20 Jul 2009

Shout Awards: Deserve to be shouted

I only managed to catch this show about 30 minutes before it ends and missed a lot of performances and result announcements. The atmosphere was very 'santai' resembling one of the night joins in town, only the scale is bigger. The audience appears as if they're clubbing. I like the sound system, the sound output from the stage is quite balance with those coming from the audience, something you normally experience in American TV shows. I think locally only 8TV manage to come out with a good sound when it comes to live TV show. The cheering noise of the the audience was very well distributed around the hall. Tiadalah kedengaran jeritan suara-suara macam bunyi beruk yang selalu kita dengar kalau menonton rancangan AF, Gangstarz, Mystarz, Mentor terbitan TV3 dll (bunyi yang semak dan cukup menyakitkan telinga)

Nah..tuu daddy!(macam tulah mengkali si Velvet cakap sama anak dia di rumah kan..hehe)

Tahniah to all the winners especially Stacy who won Popstars Award :)