25 Feb 2010

CD Movie - Mayan Talun

Another local CD Movie entitled Mayan Talun is on sale now.

American Idol Season 9

Let's take a look at Season 9 Top 24 show


It's not difficult to split the good and bad performers among the male contestants. On top of the list should be Casey, Andrew and the 16-year-old Aaron. The rest, mmm...let me see, from best to worst...Joe Munoz (voice trembling on some parts), Michael Lynche ''Big Mike'' (vocal tone just ok and mostly singing in tune), John Park (I know it's kinda boring but he nails most of the tune), Lee Dewyze (great vocal tone but noted like 5, 6 off pitch tune), Todrick Hall (over creative?), Alex Lambert (not a bad vocal tone but too robotic, too nervous...I thought he's going to pee on his pants), Tim Urban (his Jonas Brothers look probably will save him from being voted out), Tyler Grady (apart of his retro fashion and attitude I don't see anything special), Jermaine Sellers (despite placing him last I really hope he'll proceed because he's the only belter who can reach high notes among the males)


Having seen their performances, here's my personal ranking..

1. Didi Benami – The Way I Am (Ingrid Michaelson)...awesome! Surprisingly she received not so good comments from the four judges (maybe they expected more from her). Her delivery last night reminds me of Megan Joy (last season's Top 12). Is she going to be like Megan as well (shining only in the beginning of the show and moving downhill as the show progresses). How I wish Didi sings Zee Avi's Bitter Heart in one of her performances.

2. Lilly Scott – Fixing a Hole (The Beatles): A former busker, I thought of tying her up with Didi at No.1 but I detected some minor off pitch at the beginning of her performance

3. Siobhan Magnus – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak): Maybe Simon is correct when speculating this girl as the darkhorse in the competition (funny though she doesn't understand what 'darkhorse' means...haha). You'll never know what a glass blower can do..hehe (she used to work in glass making factory). So kalau kamu mau kasih panjang nafas kamu (having a good pipe orang putih bilang)...rajin-rajinlah meniup...tiup belon kah (serious...this is indeed one good tip)

4. Paige Miles –All Right Now (Free)...I guess the best among the three ebonies.

5. Michelle Delamor – Fallin (Alicia Keys)..the judges maybe right, this song is too small for her, the important thing is she did it in tune.

6. Crystal Bowersox – Hand in My Pocket (Alanis Morissette). Unlike Lilly Scott, no mention if Crystal once a busker too although she really looks like one (the glamorised version). I'm not sure about this contestant. Suara biasa-biasa ja but the guitar and harmonica make her look special, I mean what if the guitar and harmonica are taken away from her? Are we expecting her to perform with those instruments every week?

7. Katelyn Epperly – Oh! Darling (The Beatles)...Pink like voice, it's just that the key is a little too low, I prefer if it's raised a little but probably she's playing safe.

8. Katie Stevens – Feeling Good (Michael Bublé)...normally they place the most outstanding at the end of the show (save the best for last) but not in this case, a disappointed final contestant but she sings in tune (don't you think she has Siti Nurhaliza's smile?)

9. Ashley Rodriguez – Happy (Leona Lewis)..this girl was the early favourite to most and given frequent airtime on TV but I guess with her performance last night she had disappointed many viewers, including myself. Tapi tetap minat coz she looks like the hot Eva Longoria :=).

10. Haley Vaughn – I Wanna Hold Your Hand (The Beatles)...is she influenced by Dolly Parton singing style? To some eyes (including Simon) she's special and unique cos she's a young black girl who prefers white-dominant country song. Other than that..naaah!

11. Janelle Wheeler – What About Love (Heart)...she sounds like a real amature on the chorus parts.

12. Lacey Brown – Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)...if I were to be shown for the first time to million viewers in an important contest like American Idol, I will choose a song that really shows my vocal range (from low to high), but this girl is doing the opposite, she sang a 'sleepy' song as if she's already in 7th or 8th week of the competition? :(

Dayang To Launch Album

Another artiste to launch her album soon.

And let's take some history lesson.

Looks like the TV3 singing contest she won was actually in 1998 and not in 1996 as I've said before *LOL*...sorry not very good in history.

Credit: New Sabah Times

23 Feb 2010

Back To The Music Scene

I posted an entry about Nadia's plan for a comeback weeks ago, this is probably the official announcement of her return to the music scene....

Just hit her Fan Page link, to get in touch with her Fan Page link .

Most Popular Murut Song

The song Erika composed by Sazali Sipin and performed by Janting Sajin was proclaimed as the most popular Murut song in the Pertandingan Akhir Lagu-Lagu Popular Murut organised by RTM Sabah VFM on the 20 Feb at Keningau Community Hall.

Let's take a listen to the winning song.

Erika - Janting Sajin

Wajib Siar!

Alkisahnya kan adalah beberapa artis yang mengeluh lagu-lagu baru durang tidak disiarkan langsung di beberapa stesen radio tempatan. Tidak pasti pula berapa banyak stesen radio yang terlibat tapi yang sering disebut-sebut ialah Hot.FM dan Era.FM. Jadi mau tidak mau terpaksalah kerajaan 1Malaysia campur tangan. Tindakan ini ala-ala skim wajib tayang filem tempatan di panggung lah ni...

Stesen Radio Diwajib Putar Lagu Baru Artis Tempatan - Rais

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Feb (Bernama) -- Mulai 1 Mac ini, semua stesen radio diwajibkan memutarkan lagu-lagu daripada album atau "single" terbaru artis tempatan untuk tempoh tertentu, kata Menteri Penerangan Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

Beliau berkata langkah itu juga akan menjadi antara syarat pemberian lesen stesen radio dan beliau percaya pemegang lesen stesen radio tidak akan keberatan untuk mematuhi arahan itu.

Arahan itu akan dikuatkuasakan mengikut Seksyen 33 Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia (AKMM) 1998 supaya stesen radio mempromosikan lagu-lagu tempatan memandangkan usaha itu didapati masih kurang diutamakan, katanya.

Beliau ditemui pemberita selepas menyampaikan sijil akreditasi kepada artis tempatan dalam bidang seni persembahan di Studio Sound Stage di Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (Finas), Jalan Hulu Kelang, dekat sini Isnin.

Seksyen 33 Akta berkenaan memperuntukkan bahawa Menteri boleh pada bila-bila masa, melalui perisytiharan mengikut Seksyen 13 akta yang sama, antara lain, mengubahsuaikan atau mengubah syarat-syarat khas atau tambahan sesuatu lesen individu sedia ada dan mengenakan syarat-syarat khas atau tambahan lanjut kepada sesuatu lesen individu yang sedia ada.


Harap-harap tiadalah stesen radio yang kena heret ke mahkamah lepas ni gara-gara melanggar akta...

22 Feb 2010

Songs Highlights

Let's listen to some new songs...

firstly a brand new song by Rubisa called Jangan Bilang Siapa Siapa

Next is Marsha with her Yang Terbaik, actually I have featured this song months back but due to overwhelming request (hehe), I'm featuring it again.


To find out current updates on KENTE 2 just hit the link below


Pelajaran Tetap Diutamakan

Joanna Sue Henley Rampas tetap mengutamakan pelajaran walaupun mempunyai pakej yang kuat sebagai bintang, demikian menurut artikel di bawah,

Tu dia, "Kuliah Didahulukan, Pelajaran Diutamakan" :=).

Top 10 - Week 7

Nampaknya bukan saja lagu-lagu yang baru dimuatnaik di blog ini mendapat perhatian tapi lagu-lagu yang sudah lama dimuatnaik pun turuk di klik, ni mesti kerja pengunjung-pengunjung baru kali kan :=)

Kedudukan 1-10 di sidebar sebelah kiri dan kedudukan selebihnya 11-20..

11. Migiit Hangon Toh - Boni & Esther
12. Tusin - Omar Gurisan
13. Isteri Ku Kahwin Lagi - Evaristus Gungkit
14. Bilang Hanya Satu - Wiwie
15. Tusak-Tusak Piginawaan - Ivye
16. Ika Noh Songulun - Danny & Georgia
17. Koupusan Ku - Joanna Sue Henley Rampas
18. Ada Hiivai Dandii Toh - Da'Prinz
19. Seloka Remaja Kota - Albab
20. Kasih - Rey

19 Feb 2010

Lydia, Heroine "Kundasang Rock"

Let's get acquainted with this pretty lady who will also star in the telemovie "Kundasang Rock" alongside Felix :=).

Credit: Sabah Times

Untuk hiburan, mari nikmati lagu ini. An interesting Dusun Tatana song using mostly traditional musical instruments as its accompaniment, awesome.

Benedict Oliver Lidadun - Maya Oku Di Maman

17 Feb 2010

Felix To Star In "Kundasang Rock"

A telemovie entitled "Kundasang Rock" is in the making (probably for TV slot). It will feature AF3 star, Felix Agus and some other well-known Sabahan artistes. The telemovie will be directed by Gunasegaran, the same director who gives us "Di Bawah Ketiak Isteri" and "Perempuan Perempuan Perkasa" both are being screened on Astro Ria.

Details including the synopsis of "Kundasang Rock" is in the article below. ;=)

Songs Highlight

More songs highlight...

Country songs

These two songs, although performed in different language, have one thing in common. They're both written with a country feels.

Muli Oku Bye Bye - Dunstan Peter

DendoDendo - Danil Bansatan

Another rock song

Bujang Terlajak - Kamis

If the title is changed to "Rupanya Pondan" I think it will attract more listeners..hehe

Top 10 - Week 6

Wow...what a long break. Some may still in a lazy mood or maybe having extended holidays till next week. How nice!

Let's take a look at our chart for the 6th week.

The Top 10 for Week 6 is as shown on the left side bar. Despite its popularity, looks like Tanak Kampung is on top of the chart for the first time. :=)

The rest of the list is as follows

11. Ika Noh Songulun - Danny & Georgia
12. Tusin - Omar Gurisan
13. Migiit Hangon Toh - Boni & Esther
14. Tinggallah - Ateng
15. Ada Hiivai Dandi Toh - Da'Prinz
16. Aku - Da'Prinz
17. Seloka Remaja Kota - Albab
18. Episode 22 - Andalusia
19, Feels Good - Decipher
20. Poor Mary - Mia

14 Feb 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing all our Chinese friends 'Gong Xi Fa Cai'...

And to those who observe Valentine's Day, well what more can I say but to romantically wish you...

"Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Si Valentine" :=)

13 Feb 2010

The New Version of "We Are The World"

The world famous charity song "We Are The World", written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and was recently revamped. The new version was premiered in the US yesterday and subsequently to the world today (Saturday). But instead of "USA For Africa" the tagline this time is "USA For Haiti".

How does it differ from the old version?

Woww...Michael Jackson still appears and the choir is always the hair-raising part. It's fun watching Lionel Ritchie guides Celine Dion at minute 3:53 :=). I guess the new features include some rappings and a T-Pain (robotic) kinda voice. But I'm a little bit annoyed by the Haitian singer (what was his name?)...errr..that turkey like sounds he made, is too much for my ear...hehe.

11 Feb 2010

'Bilang Hanya Satu' by Wiwie

Wiwie's brand new single, Bilang Hanya Satu composed by Man Pare and lyrics by Sulu Sarawak

Wiwie Tabah Walau Ditipu

MELIHAT kepada perwatakan ceria yang ada pada Rosdianah Daunah, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Wiwie Daunah, tiada siapa pun yang menyangka bahawa dia pernah mengalami peristiwa hitam suatu ketika dahulu.

"Pengurus lama saya sendiri tipu saya. Masa buat lagu, dia minta macam-macam bayaran, tapi duit tu tak pernah sampai ke tangan komposer atau pihak yang sepatutnya menerima bayaran tu. Show pun sama juga, dia janji macam-macam. Dia banyak putar-belit cerita. Tapi nasib baik ada Abang Mus May, dia dengar cerita saya dan tolong saya siapkan single saya. Dialah yang selamatkan saya. Saya berterimakasih kepadanya," jelas penyanyi kelahiran Sandakan ini yang ditemui di Tanjung Aru haru-baru ini.

Walaupun sudah agak lama berkecimpung di dalam bidang nyanyian membuat persembahan dengan kugiran di Sarawak dan juga Sabah, dan akhirnya berjaya menambat hati Lembaga Kebudayaan Negeri Sabah untuk menjadi artis residen — namun, penyanyi berusia 28 tahun ini mengakui bahawa ketika kejadian itu berlaku, dia masih naif mengenai selok-belok dunia seni komersil yang sebenar. "Saya sebelum ni pernah menyanyi bersama live band di kelab-kelab di Sarawak dan di Sabah. Dan dari sana, pihak kebudayaan nampak bakat yang saya ada dan menawarkan saya untuk menjadi penyanyi bersama mereka. "Tapi mungkin masa saya ditipu tu, saya masih lagi fresh dalam industri muzik mainstream, dan pengetahuan saya mengenai pembikinan lagu pun terbatas. Jadi, ada pihak yang mengambil kesempatan," kata Wiwie.
Namun, berbekalkan semangat cekal dan minat mendalam terhadap muzik, Wiwie tidak goyah untuk meneruskan perjalanan seninya.

"Memang saya rasa sedih dan kecewa, tapi ia juga adalah pengalaman yang baik dan saya banyak belajar dari pengalaman itu. Saya minat menyanyi dan saya tidak akan biarkan pengalaman ditipu itu menghalang saya daripada meneruskan perjuangan saya." Wiwie turut mengakui bahawa situasi itu sedikit banyak mempengaruhi keputusannya untuk bertapak semula di Sabah. Jelasnya: "Keadaan di sana (Kuala Lumpur) lain sikit daripada sini. Di sini, saya rasa lebih relax. Lagipun, memang betullah kata pepatah `hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri'. Syukurlah, Wiwie masih boleh dapat offer buat show di sini. Saya tidak demand kalau pasal show, yang penting saya dibayar dan tidak ditipu," katanya sambil tergelak kecil apabila ditanya mengenai tawaran membuat persembahan di sini.

Setakat ini, penyanyi yang membesar di Putatan ini telah merakam empat buah lagu, Memori Abadi, Aidilfitri Nan Ceria, Bilang Hanya Satu dan Berakhir Janji. Single pertamanya, Memori Abadi juga berjaya meraih kedudukan teratas di dalam Carta Hitz Sabahfm pada minggu ini. Walaupun hanya empat minggu berada di carta, namun, sokongan kukuh daripada pendengar dan peminat mampu untuk menjulang lagu ini. Dia yang kini sedang sibuk mengumpul bahan untuk pembikinan mini albumnya, turut menyimpan hasrat terpendam untuk berkolaborasi dengan artis tempatan.

"Saya minat dengan Ziana Zain, sebab memang dari dulu saya melihat dia sebagai idola saya. Tapi, kalau diberi peluang, saya ingin bekerjasama dengan artis tempatan (Sabah) lain, antaranya Atama. Saya rasa sentuhan rapinya dapat menghasilkan sesuatu yang berlainan di dalam lagu nyanyian saya," katanya. Kepada satu soalan, Wiwie menjawab: "Saya memang berniat untuk membuat promosi dan pelancaran album di Kota Kinabalu. Alhamdulillah, peminat pun sudah semakin banyak di Sabah dan insya-Allah, saya akan menunaikan niat saya itu nanti. Untuk mengenali lebih dekat penyanyi muda ini, anda bolehlah melayari laman Facebooknya di www.facebook.com/wiwiedaunah.

Di akhir temubual itu pada petang itu, Wiwie sempat menyatakan penghargaannya kepada mereka yang menyokongnya selama ini: "Saya berterimakasih kepada semua pihak yang telah banyak memberi dorongan untuk meneruskan impian saya ini, terutama keluarga, rakan dan peminat. Tidak lupa juga kepada pihak media dan semua stesen radio yang sudi memutarkan lagu saya."


Ricardo Unto (Hiburan harian Ekpress)
Wiwi Daunah (MySpace)

10 Feb 2010

'Kampung Ku" by Pinky

The accident that killed three doctors in Tg. Aru early Saturday is still being talked about. Yesterday's report questioned 'Poor lighting had a role?'. Not too sure the situation at that particular time, but I found nothing unusual on the lighting the day before the accident while sending a friend to Terminal 2 at around 5 am.

Another abduction incident happended in Sabah water (Semporna) on Monday. It reminds me of some warning issued by US intelligent recently asking its citizen not to get near the area. However some high ranking Malaysian considered the warning as bull**** "we know our place better" the high ranking Malaysian said. That "better" means, giving out statement the abduction on Monday is a normal internal criminal affair and took place over pay dispute. Coverline or what? Hello wake up! Abu Sayaff is coming to town...again!

On to our song, this is another new name, Pinky (adik Lotter??) with a song called Kampung Ku.

Vocal wise not bad huh. Macam tidak sabar-sabar dia mau nyanyi part bernada tinggi tu. With her sharp controllable wail it could be our answer to Chaka Khan :-). But how nice if she’s able to show off her vocal prowess like that in a song something like “Gemilang” or some soulful emotional song about being hurt by her boyfriend probably with a line, "ku tak kecewa...taaaaaaaaak kecewa!".Screaming your lungs out in a simple song about your kampung, is to me like dressing up to wrong occasions. Macam ndak kena bah, balik-balik pula tu teriak "kampung kuuu" :=) (just my 5 sen worth opinion)

Great amazing voice...errrm...in a wrong song...but at least she gives us a sneak peak of what she has to offer with a warning, "watch out you people..here i come! Itu baru lagu pasal kampung tu belum yang real punya lagi"..hehe.

8 Feb 2010

Pengacara Diperlukan

Ingin menjadi Ryan Seacrest atau Aznil Nawawi?

KENTE 2 kini memberi peluang kepada orang ramai yang berminat mencungkil bakat mereka sebagai pengacara, untuk menjadi salah seorang MC/pengacara bagi KENTE 2. Mereka yang berminat bolehlah menghubungi Ayuki melalui Facebook ataupun menghubungi nombor 016-8810067. Anda juga boleh menghantar email ke kadusmusic@gmail.com.

Anda mestilah...

1. Mempunyai 'communication skill' yang baik.
2. Tidak malu berdepan dengan orang ramai.
3. Seorang yang ceria dan tidak cepat melatah di hadapan para penonton.
4. Boleh bertutur secara spontan.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi!

Laman sesawang KENTE juga kini boleh dilayari di http://kente.kadusmusic.com

Carta 3-10

Ya kembali lagi dalam carta mingguan dBOS-fm. Nampak gaya turun naik, turun naik macam lift kedudukan lagu-lagu di sini. Minggu ini si bapa telah memotong anak-anaknya, bukan potong kasi mati tapi overtake kedudukan lagu anaknya. Ya begitulah keadaannya dengan gundohing Petrus Edwin bapa durang si Lotter yang melumpat lagunya Resort Burung Garuda ke tangga pertama, sekaligus overtake lagu anak-anaknya Hiti Noh Pintongkiadan...syabas! Tidak kurang melumpat dengan cantiknya ialah madam Piton Gunsaga! Baru dicalonkan minggu ini terus melumpat ke tangga ke-empat! Ajaib sungguh ajaib...macam saya tau-tau saja siapa yang dengar balik-balik tu lagu...wakakaka! Lagu-lagu humor yang lainnya yang baru ditampilkan minggu lalu juga berada di Top 10 (kecuali lagu Tusin - Omar Gurisan). Sila lihat senarai penuh Top 10 di sidebar kiri.

...dan kedudukan selebihnya dari tangga 11-20

11. Gagap - Stacy
12. Lester - It's Been Said
13. Biru - Mia
14. Aku - Da'Prinz
15. Sayang Gila - Boyce Sabhi
16. Ratu Penipu - Rubisa
17. Feels Good - Decipher
18. Kau Saja Mili Ku - T-Street
19. Berubah - Joji
20. Episode 22 - Andalusia

Carta Lagu Murut 20 Feb

Pertandingan Carta Lagu Murut Sabah VFM bakal berlangsung pada 20 Feb di Keningau. Wah bergegar lah Keningau ni.

Err...by the way looks like the CNY Charity Concert at KDCA last night was a no show. Cancel? Postpone? No idea.

Boyce Sabhi: Ingin Rakam Album Penuh

Sekitar pelancaran album Boyce Sabhi pada 31 Januari lalu.

Anak YB Sukau pula :=).

5 Feb 2010

Best Humor Songs

Let's take a listen to some songs pre-nominated under the category 'Best Humor Song'.

Cakap Mak Bapa Kira Belakang-Piton Gunsaga

This is actually more like a song of advice, but with lyrics that goes something like this... Dulu belum kahwin dibelai manja-manja, sekarang sudah kawin bilang bau ubat gusuk...Dulu belum kawin bau kentut mulut diam-diam...bila sudah kawin "sial kau kurang ajar"LOL...then I consider it's humor.

Bintanok - Bintanok Group

A song all about traditional delicacies vs modern food (fastfood)

Penganuan - Abu Bakar Ella

A song all about the importance of money. Looks like we need money to do just about everything...errgh!

Tusin - Omar Gurisan

Another song about money (tusin = money)

2 Feb 2010

Movie CD - Watu Minoru Rabang Pibabasan

I'm just terpesona with the front cover of this movie CD.

For details just click here.

Songs Highlight 2.

So the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards concluded yesterday. It's always been Beyonce vs Taylor Swift and Beyonce won with a score, 6 - 4. Out of all the live performances yesterday my choice goes to Pink! *gulp*

Breathtaking! I'm extremely amazed when she's up there swirling around, not a slight glitch heard on her voice (pre-recorded or what?). But gosh, why does it have to be so perfect when it comes to Grammy show!

OK let's get back to our very own music award pre-nomination *grin*

Here's our pre-nomination for Best English Song, Best Male Vocal Performance and Song of The Year awards *smile*.

Lester - It's Been Said

A very good song indeed. My only issue is the duration. It's like 5:40 minutes!

Next is a song pre-nominated for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Group and Song of The Year.

T-Street - Kau Saja Milikku

This is a non-mix and non-mastered version.

T-Street has another nomination in Show Us (Some Love) (Playlist 2)

Moving on, here's another song pre-nominated for Best English Song, Best Rap Song and Song of The Year.

Decipher - Feels Good

The string melody sounds so nostalgic, I like!

1 Feb 2010

CNY Charity Show

A Chinese New Year Carnival will be held at KDCA Penampang on 7th Feb. The venue for this carnival had been very well decorated including with some sort of long yellow dragons along the fence, how's that? There will be a charity show at night featuring Stacy, Adam, Chaq, The BAD Boyz and Clarice.

Juara MyStarz LG3

For the record I haven't seen the show yet. I didn't manage to catch it live last night due to attending some events (hope to catch it online or the repeats if any). I just got info from friends and today some reports confirm it. My response is...Yess! After the departure of both contestants from Sabah I’ve been paying my attention to this lady (Tom aka Raja Farah Afzal Raja Ikram) and judging by her performances the past weeks how I really wish she would win. I like how she focuses her singing just to control her pitch; very cautious, as cautious as a driver controlling a steering wheel. I’m not saying she’s perfect, but most of the times she hits it right. Nevertheless she’s the most experienced among the contestants, isn’t she? A regular in OIAM auditions and even managed to spit on some curse, to the OIAM’s judges last season *LOL*. But I guess she made headlines last year for winning some gold medals at the WCOPA in LA, along with Siti Sarah and Bob. Well congrats to her; let’s see if she shines better than any other winners.