4 Jul 2009

Sakril Sidik - Kitimbok Tigur Bulawan

The first time I heard this song on radio, I thought it was a lady singer and asked a friend who she was. Only much later we learn the singer is a boy, again I presume he's probably 13 or 14 years of age.

And here's the singer himself

It's reported by our friend blogger that Mr. Sidik who's been suffering from thalasemia had passed away. A condolence to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

This is indeed another bad news I received just this week, concerning the passing of some people I know (nope I'm not talking about MJ but some other relatives). Sini sana pula orang meninggal dunia ni kan. Tapi kita yang masih hidup ni, walaupun bersedih, kena juga meneruskan kehidupan...**terus menyanyi lagu The Beatles "O Bla Di O Bla Da..life goes on..lalala...the life goes on!"...versi slow motion**