31 Oct 2008

MyStarz LG2 - Harapan Sabah

Apa kata kita berkenalan dengan lebih dekat dengan tiga peserta dari Sabah yang berjaya melayakkan diri dalam 12 kelompok terakhir.

Jojie - Kalaulah kaum-kaum Iban,India,Brunei dan Bajau undi dia ni, gerenti ada harapan!:)

Gzell - Checking back my post on Miss Sabah Malaysia World 2008 dia ni actually menang subsidiary title saja (Miss Congeniality). Tapi entahlah kalau dia saja kasih tau wartawan dia menang Miss Sabah :)

AG - How to pronounce his name? Is it like "Arrgh!"...hehe. Anyway mulanya I thought he's one of E-Voke's members (iras-iras pula muka durang).

All the best to the three of them!

30 Oct 2008

Rey - Juara Fiesta Melodi Emas Asean 2008

Since we have won a couple of titles at national level, perhaps it's time to win something at regional or international levels just like what Rey did.

28 Oct 2008

Marriage proposal via a billboard

Actually the pic below was on the front page of the Daily Express last month. One Jason proposed to her sweeheart via a billboard at the Damai - Foh Sang intersection. Hmm...how romantic! He spent RM2,200 for the marriage proposal. The sweetheart's reply "YesI do!" is on the smaller box. I wonder when did she reply...or the guy wrote the reply himself...hehe!

If it is an effective way to convey a message and affordable to many, I guess we would have the chance to see various messages including the one below (siap dengan reply pula tu...hehe)

27 Oct 2008

Anugerah Pertisa : Pencalonan Skyline

Hmm...kalau berdasarkan populariti, si Ampal dan Clarice lah yang kira paling popular. I just hope this event will be held annually because it's not a good idea to accumulate popular songs for years and nominate them in an award ceremony held once in a blue moon. And what happened to Jestie's Kosorou Kopo Nangku Doho? It's one of the phenomenal songs besides Adaa.

Backdoor vs frontdoor

When was the last time you came across a news about PTI being nabbed while trying to sneak into Sabah? I believe the activity of illegal entries takes place regularly, unfortunately we seldom hear news about their failed attempt such as the one reported below. To me this is the kind of news I'd like to see more, instead of the news on the mass operation to flush out those who have successfuly entered our land. The authority, having known the PTI's modus operandi, should know what to do to guard the backdoor...like stationing more personnel...askar kah, peluru berpandu kah...after all we're talking about ancaman kepada negara.

And talking about extra personnel, tup...tup...airport (frontdoor) pula diutamakan when the General Operation Force (GOF) started taking care of the airport secuity beginning 15 October. They took over the task from MAB's auxiliary police (so what happened to these police? Out of job?). This leads me to question, "terancam sangatkah airport kita ni?". Since independence we almost never heard of any ancaman at our airports (is there?). The former security force must have done a very good job. Ini kes bersiap sedia sebelum sebarang ancaman melanda kunun ni...tidak salah bah juga kalau takut dengan bayang-bayang :)

Janggal pula tengok durang ni with senapang bertugas di airport...
macam out of place...hehe

24 Oct 2008

Sabahan shines at Asean song fest

HO CHI MINH CITY, (Vietnam): Tuaran-born Reynaldo Raymond Pagie@ Rey, 22, made Sabah proud when he won the gold in the folk song category of the Asean Golden Melodies Festival 2008, on Sunday.

Rey, 22, received US$1,500 (RM5,325), a trophy and a handphone at the Hao Binh Theatre, here.

His winning song was Temasya Desa Gernalai. He also took part in the contemporary pop category and belted the number, One Thousand Million Smiles.

The Festival which started on Oct. 14 saw participants from Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand taking part.

Another Malaysian representative Nur Nadia Fadilla Abu Bakar, 24, also won a gold in the contemporary pop category with the number Am I Telling You (I'm Not Going) and received the same prize as Rey.

Nur Nadia also took a silver in the folk song category (Joget Kenangan Manis) and earned an extra US$1,000, trophy and a handphone. Pic shows Reynaldo and Nur with their awards.

Congratulations to both of them especially Ray (Sabah lagi!). But according to another report the judge from Malaysia Dato' Mokhzani (Pengarah RTM) was very vocal. He corrected most of the organizer's judging rules which he thinks are not proper or not fair (Ketakutan mengkali penganjur Vietnam ni ada orang tunjuk taring...hehe). I believe they won based on their merit and not because penganjur tertekan, ada individu tunjuk taring :).

Perihal website lucah dalam program 360 TV3

Silaka ikan masin bah tu kawan sms kasi main-main tadi "ko punya blog pun masuk TV3 pasal cerita website lucah" dia bilang. Panick juga sikit terus berabis masuk website TV3 program 360. Choi! Itu pula. I mean what's new? This is an old issue. When I first acquainted with internet back in 1996 I almost got fainted upon seeing nothing but porno sites. Buka saja e-mail, terus klik whatever mails in the Inbox *LOL*. Masa tu belum expert lagi mau tapis-tapis junk mails, scam etc, maklumlah masih kebaru-baruan and nobody warns me. You can say internet equals porno and vice versa! Sampai majalah macam FHS or Playboy (versi Asia) or Cosmopolitan jadi macam tahap buku masakan atau Reader's Digest sudah sekarang ni (read; very innocent). Well setiap teknologi ciptaan baru ni memang ada buruk dan baik (car is not exempted). But it's all up to us to draw the line between good and bad. The choice is yours. You decide whether to use it for a good course or not.

Hopefully these innocent kids will be spared from such websites :)

23 Oct 2008

KE 3rd Anniversary Party: Berkelip-kelip

Fulamak! Nasib baik saya tidak attend, kalau saya attend tu gerenti ndak kenampakan..hehe

Fuiyoo....memang tahap Hollywood..:)

22 Oct 2008

PERTISA - Menjelang Malam Anugerah

MyStarz LG2

Sabahans in Top 12

Ag. Sri Iskandar Bahrin

Mohd Hairi Kenneith

Julylen Liew @ Gzell

After checking out their audition videos, my comment is "doi dogo! macam mana juga durang boleh terlepas sampai top 12 ni?"

20 Oct 2008

Meeda - artis Skyline

Ady N Jas - MTV baru

15 Oct 2008

PERTISA - Pencalonan Anugerah Muzik

Tension ja kan nampak durang ni. Sampai si Ampal pun hilang seri muka pelawak dia...hehe.

And talking about local music award, a reader gave his comment on the recent Dayak Music Award (DAMA).

Tabi basa…

Jaku ari aku,MALU!

Aku nemu maioh setuju malam nya,semadi meh sida keh meda DAMA nya ari sukut glam aja enggau semadi enggai keh nadai. Enti kitai amat sayau serta ka meda industri music Dayak mansang,kitai malu serta disappointed. Utai keh ka disebut aku tu enda manis,i’m not a sweet talker,laban aku ka meda music dayak mansang,as the main purpose of the existence of DAMA.(you may delete this post if you don’t want the next generations of Dayak to know what they suppose to know,which i think is very sad).

Menteri datai ari semenanjung ngagai event tu,bejanji deka meri channel TV ngagai music dayak.Tang,nama utai ka dibantai keh kitai,enti ‘The Most Successful Dayak Singer’(Woman) is Jenny Tan? Sapa enda kala meda tauka ninga music Jenny Tan tau browse ba YouTube enti kita enggai ‘donate’ duit kita ngagai producer cum ’singer’ with a Tan surname.(you may call me racist,but I call it patriotism).
Kati kitai ulih measure success ngena bank statement(requirement by DAMA)? Of coz Jenny Tan aja the one and only nominee for that category and of coz her bank account is fat since Maxwell Franklin Saran and Timothy are under her label and their albums are among the biggest sale in the industry. Lalu seduai mina nerima sekali bayar aja ari siti album.(Assapai ari Maxwell nerima RM 700 aja.Unbelievable?Believe it, thats the truth.)

DAMA patut meda baru baka ni ka measure success.

Kategori composer pemadu manah,Ricky El!Sapa enda nemu ia ciplak semua lagu dalam album,and you call him a composer?

Lagu pemadu manah,Endena?Long expired song enggau kualiti bakanya ngalah keh 1001 ari Ernesto Kalum enggau Flora ari Jerry Kamit keh udah maioh mai angin baru ngagai industri music Dayak. Another great joke!

Kategori Orang Ulu maioh diempu Urai laban ia the one and only nominee for the most of the categories. So she can be the best,(or the worst!). Patut drop aja categories keh mina siku aja nominee baka nya,beri aja recognition for her contribution for the music scene and her effort to summit her entries,and keep the awards for the coming years. Frankly speaking, Orang Ulu scene bedau cukup besai/bersedia for a competition amongs themself.

(for those who were there,if you observe enough,you can see the weird look on the VIP’s face everytime these ‘one and only nominee’ categories result are announce.)

And names like Johnny Aman and Jerry Kamit went home empty handed!

Nama kebuah nadai award for the best video clip?

Duit sponsor ari sektor koporat nyau RM250K, and that the best stage you can do?
And with that money, why don’t DCCI hire an event management company to do the show,instead of the committees themself which are the organising team.Yes,you can DIY but not for the first year which you have to make a very good impression for the first time (and get more sponsors and coverage next year).

And of course, the JUDGES are very questionable their credibility(and don’t forget the conflict of interest may play some part there). Judges shouldn’t be from amongs the committees and absolutely not Elvis Impersonators! Where is Patrick Khamis, Kia, Deja Moss, Camelia, Dayang and our other qualified names?

DAMA have official newspaper,Borneo Post,so maybe next year you can do readers voting for the shorlist/finalist for the judges.

And separate/independent body which is qualified to do the filtering for the originality of song/music.Statutory declaration as required by DAMA is not enough since anyone can go to a law firm and get one for a cost of RM5 each.

A lot have to be done next year(right way,right people).

All the best for DAMA 09.

Kelimbak Darah

Err...I have to admit that I know only few words in Iban... aging idup aging ngalaban, ngirup, makai...mm..what else. I have three Iban housemates last times (whatever happened to them now? lost contact already). But upon reading the comments above, as if I understand the whole message. Generally the results are mostly questionable. The most successful woman singer goes to an influential rich lady with a surname 'Tan'. The best composer goes to a winner whose songs are mostly 'ciplak', Best Song goes to a song considered 'expired' and yang saya ketawa baca bila kategori Orang Ulu cuma ada satu saja pencalonan and the very sole nominee won!? hehe. The writer also questions the selection of judges, he said famous Sarawakian artistes, like Deja Moss, Patrick Khamis, Camelia, Dayang should be included (and don't forget pengurus Ning/Nikki Mr. Vernon).

13 Oct 2008

Papier Mache

Linda dan Ebi

Tapi yang saya hairan macam mana boleh ada ungkapan "cinta itu buta".

Apiang - Album Murut

Sedihlah juga bila dengar album belum berada di pasaran tapi lagu sudah jadi ring tone (hmm). Memang banyak bah cara mudah mau dapat lagu-lagu mp3 secara percuma sekarang ni. Tiada yang kebal :(

Rayuan simpati

Belum redah kita berbicara tentang I.C, nampak gaya brother seorang ni sampai merayu-rayu kepada mereka yang terjumpa dompet beliau agar kalau boleh serahkan dokumen yang ada dalam dompet tersebut (duit boleh ambil tapi dokumen tolong serahkan).

Jangan pula orang yang terjumpa dompet beliau ni, duit di buang MyKad diambil.

11 Oct 2008

Velvet & Rich kahwin Disember?

Memang telah timbul desas-desus berhubung status Velvet dan Rich di ruangan chatting blogspot ini sejak September lalu. Menurut kawan kita 'Nobody' mereka telah melangsungkan pertunangan pada 21 September namun belum ada kata putus berhubung tarikh perkahwinan. Ada yang bilang bulan Disember ini dan kemungkinan juga tidak (atau Disember yang dimaksudkan adalah Disember tahun depan?). Apapun tahniah lah kepada mereka berdua dan semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat.

10 Oct 2008

Our precious MyKad

This report is on the front page of our local newspapers today. It’s all about one poor aunty who was at the center of controversy the past two weeks. She lost her MyKad (blue) and upon getting a new one the color changed to striking red! (Probably NRD ran out of blue paper or blue ink…hehe). After much involvement by some politicians (sampai adalah satu parti politik tu yang mengugut keluar dari BN) she finally gains her citizenship back all in three minutes according to her. :)

From blue to red and back to blue

Oops terdedah tarikh lahir ko aunty!
(who cares! Yang penting gambar 10 tahun lebih

Talking about our MyKad, I’ve to admit that I’ve been taking it for granted (mentang-mentanglah my ancestors know no other land except Sabah…native tahap gabanlah kata kan). But the whole scenario lately had really changed my perception on my MyKad. I feel like wrapping it nicely with a golden wrap paper and place it preciously in a golden box. Where I get such a silly idea, you ask. It’s from the illegal immigrants I encountered in Sepangar Bay few years back! Yupp they wrap it up nicely and keep it in a golden box (masa tu masih lagi I.C cap bunga raya). Can you imagine how precious the document is to them!

Last week (3 Oct, while still busy makan kuih makmur), a friend called begging me to accompany him to make a report on his lost MyKad at the police station (he lost it on the 31 August). Since his family or relatives was no where near it looks like I am the tunjak harapan. Having got some information from my relative who had lost her IC before (in 2000), I told my friend that it was indeed a piece of cake to make a report and he should be able to do it alone. But then he replied “aku risau bah kalau tu polis suspek aku ni orang om..habis kamurang juga cakap rupa saya ni iras-iras om kan, lagipun kau ada kenal polis di sana”. Macam mau tersembur kuih makmur dari mulut saya. He is a Dusun with dark complexion and we often tease him for resembling om. The next thing I knew I was in Donggongon police station (unfortunately some policemen I know were either transferred elsewhere or on leave). It wasn’t a piece of cake after all. Before filling in a form, he was interviewed by the first officer for almost an hour. Next he was directed to go to the ‘Cawangan Khas’ to see a detective. Another long investigation follow suit. After the session I asked him “apalah durang tanya kau?” He replied “Macam-macam oh…suruh saya sebut nama keluarga dari bapa sampailah yang adik bungsu pun ada” (hehe). It came to my mind, if the officers are not convince, why not get an officer to conduct the investigation in Dusun (the friend – age 20 years old - speaks Dusun very fluently). Just imagine kalau ada procedure macam tu (testing your native language), ada mengkali orang Dusun yang terpaksa nyanyi lagu "Kiiiiiiiristinaaa..." *LOL* (palis-palis). His final report could only be collected on Monday (6 Oct). I told him to pray hard to avoid his MyKad from turning striking red! :) (Sempat lagi kasi takut-takut tu sambil kasi tau kes tu aunty yang di atas)

Another thing that puzzle me about our lost MyKad, it should be somewhere out there (especially yang tercicir as in my friend’s case). Somebody, somewhere must have found it. Perhaps it’s time to educate our people to be a responsible citizen, you know like teach them to hand over the card to the nearby police station or to NRD. The NRD should have put down a small print on the card saying “sekiranya anda bukan pemilik kad ini, sila kembalikan kad ini ke pejabat JPN yang berdekatan, ganjaran RM100 ringgit akan diberi”. Maybe it’s not a bad idea if I write somewhere on my card “sila dail 013- (my hp no) sekiranya terjumpa kad ini, ganjaran RM100 menanti anda”

And how does it feel to finally have a MyKad? Just ask this man..

Akhir kata jagalah MyKad anda seperti anda menjaga nyawa anda sendiri (alamak terlebih sudah!)

8 Oct 2008

KE Party : Artis berdebar-debar

Jangan suspen bukan debaran takut, tapi debaran excited...:)

Stacy - Tentang jodoh

6 Oct 2008

Berita-berita terlepas...

Lama sudah tidak ke ladang...masih pandai kah memegang cangkul?:)

Siapa-siapa yang berbakat tu, tunjukkanlah kehebatan anda, mana tahu ada rezeki. Yang tidak berbakat pula, tidak salah kalau mencuba...well just to prove that you're really not talented...hehe. As for me I reserve my song until KK becomes a metropolitan..:)

Ladies rule huh.

It's not too much to say those performers mentioned above are real artistes. They've been around for years and still continue doing it. They do it not for fame or glamour but for the sake of love doing it. So those youngsters who join reality shows should've done the same just to prove that they really like singing or music (as they claimed). Sebab kalau ditanya "kenapa join blabla?" tiada lain jawapan "err..sebab minat menyanyi". Kalau saya, saya akan jawap "sebab saya mau famous, popular dan glamour!" (hehe)