28 Feb 2007

Wajah 'pan-asian' senasib mee segera...

Errr....what I mean is, these two items have one big thing in common....both were in the limelight and are being considered banned from our commercial ads (at least by the government broadcasting agency..RTM). What is the real issue here? To be honest, I'm not so sure.

The pan asian or eurasian looks, is quite subjective. Personally I found it's hard to differentiate between our local models who have eurasian parents and those who don't. Celebrities like Fasha Sandha, Danny (X-Factor), Aleeza Kassim even Siti Nurhaliza and Erra Fazira to some extent do look a bit like eurasian. To me it's a 'no issue', we're basically not so sure who is eurasian born and who is not!. They're all rakyat Malaysia. I have to agree with those eurasian born models who expressed their opinion recently that as rakyat tempatan they deserve to cari rezeki halal in their own country and shouldn't be discriminated. Lagipun bukan Malaysia sahaja yang kerap mengketengahkan model-model berwajah 'mat salleh' ni. Kalau kita lihat negara-negara jiran seperti Filipina dan Indonesia, wajah-wajah sebeginilah yang sering ditonjolkan (Chritine Hermanis, Jericho Rosales, Nia Ramdhani....just to name a few....all have strong eurasian looks). I guess this issue (with strong elements of discrimination) shouldn't be arised in the first place.

Fasha dan Danny (X-factor)

Next, come the issue of makanan segera. Teruk sangatkah makanan segera ni? Kalau setakat KFC saja...err...let me see..the chicken provides protein, the coleslaw is the source of fibre, the rice and mesh potatoes are carbohydrate....means we have a plate of nutritious serving. So apa yang tidak kena sini!? Is it the carbonated drinks?? (but of course I hope durang kasi turun hargalah...hehe). And then tiba-tiba saja tersiar laporan, yang dalam diam-diam iklan mee segerapun sudah digam. Sungguh malang nasib mee segera. Padahal masa hidup di kampus dulu, mee segeralah penyelamat kami masa kebuluran...*LOL*. Mau cakap boleh merosakkan kesihatan, otak, daya pemikiran...errr...kami ok saja....sihat walafiat!...graduate juga last-last ...hehee. Malah time makan mee segera tu berkobar-kobar semangat...."bisuk kalau saya graduate....sudah kerja....gaji besar....jangan haraplah saya mau makan maggi lagi!" (kunun). Padahal sampai sekarang berlonggok maggi mee dalam kabinet dapur...*LOL* Mee segera ni....has been around for years, but I haven't come across any news about a person who died because of mee segera. Again, I'm a bit blur about all these issues. If only the party concern can come up with a solid evidence and strong statistics showing the negative impact of fast food, I will 'slow down' a bit. Otherwise it's gonna be 'business as usual'....hehe!

But then, terlanjur cakap tentang eurasion look and makanan segera ni, I think the video clip below, should be on top of RTM's list, as far as banning a commercial ads is concerned. Sudahlah pakai model orang putih tulen, produk dia pun makanan segera untuk hidangan monster! Probably this is the type of ads that RTM is grumbling about (hence the issue should concern on hiring foreign models and not locals with eurasian looks). There are few other similar ads of this type (using foreign models) being shown on our TV channels. The Volvo, Gillette and Nokia commercial ads are just some examples.

Tapi kalau setakat iklan snack mamee noodle saja (yang saya ragu-ragu kelarisannya - laris sangatkah mamee noodle ni? sebab sya langsung nda pernah beli), apalah salahnya guna model tempatan....terutama yang berwajah ala-ala teruna desa macam saya ni....*wakakakakak*

*Link menarik pemakanan dan kesihatan: Malaysia nutriweb

27 Feb 2007

The 79th oscar show

The 79th Annual Academy Award, dubbed as the mother of all film awards, concluded yesterday (click here for the full list of winners). As usual I only pay attention to Best Film, Best Actors and Actress (main and supporting roles) and Best Original Song categories. The results were pretty much predictable. We can easily anticipate who will win based on the results from the Golden Globe and the Actors Guild Awards which took place much earlier than the Oscar. There are two interesting facts that caught my attention during the oscar show...Jennifer Hudson's rare victory and the Best Original Song award.

Tuah manusia siapa yang tahu

Now and then.....(Kiri) Jennifer Hudson megah berposing dengan Oscar yang dimenangi bagi kategori Best Supporting Actress melalui lakonannya dalam filem Dreamgirls. A rare victory for someone who just had a debut in the silverscreen. (Kanan) Semasa berhempas pulas memikat juri untuk dipilih ke top 12 American Idol 3, menerusi pemilihan wild card. Siapa sangka beliau yang hampir-hampir tidak layak ke top 12 American Idol musim ketiga, kini setaraf dengan bintang-bintang Hollywood bertaraf first class. Err...teringin juga mendengar komen dari Simon Cowell, sebab keputusan wild card yang melayakkan beliau ke top 12 AI3, adalah atas budi bicara Randy Jackson (mungkin Simon Cowell tidak nampak X-factor dalam diri beliau ni...how very wrong he was...kena kutuk habis pula pakaian tu...hehe)

Climate crisis song wins Best Original Song award!

I never heard of this song before, until the oscar show (probably it has never been played over this region). The title is "I Need To Wake Up" by a Canadian singer Melissa Etheridge. It is taken from the film An Inconvenient Truth, a motion picture all about global warming. It beat four other nominations including three from the musical broadway Dreamgirls. You can watch and listen to it here. (Yupp...wake up people we do have a very serious climate crisis here - glad I found this video!). A very good song indeed! The strong meaningful theme had probably won the heart of the judges.

When are they gonna win?

I'm dying to see the two stars (below) win the oscar. Yupp...i'm talking about "Jack and Rose". Since watching them in Titanic I'm kinda obsess with these two stars. Who can ever forget the line..."you jump...I jump!". Leo is nominated for the third time in academy this year (he was previously nominated once for best actor and once for supporting role), while Kate is receiving her fifth nomination this year (previously earned two nominations each for best actress and supporting actress). Infact she is now holding the record as the youngest (31 years old) most nominated actress! But when are they gonna win? Errrggh...I'm so eager to see them grab the oscar, hopefully in the near future...

26 Feb 2007

Gangstarz: Konsert 1

Infinatez - Ratu Hati

Boleh tahan!Ada harapan...Bravo!!...kalau ada yang perlu diperbaikipun mungkin bahagian bunyi bass.

Lagu Siti Nurhaliza

To vote for Infinatez by SMS, just type GS INFIN and send to 39003

P/s:Woww! What a bunch of judges!....hehehe! Anyways kumpulan First Edition pun not bad!

25 Feb 2007

Fenomena 'terdampar'.

Terdampar di Pulau Gaya....

Video fenomena ikan paus terdampar di perairan Sabah baru-baru ini (audio kurang memuaskan)

Bhg 1

Bhg 2: Kerja-kerja pemulihan rangka untuk dipamerkan di Muzium Sabah

....dan terdampar di siring jalan

Kalau fenomena ikan paus di atas telah mencetuskan beberapa persoalan dan teori, apa kurangnya dengan wanita dalam gambar di bawah ini, yang terdampar di siring jalan (jalan utama lagi tu). Sayapun tertanya-tanya bagaimana 'fenomena' ini boleh berlaku. Kalau betul sebagaimana dilaporkan yang beliau ni...err...terlebih "overdose" "BOM"!...all I say "no comment". But on second thought, mungkin ada sebab beliau minum berlebihan sehingga terdampar.....mungkin sedang mengalami gangguan emosi dan tekanan hidup barangkali. *SIGH*...sampai begini sekali (pada awalnya saya ingatkan mangsa accident hit and run)
TEXT: A police Mobile Patrol (MPV) personnel and paramdics attending to a local drunken woman in her 30s who slept on the grass by the side of the Penampang-Kota Kinabalu stretch near the Kobusak traffic lights in Penampang Saturday.The woman who was earlier seen drinking montoku (locally brewed wine) at a bus stop nearby, is believed to have had too much and collapsed on the grass at about 2.40 pm. A passerby alerted the police on seeing her collapsing and the MPV personnel who arrived shortly informed the hospital for assistance.

24 Feb 2007

Beauties of Sabah

There are few beauty paegents coming up soon,hence an article about the Beauties of Sabah...*grinn*


Hebatkan ni couple! Durang terlalu fed up, balik-balik dapat jemputan kahwin...last-last durang bagi iklan di newspaper supaya durang jangan dijemput lagi...I found this so amusing...hehehe!

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Fed up with spending too many weekends going to weddings, an Argentine couple took out a paid announcement on the social pages of a major newspaper expressing their desire for some social neglect.

"We thank you ahead of time for understanding this petition, which is due to our saturated social calendar," read the ad in La Nacion.

Adolfo Caballero, 66, told a La Nacion reporter the flood of invitations came from the children of his dozens of cousins, friends from his club, and clients of his law firm.

Argentine weddings are typically drawn-out affairs and Caballero said they take 12 hours out of most of his weekends, including long drives to and from the countryside, where it is currently fashionable to get married.

But then....teringat pula saya satu iklan di local daily (Sabah) few years back. Iklan tersebut berkenaan dengan pengumuman memutuskan talian adik-beradik! *Sigh!*....this is not amusing...... never in my life terlintas mau terfikir macam tu! Bak kata pepatah "air dicincang tak akan putus". And the announcement was made by someone whose father ada title "Datukship". Kira....family dia ni well-known jugalah!

Panggilan telefon tidak diundang

Mungkin ada di antara kamu yang pernah menerima panggilan-panggilan telefon dari pihak-pihak tertentu samada yang memperomosi produk ataupun khidmat mereka dan sebagainya. Seingat saya, saya mula kerap menerima panggilan telefon seumpama ini dalam tahun lalu (berlaku hanya menerusi fix line). Selalunya pemanggil dengan mesra memulakan bicara "tahniah dan syabas kepada encik kerana telah terpilih....bla..bla!" dan bila saya tanya bagaimana mereka mendapat nombor telefon saya? Jawapan yang diterima, kononnya mereka membuat pemilihan secara rawak untuk nombor-nombor telefon yang bertuah....dan nombor saya adalah salah satu yang bertuah. They normally insist to explain further, I just let them go ahead....bukan juga saya dengar...saya hidupkan speaker phone and then buat benda lain. Ada pula tu yang bagi penerangan hampir 30 minit....but who cares.... yang bayar bil durang. Kadang-kadang ada yang terlalu mendesak, even after I said not interested. Normally what I do...I let my handphone rings ....I excuse myself to answer the 'important' call...and pretend talking with someone until the promoter is sick of waiting and finally hang up...hehe!.

I remember receiving one call from a Chinese lady in Melaka last year. She started the conversation by asking "encik punya rumah dekat bukitkah?" (my apartment block actually is not very far from a hill). But I asked her "Kenapa?". She replied.."kalau ada bukit encik kena derma sama ini tapikung...kalau encik boleh kasi itu tanah di bukit lagi bagus.....untuk mau bikin ini tapikung!". But then I lied by saying....rumah saya tepi pantai. Most of the calls were from Semenanjung (I know cos I subscribe to CLIP). Tapi ada juga beberapa panggilan dari sekitar KK. Sebuah hotel bertaraf lima bintang misalnya sudah 2 tahun berturut-turut call me up telling me that I've won a special voucher, for two, to stay in one of their resort networks in West Malaysia. I suspicious there's a catch somewhere....that they're not telling me.....and just not to waste my time.....I never collect the voucher! (the voucher is not tranferable anyway.....otherwise I may give it to somebody). Boy! am I that very lucky...or merely a target!

Just yesterday I received another one...and this is the whole reason why I made this post. The call was from a lady whom I think was calling somewhere on the street in KL (using a handphone....the background was very noisy). This is how the conversation went.

Caller: Boleh bercakap dengan encik *myname*?
Me: Ya bercakap
Caller: Encik...saya *mention her name* dari (she mentioned her company but it's not very clear) tapi sebelum tu saya nak tanya...encik pemegang kad kredit maybank ker?
Me: Ya..kenapa?
Caller: Ok...sebab pihak kami dengan usahasama Maybank sedang mengeluarkan kad visa istimewa. Hanya mereka yang bertuah sahaja dipilih untuk memegang kad istimewa ini dan encik adalah salah seorang daripadanya...tahniah!(she proceeds with the card numerous benefits)
Me: (huh? hang on...if she knows that i'm one of the selected one...for sure she has the record....but why in the hell she asked if i'm a Maybank credit card holder? She should've known it in the first place...right! so I already smell something fishy here)
Caller: Sudah berapa lama encik memegang kad kredit maybank (again I think she shouldn't ask this question....if she knows i'm the selected one)
Me: lebih kurang 3 tahun
Caller: Ok...sebelum kami proses kad visa encik, kami ingin mendapat sedikit maklumat untuk memudahkan kami menyelaras rekod kami dengan pihak Maybank (hmmm....very der very clever!)....boleh tak encik bagi kita nombor kad encik dan tarikh luput.
Me: (I just gave them what they asked)
Caller: Ada tak pihak maybank bagitahu nombor keahlian kad encik?
Me: No. keahlian? tak pernah dengar pun.....ini pertama kali dengar.
Caller: Ok tak apa.....encik boleh dapatkan no. keahlian tersebut di belakang kad encik...kalau encik perhatikan ada tiga digit angka terakhir di belakang kad encik....itu sebenarnya adalah no keahlian kad kredit encik..... boleh tak encik sebutkan no tersebut (she was refering to the 3-digit cvv number at the back)
Me: Eh! yang itukan sepatutnya tidak boleh diberitahu...
Caller: Boleh saya tahu kenapa encik.?
Me: Sebab setahu saya itukan salah satu ciri-ciri keselamatan kad kredit (actually I wasn't so sure...but I came across somewhere that the 3-digit number shouldn't be revealed)
Caller; Itu hanyalah no. keahlian encik...
Me: Kalau no. keahlian tidak sepatutnya hanya 3 digit....sebab sebelum saya memohon sudah ada beribu-ribu pemegang kad kredit Maybank...sekurang-kurangnya adalah 4 atau 5 digit. (3-digit means i'm the first few hundreds applying for Maybank credit card....which I don't think so!)
Caller: (silent for a while as if talking with someone)...Oklah kalau encik tak boleh bagi...dan tak berminat dengan kad kami...tak apa...terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa!

LOL...I think the caller is trying to mess around with the wrong person. If I reveal the numbers, the chances are my card will be used to conduct online/internet purchase....like purchasing air ticket etc....but the bottomline is never to reveal anything to a suspicious person. Hopefully no one falls a prey to such a dirty tactics. So kepada anda yang memegang kad kredit dan menerima panggilan seumpama ini....just becareful. Infact I don't use my card anymore to pay for online purchase, once I notice it's so easy to be abused!

23 Feb 2007

American Idol

Officially out!...bye...bye!

Clockwise, Amy Krebs, Nicole Traquillo, Rudy Cardenas (mmm...he did well actually) and as expected Paul Kim

Favourite male contestants

Favourite female contestants

Two contestants whom I feel, Simon Cowell tersalah pilih masuk top 24...


Talking about superstitions, the article below tells a little bit about our very own local superstitions. I'm not very well-versed about this....so I have to go see the exhibition.

22 Feb 2007

Spoiled for choice

There are so many great TV programs lately, how I wish I have the time to watch them all. It just makes me ponder sometimes, that I've been wasting money paying for something that I don't fully consumed...oops..hehe! Anyways there are some TV programs that keep me hooked in front of the TV. I don't have to set the reminder on my handset to watch these shows, their schedules have been program in my mind. Once an episode ends, I just can't wait for the next episode the following week.

1. Heroes : How I wish i were Hiro, the Japanese guy, who is able to travel through time...! This program is said to be the no. 1 show in the US (but American Idol is also claiming the same spot).

2. The Desparate Housewives: I call them the 'hilarious housewives'. By the way the new season, Season 3, has been running over 8TV since the 6th February. I only realised about it last night! That means two episodes had already passed. Shame on Star World for still airing the Season 2 episodes!
3. Lost: I'm kind of a little bit lost about this show. I never missed a single episode in the previous season, but missed few of them in the new season. I didn't even aware when the new season started.

3. American Idol: Well definitely this is a must watch program. The top 24 are being cut down to top 12. The guys were a bit disappointing in the first show (but not the girls).

4. My Family: This is currently my favourite comedy series or sit-com. It is being shown on BBC Entertainment channel (one thing I like about BBCE channel is that it's free from interruption of commercial or promotional break...just like HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies). Although this show is called My Family, it comes with a warning that it's inappropriate for the not so mature adults (read: 18 and below)
And while waiting for the Desparate Housewiwes on 8TV I stumbled upon this program "Ugly Betty". Mmmm...not so sure if this gonna be listed under my "must watch" TV program. I guess the theme is pretty much similar with the latin telenovela, once shown over NTV7 not so long ago.
And the show that I'm so impatiently waiting...Prison Break! The new season had started since December 2006 (in the US). Looks like it's gonna take some time to reach our shore!

21 Feb 2007

Penyanyi lelaki menyerlah

Carta HotFM 30

1. Rich/Estranged - Itu Kamu (kedudukan no.6)
2. Fiq - Tiga Malam Tanpa Bintang (single terbaru, kedudukan 19)
3. Adam - Joget Lambak (Single terbaru, kedudukan 20)

Carta Era

1. Felix - Aku Pencinta Mu (no. 7)

Artis wanita yang agak menonjol kebelakangan ini ialah Yanie yang menduduki carta HotFM 30 (no.10) dan Era (no.9) menerusi lagu duet beliau bersama Diddy AF4 Saling Terpesona

P/s: Tidak sabar-sabar menunggu kemunculan album sulung Velvet.

Just another interesting activities....

Dare to do this...

20 Feb 2007

Debat perdana

Alkisah maka bertandanglah my regular visitors ke rumah kelmarin. Durang ni tinggal berjiranan saja, tapi suka betul lepak di tempat saya (seminggu sekali tu adalah). Umur masing-masing 17 (actually bulan 5 baru masuk 17), 18 dan 18 tahun. Seperti biasa TV dan hi-filah yang jadi sasaran. Lepas puas main game durang pasang CD sambil TV di pasang (tanpa suara....hebatkan! Tukang kasi habis karan saya). Time durang datang kelmarin, saya 'malakat' depan komputer layan internet. So durang layanlah CD Indo Pop. Keluar saja lagu Irwansyah Aku Pencinta Wanita, tiba-tiba bersuaralah si 18a tahun (memandangkan ada dua orang umur 18 tahun, jadi refer durang ni 18a dan 18b). Lebih kurang beginilah perbualan durang (aku eavesdroping saja sambil tersenyum-senyum) .....

18a: Buduhkan ni lagu, adakah patut....sudahpun dia laki-laki mau kasi tau....kasi tau lagi dia pencinta wanita!
17: Mengkali dia terlalu sayang mama dia baitu....dia nda mau si Acha jealous...sebab tu dia kasi tau si Acha.... dia pencinta wanita
18a: Aik apa beza...mama diapun wanita juga....kalau macam tu cakaplah bilang "aku pencintamu Acha"....macam lagu si Felix "Aku Pencinta Mu"...baru ngam. Yang ni dia mau kasi tau..kasi tau kunun pencinta wanita...bah....kalau dia bukan pencinta wanita, jadi pencinta apa?
18b:Pencinta kau (ketawa)
18a: Buduh! (sambil betandang-tandang sama si 18b)
17: bah jadi kalau girlfren kau tanya...kau nda mau cakap dia....kau pencinta wanita?
18a:buat apa sya mau cakap....habis memang suda tau... kalau laki-laki... yang dia cinta memang wanita...cuba kamu fikir? (Fuiyoo...dia suruh pikir lagi oh)
18b:kalau girlfriend saya tanya saya...,saya tanya dia balik...jadi kau pencinta apa? Baru adil...bah kalau dia was-was sama aku...akupun was-was sama dia! (makin lebarlah senyuman kambing aku dengar statement yang saturang ni)
18b: Buduhlah girlfriend kalau mau tanya macam tu...

Tiba-tiba saja yang paling muda berumur 13 tahun (ehemmm...akulah kunun tu..kekek) menyampuk

13: Bah nanti saya mau cipta lagu tajuk dia "Aku Pencinta Binatang"...apa macam? boleh kah tu?

ketiga-tiga: (Barabis ketawa...)

13: Lirik dia macam ni...(sambil menyanyi lagu Irwansyah)..."aku memang pencinta binatang...bukan pencinta manusia"

Ketawalah bah durang sambil cakap...best...best...malatup!!

Saya ingat debat durang terhenti setakat itu saja....bila berputar lagu "Teman Tapi Mesra", durang sambung lagi....

18a: Ini pun macam tidak ngam "Teman Tapi Mesra" dia bilang....kalau teman mestlilah bah mesra...mana ada tapi...tapi....cuba kamu fikir
13: (tersenyum-senyum)
18b: Jadi apa kunun tajuk yang ngam? "Teman Tapi Bermusuh"?

But at this juncture I've to answer a phone call...masa bercakap-cakap di telefon terdengarlah perbualan durang diselang seli derai ketawa...adalah dalam 2-3 minit engage...habis saja engage durangpun tanya saya...bos rasa-rasa kalau tajuk ini lagu ....."Teman Tapi Jangan Romantik".....ngam kah?...."mmmmm...boleh pakai juga...tapi paling malatup kalau tajuk dia "Teman Tapi Kuat Beramas Mesra"!" *wakakaka*

19 Feb 2007

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park aka Sabah's very first zoo, that started its development in 1996, finally opened its door for the public on the 17th February. Ini bukanlah pembukaan rasmi. Difahamkan pembukaan rasmi akan diadakan apabila semua kelengkapan siap sepenuhnya. Setakat ini pembangunan kawasan seluas 90 hektar ini bolehlah dianggap 80% siap. Taman ini terbahagi kepada dua zon iaitu mini zoo dan botanical garden. Among the wildlife that are being exhibit include Borneo Pygmy Elephants, Sumatera Rhinoceros, Orang Utan (yang ini memang wajib...hehe), Proboscis Monkey, several types of deers and birds and my favourite, the Malayan Tiger (feel like cuddling these creatures!). Difahamkan beberapa lagi haiwan antaranya seperti zirafah, the lion king dan sun bears bakal muncul di masa akan datang. Taman ini juga sedang membina beberapa kemudahan untuk adventurous activities such as bungee jumping (mmm..can't wait for this), cross country cycling dan beberapa aktiviti lagi. Menurut sumber, cable car juga bakal boleh dinikmati oleh pengunjung tidak lama lagi. Terdapat juga tapak khas untuk berkelah dan camping. Untuk kanak-kanak pula disediakan Children Mini Zoo di mana kanak-kanak di bawah 12 tahun boleh menunggang gajah.

Overall memang bestlah tempat ni....especially the botanical garden dan the aviary (taman burung semulajadi)....tenang dan aman damai fikiran kalau berada di dua tempat ni. Kedua-dua kawasan ini betul-betul menyerupai hutan semulajadi, cuma disediakan tempat berjalan kaki yang cukup "glamour" (the ladies can walk around wearing high heel...hehe) perhaps a "boutique forest" is not a bad word to describe it! But I suggest on the suggestion book that they provide mini train ride from one exhibit to another, supaya senior citizen (like my mother)...and the handicapped and perhaps for those yang malas berjalan...don't have to walk around by foot....it's a huge area... boleh pengsan juga kalau tidak cukup stamina!

Main entrance/visitors info center/souvenir shop

The general map of the 90-hectare park

Entrance fee

Malaysian (Adult - RM10/under 18 - RM5)
Non-Malaysian (Adult - RM20/under 18 -RM10)
Student (with uniform)/Senior citizen over 60 yrs and handicapped are all FREE

Opening hours: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

...and now the tiger show!
...the tigers can also be viewed through a thick glass wall. (Errr...ada gangguan sedikit dari suara narrator dokumentari National Geographic...hehe!)

...our favourite cousins

The botanical garden and the aviary

17 Feb 2007

Laporan akhbar yang mengelirukan

Harian Metro pada Khamis ada menyiarkan laporan di bawah tajuk "Cipta lirik mencarut, maki-hamun dalam Internet". Antara lain ia meyebut.... "Kecenderungan mencipta lagu berlirik lucah melalui Internet makin menjadi-jadi hingga mendapat sambutan hangat segelintir remaja yang menganggapnya trend masa kini untuk berhibur tanpa menghiraukan kesan negatif terhadap budaya ketimuran dan bahasa kebangsaan"

Laporan tersebut juga mengambil contoh beberapa lirik yang dihasilkan dan antaranya adalah seperti di bawah ini...

‘they said i’m really teruk the boys want to g****, selalu nak k***k selalu nak ****k. Nak pegang p***k nak ****t ****k, kite pun nak tarik dia orang punya ****k’. (yang dialih bahasa dari lagu Black Eyed Peas "My Humps")

Selain itu, satu lagi lagu berunsur lucah berjudul ‘K**e Mat Gatal’ yang liriknya berbunyi: ‘semasaku berjalan, k*** ku berasa gatal, aku ‘check’ seluar dalam, rupanya ber***** tebal kerana k*** ber****, di dalam banyak kutu.’

Antara gambar yang diselitkan dalam laporan berkenaan adalah gambar di bawah ini yang diambil dari site YouTube.
Tidak susah mencarinya di laman YouTube dan apabila saya perhatikan...errr..I don't see what the report is saying (at least from this video)....hehehe! Kesian juga budak-budak dalam video tu, dituduh yang bukan-bukan. Hmmmm.......nampak gaya terdapat laporan akhbar kita yang terlebih-lebih 'mencanang'! (Click here to see the video).

Adam fokus bisnes

Konsert Heart

Alahai KDCA pula..hmmm...tempat sebenarnya ialah Pusat Kebudayaan Penampang

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Here's an ang pao for you

And for those who like Chinese food

16 Feb 2007

A new format that is worth trying

For those who watched Grammy program on TV recently, you must have noticed the three chics seated in the front row. I was wondering who the hell are these three ladies grinning happily for the camera. Mau bilang Destiny Child bukan juga....rupa-rupanya durang ni adalah tiga finalis yang menyertai program "My Grammy Moment" iaitu satu program untuk mencari peserta yang bakal berduet dengan Justine Timberlake di pentas Grammy. The winner is the lady on the article below (I guess it's only opened for ladies). So there you go ladies and gentlemen!....a new idea first introduced by Grammy. Another brilliant format to reap profit from SMS voting, cos the process of selecting the lucky one is not much difference from any other reality talent shows. Only the reward is in different form. So memandangkan kita di Malaysia ni 'pak turut'...I won't be surprise kalau ada majlis anugerah tempatan yang meniru format ini....errr mungkin yang berjaya bakal berduet dengan Mawi atau Siti Nurhalizah kah?

Macam familiar saja!

Hmmm..bila terbaca artikel di bawah teringat pula kes Marsha dengan Kefli. Ini cerita lamakah (wartawan berkenaan ketinggalan) atau cerita baru?

Cerita Artis Kita: Ubat cinta

SEJAK menyertai program TV realiti lagi, kisah seorang gadis yang sekarang berstatus selebriti ini selalu berkait dengan lelaki.

Sekejap dengan artis itu, sekejap dengan jantan ini dan tup! tup! keluar cerita dia dengan teman lain pula.

Banyak sangat versi, bukan versi bertentangan tetapi versi bersilih ganti lelaki. Tak pasti pula kalau si gadis ini jenis yang sunyi dan sentiasa perlukan lelaki di sampingnya.

Selepas senyap dengan cerita cinta dan gosip, kisahnya kembali hangat diperkatakan. Kali ini dengan teman seperjuangan, kononnya mereka asyik dibuai asmara. Baguslah kalau sudah menemui cinta baru, harapnya lebih sejati kali ini.

Cuma yang tak bagusnya pula, teman lelakinya yang juga berstatus sama dengannya, dikatakan ringan tangan. Bukan ringan tangan kerana rajin, tetapi suka bagi penampar dan pukul sana pukul sini. Namun demi cinta, tamparan dan pukulan itu bagaikan ubat penyedap cinta mereka.

Macam tak percaya dengan cerita ini tetapi apabila dijejaki khabar angin lama, macam betul pula. Tidak lama dulu, CAK difahamkan yang teman lelakinya memang panas baran. Nampaknya comel dengan bibir yang murah senyuman, tetapi barannya sukar dikawal.

Bagaimanapun, CAK tak faham, kalau sudah sakit-sakit ditampar, kenapa harus menunggu lagi? Walhal rasanya ramai lagi yang berkenan dengan kecantikannya. Lainlah kalau perempuan ini jenis yang suka disakiti.

Mungkin juga kerana cinta mendalam. Maklumlah CAK tidak bercinta begitu sekali. Sebenarnya kalau difikirkan semula, kisah ini menarik untuk dimasukkan ke dalam slot Kisah Benar atau Neraca.
Hmmm...bila baca cerita artis di bawah ni teringat pula kes

15 Feb 2007

Korban tragis cinta Valentine

Sering juga kita mendengar lagu-lagu yang mengandungi lirik..."I can't live..if living is without you!" ....."tell me how am I suppose to live without you?!"....ataupun..."I would rather die than live without you baby!". But those are just words I don't think the writers or singers really meant what they are saying.

Tapi insiden yang berlaku pada pemuda yang malang di bawah ini, cukup membuktikan kenyataan yang berbunyi, "action speaks louder than just words!". Pemilihan Hari Valentine pula cukup simbolik!..tragis!...cukup tragis!

Maka, sama-samalah kita ambil iktibar. Bbunga bukan sekuntum, kumbang bukan seekor!

The new Terminal 2.

For those of you who fly with Air Asia back to Sabah, jangan terkejut bila kamu landing. Ngam lah tempat tu...it's just the new Terminal 2 which was completed way ahead of its schedule much to everyone surprised (and did somebody say, she already noticed a crack somewhere?!). It was officialy opened yesterday. The public were asked for feedbacks on this new terminal. Among the positive notes, they're amazed by the huge lobby space (they probably not aware that such a huge space is logically required because both the departures and arrivals are handled in the same floor zone), well air-conditioned, more check-in counters, fast check-in, short period to claim baggage, more baggage scanners and few others. On the other hand, the negative comments include no ATM, post office and health centre facilities, no moneychangers, not enough seats and the location of taxi service. I happened to be there in January, no doubt the lobby is very spacious, but I noticed it was quite a long journey walking up the stairs to the cafetaria on the first floor. There were no escalators. I kept wondering how the senior citizens gonna cope with it. But I just assumed there must be elevators somewhere in the building for the elderly and the disabled alike to move between the floors. But the fact is there are none. Anyways, one thing for sure the new terminal is very much improved than the old one.

Rancangan realiti pencarian pengarah filem

"Do you have what it takes to be the next great Hollywood director? Find out by sending in your application and you could be one of the 16 finalists. But be quick, you only have until Friday, February 16th, 2007 to apply" (.....aaargggghhh... tutup sudah bisuk!!)

Nama program dia On the Lot. Satu program realiti pencarian filmmakers seluruh dunia, yang diterajui oleh Steven Spielberg dan reality show mastermind Mark Burnett. Hanya 16 orang saja akan terpilih ke peringkat akhir untuk menentukan siapa juara. Rancangan ini bakal disiarkan di Star World pada May nanti. Klik sini untuk maklumat lanjut On the Lot.

But then bercakap mengenai filem nikan...here is a constructive comments, by one forummer in our local daily, concerning our local made telemovies.

Oops! How did this get into the movie?

I AM proud to see many Sabah-made films. It is a good development. But their eagerness to produce films make them forget the need for a good story, plot, theme and especially the logic of the story.

One Dusun movie does not pay attention to the logic of the situation. Look at the hair of the heroine in the movie Bungkau Terbang. Her hair is either brown or orange while the time setting of the movie is such that there is no hair salon existing yet.

It is impossible that the hair colour is natural. At that time setting, the hair should look unkempt but instead, the heroine's hair looks as if she just had a rebonding treatment.

The place setting is also not right. At the time setting, there should be no concrete drain yet. The fight between the hero and the villain takes place in front of a traditional house which has a concrete drain!

The same with the movie Surundai directed by Basilus James (Opok). Maybe he was too bogged down with trying to insert Dusun elements into the movie.

It is not right to give the name of Surundai to the beautiful and up-to-date heroine. He should have given names like Maria, Lucy or Mary. The choice of names must be based on the time and place settings of the movie.

In this movie, the character Kudipit cannot let go of his backpack although its function is not clear. His bag is so big the viewers presume it contains many clothes and that he is going to stay overnight at his uncle Kudopok's place but he doesn't. If it is a day trip, then the bag is just a complication. Kudipit should leave the bag at Surundai's shop.

There is a kidnapping scene in the movie but the kidnap victim Sorundi does not have the appetite to save herself. She does not scream for help but just swears at her kidnapers. Her mouth is not stuffed with cloth, etc.

When she is tied to a tree, another person can be seen sitting in the verandah of a house captured in the scene. I say the director was careless.

Nevertheless, the director was creative enough to entertain viewers. But the elements mentioned should be stronger unless we want to create a fantasy film. The audio-visual quality is just cukup makan but then we are still without adequate props.

But if the logic of the film is bad, then that is caused by the director's carelessness and had nothing to do with equipment.

Khairuddin J Gunggutau Ranau

Mmmm....no comment!

"Itu Kamu" a new single by Rich n Estranged

This is a new single by Rich and his band Estranged. It is included as a bonus track in their repackaged album In Hating Memory, which is scheduled to be released on 28 February. I must say the single has a very strong Indon band flavoured. I guess it's just part of their efforts in an attempt to penetrate the market down there or at least this will stop the cults of Indon band by local music fans. One noticeable feature of Itu Kamu, is of course Rich's very own style in delivering this song. He belt it out with his own elements of rich and powerful voice. Bravo!

Just click the video below to get what I mean (they're very kind enough to upload this video to YouTube)

14 Feb 2007

Teknik "manguntik"

Bah...Hari Valentine sudah kunun hari ni kan. Bertuahlah siapa-siapa yang bernama Valentine tu, mana tidak tiap-tiap tahun ada hari istimewa untuk durang. Jadi saya ucapkan selamat Hari Valentinelah kepada semua yang bernama Valentine! Eh kenapa? silapkah? Oh macam tu. Sebenarnya Hari Valentine ni untuk orang yang bercinta-cintaan pulakan (aku ingatkan hari si Valentine habis kalau ingglis, dia bilang Valentine's Day!). Bah jadi kepada yang bercouple-couple tu selamat menyambut Hari Valentine. Yang belum ada couple tu, cuba-cubalah kamurang tengok ni teknik-teknik manguntik. Mana tau juga boleh pakai!

Sebelum menguntik tu, kenalah dulu bersiap sedia...berkemas-kemas...bermikap-mikap...imej perlu dijaga bah kan...barulah naik saham! Paling penting rambut mesti kemas...maklumlah sekarang ni durang bilang "dari rambut turun ke kaki"...bukan lagi "dari mata turun ke hati". Paling tidakpun mesti mau kena 'palit' gel dulu tu rambut....
...hah! kabisan gel!....jangan susah....bisa diatur..

...pokoknya ada daya kreatif...

Dan untuk teknik-teknik seterusnya, kamurang tengok sajalah ini video (video macam terputus-putus tapi sebenarnya tidak sebab diselang seli dengan petua-petua yang diperturunkan oleh mahaguru Sang Arjuna Kencana Gunsirit)

Hah...itu dia! DAPAAATT!! Kalau yang sumandak tu, tidak salah mengguna teknik pakai uniform Form Six, duduk-duduk di bus stop...takkanlah kamu tidak muat sudah uniform kamurang tu. Tapi teknik ni kena berhati-hati, paling penting kena tengok betul-betul haribulan. Kalau tidak, nanti kamu duduk-duduk pakai uniform sekolah di bus stop sambil kepit buku ekonomi form six, semua orang kehairanan...orang buta pun heran...check punya check...hari minggu bah pula!

Nah sudah dapat couple tu, bolehlah kamu hantar ni lagu...yang kamu download free dari internet pi handphone dia...faham tidak faham ni lagu....no hal, yang penting ada tu perkataan "I Love You"....barulah romantik....wekekekek!

13 Feb 2007

Promosi agresif 1-Borneo

Dalam banyak-banyak projek pembangunan 'mega mall' di KK tiada yang dapat menandingi promosi agresif yang dilakukan oleh pemaju 1-Borneo and its sister development Warisan Square. Lihat saja iklan-iklan di bawah ini (siap melantik Amber Chia lagi, sebagai Lifestyle Ambassador)

Kalau ditinjau, bukan 1-Borneo saja yang sedang dalam pembinaan di sekitar KK, malah ada beberapa lagi. Terdapat sebuah dalam pembinaan di sepanjang Jalan Lintas menghala ke Kelombong (kalau tak silap nama dia Star City), and then sebelah Donggongon we have Mega Long (tapi kami panggil magalong...atukkk...punya panjang saya bilang kau..tapi kalau tengok dari tepi...punyalah kurus..mega narrow gitu). Sebelah Putatan ada lagi satu bakal dibina. Sebelah Likas (bersebelahan Likas Square) sebuah lagi sedang dibina (yang ini konsep dia satu tingkat saja dan sudah pasti memakan kawasan yang luas...don't you think it's a waste of land?!). Dan di KK sendiri Kompleks Asia City baru juga siap dan ada sebuah lagi dalam pembinaan (KK Times Square) dan yang terbaru ada lagi sebuah berdekatan dengan Jesselton Point! Itu belum lagi termasuk projek-projek shoplots yang biasa (bukan jenis shopping complex atau mall) yang memang bertempiaran di sana sini. Atuk..atuk! siapalah yang mau occupy semua ni? Sebab yang sudah lama siap pun, macam Central Plaza di Kepayan Ridge dan Tg Aru Plaza di Tg Aru, hanya 10-20% saja berpenghuni!!

Click pics to enlarge

(Looks like my favourite outlet MPH Bookstore is no where to be seen above). And just for info, 1-Borneo juga akan menyediakan pengangkutan hovercraft yang akan menghubungi kedua-dua shopping mall ini melalui jalan air. Perancangan akan datang bakal menyaksikan perkhidmatan hovercraft ini beroperasi hingga ke Kota Kinabalu International Airport (maklumat lanjut KLIK SINI). So kalau KL mengatasi masalah kesesakan lalulintas dengan LRT, monorail dsb, KK akan bermegah dengan pengangkutan air melaui khidmat hovercraft (tu dia...pengangkutan air bah sya bilang kau! mana mau cari? Silap sikit boleh nampak ikan duyung melambai-lambai...kekekek). Adakah bermakna KK lebih kelas dari KL? So sama-samalah kita tunggu dan lihat perkembangan KK selanjutnya, yang semakin hari semakin menghala ke bandaraya metropolitan.