14 May 2010

Irama Malaysia Song Contest

Good news to the aspiring song writers out there.

But then, as I posed a question before, what is actually Irama Malaysia? I know the organizer is expecting songs like this...

Since this contest is being held in Sabah, I wonder if the organizer will accept a song like this...

It would be a stupid idea to call it Irama Malaysia if they don't even consider it, might as well call it Irama Melayu or Irama Pak Ngah! Hehe..

Another ambassador-ing job for Stacy

This time with Clinelle beauty products. Err..not so sure where is Clinelle from but according to its website the products are formulated and made in United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom and France. Kira international lah ni kan!

You need to have a natural flawless and glowing skin to be considered as ambassador for international brand beauty products, remarkably Stacy fits it (I don't see her extra 'vampire' tooth in the picture...dia cabut kah atau kena photoshop?)

A person who works with a talent scouting agency (agent yang cari model-model untuk iklan), once told me they look at two physical quality in a person...a smooth or superb skin complexion (tiada jeragat, tiada jerawat etc) and a perfect set of teeth "but having a healthy hair is a bonus", she said. The good thing is they don't really care if you're dark, short, fat, small eye, big eye, big nose, small nose etc...so long that you meet those two conditions you're in! The conditions apply to both male and female. Dengar cerita kalau ko pi ujibakat kena suruh strip to your underwear, undergarments..haha :=)