25 Feb 2010

CD Movie - Mayan Talun

Another local CD Movie entitled Mayan Talun is on sale now.

American Idol Season 9

Let's take a look at Season 9 Top 24 show


It's not difficult to split the good and bad performers among the male contestants. On top of the list should be Casey, Andrew and the 16-year-old Aaron. The rest, mmm...let me see, from best to worst...Joe Munoz (voice trembling on some parts), Michael Lynche ''Big Mike'' (vocal tone just ok and mostly singing in tune), John Park (I know it's kinda boring but he nails most of the tune), Lee Dewyze (great vocal tone but noted like 5, 6 off pitch tune), Todrick Hall (over creative?), Alex Lambert (not a bad vocal tone but too robotic, too nervous...I thought he's going to pee on his pants), Tim Urban (his Jonas Brothers look probably will save him from being voted out), Tyler Grady (apart of his retro fashion and attitude I don't see anything special), Jermaine Sellers (despite placing him last I really hope he'll proceed because he's the only belter who can reach high notes among the males)


Having seen their performances, here's my personal ranking..

1. Didi Benami – The Way I Am (Ingrid Michaelson)...awesome! Surprisingly she received not so good comments from the four judges (maybe they expected more from her). Her delivery last night reminds me of Megan Joy (last season's Top 12). Is she going to be like Megan as well (shining only in the beginning of the show and moving downhill as the show progresses). How I wish Didi sings Zee Avi's Bitter Heart in one of her performances.

2. Lilly Scott – Fixing a Hole (The Beatles): A former busker, I thought of tying her up with Didi at No.1 but I detected some minor off pitch at the beginning of her performance

3. Siobhan Magnus – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak): Maybe Simon is correct when speculating this girl as the darkhorse in the competition (funny though she doesn't understand what 'darkhorse' means...haha). You'll never know what a glass blower can do..hehe (she used to work in glass making factory). So kalau kamu mau kasih panjang nafas kamu (having a good pipe orang putih bilang)...rajin-rajinlah meniup...tiup belon kah (serious...this is indeed one good tip)

4. Paige Miles –All Right Now (Free)...I guess the best among the three ebonies.

5. Michelle Delamor – Fallin (Alicia Keys)..the judges maybe right, this song is too small for her, the important thing is she did it in tune.

6. Crystal Bowersox – Hand in My Pocket (Alanis Morissette). Unlike Lilly Scott, no mention if Crystal once a busker too although she really looks like one (the glamorised version). I'm not sure about this contestant. Suara biasa-biasa ja but the guitar and harmonica make her look special, I mean what if the guitar and harmonica are taken away from her? Are we expecting her to perform with those instruments every week?

7. Katelyn Epperly – Oh! Darling (The Beatles)...Pink like voice, it's just that the key is a little too low, I prefer if it's raised a little but probably she's playing safe.

8. Katie Stevens – Feeling Good (Michael Bublé)...normally they place the most outstanding at the end of the show (save the best for last) but not in this case, a disappointed final contestant but she sings in tune (don't you think she has Siti Nurhaliza's smile?)

9. Ashley Rodriguez – Happy (Leona Lewis)..this girl was the early favourite to most and given frequent airtime on TV but I guess with her performance last night she had disappointed many viewers, including myself. Tapi tetap minat coz she looks like the hot Eva Longoria :=).

10. Haley Vaughn – I Wanna Hold Your Hand (The Beatles)...is she influenced by Dolly Parton singing style? To some eyes (including Simon) she's special and unique cos she's a young black girl who prefers white-dominant country song. Other than that..naaah!

11. Janelle Wheeler – What About Love (Heart)...she sounds like a real amature on the chorus parts.

12. Lacey Brown – Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)...if I were to be shown for the first time to million viewers in an important contest like American Idol, I will choose a song that really shows my vocal range (from low to high), but this girl is doing the opposite, she sang a 'sleepy' song as if she's already in 7th or 8th week of the competition? :(


Anonymous said...

Ashley mcm muka c eva mendez ,tp Eva L pn ok jugak...ya, bru prasan c Katie tu mcm ada iras Datuk Ct , esp senyuman dia...my fav tis season Andrew G, Didi Benami n Casey...

dBOS-fm said...

Eva M and Eva L..durang2 laitu..set2 latina kan. Tapi Eva M ni kadang2keliru juga sya dia ni dgn Cindy Crawford..iras2 tu muka.

Lebih kurang juga fav kita..tapi sya keep my fingers cross juga for Aaron Kelly..Carrie Underwood versi laki2 durang bilang..so tdk heran kalau pengundi2 Carrie dulu beralih sama dia ni.