2010

Kepelbagaian dalam album Connie M.J

Walaupun hanya memuatkan tujuh trek saja (lima trek single penuh dan dua trek re-mix)album milik Connie Mickey Jangki ini bolehlah dikatakan memuaskan hati. Kepelbagaian konsep lagu yang ditampilkan membuatkan saya tidak bosan mendengarnya. Selain lagu-lagu pop etnik sepertimana kebiasaannya dalam album-album tempatan lain, album ini juga menyelitkan sebuah lagu berkonsepkan 'laid back acoustical guitar' seperti yang ditampilkan dalam lagu berbahasa Melayu bertajuk Melodi Santai. Istimewanya juga album ini ialah bila sebuah lagu Mandarin turut dimuatkan. Kepelbagaian diteruskan dengan memuatkan dua buah lagu re-mix, Mirage Mix untuk lagu Nulu Kinabalu dan Ethnic Mix untuk lagu Sinding Tokou. Dengan adanya dua buah lagu re-mix ini sekurang-kurangnya membuatkan saya berasa segar menikmati album ini. Lebih-lebih lagi bila mendengar DJ berbahasa Dusun 'ber-DJ' ala-ala DJ di Club. Kalaulah ada DJ macam tu di stesen radio kita...hari-hari saya dengar ;-).

1. Nulu Kinabalu

2. Piginawaaan Aiso Dit Kotutukon

3. Xiang De Ai Ren Shi Jui Ai De Ren

4. Sinding Tokou

5. Melodi Santai

6. Mirage Mix Nulu Kinabalu

7. Ethnic Mix Sinding Tokou

Artikel berkaitan (klik sini).

1 Jan 2010

Album sulung Angeline Sebin

Sebuah album yang boleh dikategorikan "Very Good" terutama dari aspek gubahan muzik. Kualiti adunan muzik dan vokal juga agak meberansangkan, kedengaran seimbang dan bolehlah dikatakan menepati 'standard' dan hampir sempurna jika tidak kerana sedikit gangguan bunyi, kalau tidak silap (paling ketara) pada Track 2 dan 3. Lagu-lagu hasil ciptaan Angeline sendiri juga tidak kurang hebatnya. Lagu yang memikat halwa telinga saya ialah lagu pada Track 1. Lagu bertemakan perayaan Kaamatan dalam album ini, "Tadau Kaamatan", juga adalah salah satu yang terbaik saya dengar setakat ini (mungkin pengaruh gubahan muzik). I made some short samples on tracks from this album. Take a listen on radioblog playlist title "Angeline"

Artikel berkaitan Angeline (klik sini).

1. Pogulio Noh

2. Pamanau Nopo

3. Pitongkiadan

4. Koposion

5. Tadau Kaamatan

6. Langadon Ti Ginawoku

7. Natagak Tupus Toh

8. Soroho No

9. Gompio Kito Noh

10. Osorou Ku Ih pogulu

5 track kegemaran saya ialah (mengikut turutan) Track 1, Track 5, Track 6, Track 7 dan Track 10 (Track 10 saya label 9A di radioblog).

Anda pula bagaimana? Kongsi-kongsilah track kegemaran kamurang dalam album ini dan jangan lupa kumpul point kamu untuk mendapatkan CD ini (baguskan dBOS-fm tahun ni macam Santa Claus..:-))