26 Jul 2009

Yasmin Ahmad...1958 - 2009

She couldn't make it *sigh*

One interesting fact though about her is the statement below that I highlight in yellow (taken from mStar online)



1975 Naib Johan, Bintang RTM

2003 Filem ASEAN Terbaik (Rabun), Anugerah Video
Malaysia ke-8, Kuala Lumpur

2004 Filem Reka Bentuk Terbaik ASEAN
(Sepet), Anugerah Video Malaysia ke-9

2005 Filem Terbaik (Sepet),
Festival Filem Wanita Antarabangsa Creteil, Perancis

2005 Cerita Asal
Terbaik (Sepet), Festival Filem Malaysia ke-18 (FFM18)


You would be stunned to find out that the person referred to as the "naib johan Bintang RTM 75" was indeed a male named Zulkifli Ahmad. He recorded a duet song entitled "Tunggulah" with Rubiah Lubis back then (unfortunately I couldn't find the song around). I used to argue about this fact with some elder members in my family (they just couldn't, or shall I say refused to believe it besides it was reported back in the 80's that Zulkifli Ahmad had died of AIDS). Ironically the media (in this case mStar online) revealed the fact, which indirectly authenticating the rumors (that these two personalities are indeed the same person). Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan tenang di sana....takziah kepada keluarga beliau dan takziah juga kepada industri perfileman dan pengiklanan negara (who can ever forget the iklan "suratkhabar lama!, suratkhabar lama!)