10 Oct 2008

Our precious MyKad

This report is on the front page of our local newspapers today. It’s all about one poor aunty who was at the center of controversy the past two weeks. She lost her MyKad (blue) and upon getting a new one the color changed to striking red! (Probably NRD ran out of blue paper or blue ink…hehe). After much involvement by some politicians (sampai adalah satu parti politik tu yang mengugut keluar dari BN) she finally gains her citizenship back all in three minutes according to her. :)

From blue to red and back to blue

Oops terdedah tarikh lahir ko aunty!
(who cares! Yang penting gambar 10 tahun lebih

Talking about our MyKad, I’ve to admit that I’ve been taking it for granted (mentang-mentanglah my ancestors know no other land except Sabah…native tahap gabanlah kata kan). But the whole scenario lately had really changed my perception on my MyKad. I feel like wrapping it nicely with a golden wrap paper and place it preciously in a golden box. Where I get such a silly idea, you ask. It’s from the illegal immigrants I encountered in Sepangar Bay few years back! Yupp they wrap it up nicely and keep it in a golden box (masa tu masih lagi I.C cap bunga raya). Can you imagine how precious the document is to them!

Last week (3 Oct, while still busy makan kuih makmur), a friend called begging me to accompany him to make a report on his lost MyKad at the police station (he lost it on the 31 August). Since his family or relatives was no where near it looks like I am the tunjak harapan. Having got some information from my relative who had lost her IC before (in 2000), I told my friend that it was indeed a piece of cake to make a report and he should be able to do it alone. But then he replied “aku risau bah kalau tu polis suspek aku ni orang om..habis kamurang juga cakap rupa saya ni iras-iras om kan, lagipun kau ada kenal polis di sana”. Macam mau tersembur kuih makmur dari mulut saya. He is a Dusun with dark complexion and we often tease him for resembling om. The next thing I knew I was in Donggongon police station (unfortunately some policemen I know were either transferred elsewhere or on leave). It wasn’t a piece of cake after all. Before filling in a form, he was interviewed by the first officer for almost an hour. Next he was directed to go to the ‘Cawangan Khas’ to see a detective. Another long investigation follow suit. After the session I asked him “apalah durang tanya kau?” He replied “Macam-macam oh…suruh saya sebut nama keluarga dari bapa sampailah yang adik bungsu pun ada” (hehe). It came to my mind, if the officers are not convince, why not get an officer to conduct the investigation in Dusun (the friend – age 20 years old - speaks Dusun very fluently). Just imagine kalau ada procedure macam tu (testing your native language), ada mengkali orang Dusun yang terpaksa nyanyi lagu "Kiiiiiiiristinaaa..." *LOL* (palis-palis). His final report could only be collected on Monday (6 Oct). I told him to pray hard to avoid his MyKad from turning striking red! :) (Sempat lagi kasi takut-takut tu sambil kasi tau kes tu aunty yang di atas)

Another thing that puzzle me about our lost MyKad, it should be somewhere out there (especially yang tercicir as in my friend’s case). Somebody, somewhere must have found it. Perhaps it’s time to educate our people to be a responsible citizen, you know like teach them to hand over the card to the nearby police station or to NRD. The NRD should have put down a small print on the card saying “sekiranya anda bukan pemilik kad ini, sila kembalikan kad ini ke pejabat JPN yang berdekatan, ganjaran RM100 ringgit akan diberi”. Maybe it’s not a bad idea if I write somewhere on my card “sila dail 013- (my hp no) sekiranya terjumpa kad ini, ganjaran RM100 menanti anda”

And how does it feel to finally have a MyKad? Just ask this man..

Akhir kata jagalah MyKad anda seperti anda menjaga nyawa anda sendiri (alamak terlebih sudah!)