31 Mar 2009

Jadi artis

Apa kata kita dengar sepatah dua kata dari pakar-pakar berhubung kareer menjadi artis ni :-).

I like Hattan's statements. Bagi saya kalau betul-betul minat mahu menjadi penyanyi, tidak semestinya seseorang itu harus menjadi artis rakaman dengan harapan menjadi artis popular. Boleh menyanyi di pub, kelab-kelab dsb. Malangnya setengah pihak memandang rendah artis-artis yang menyanyi di tempat-tempat sebegini,lebih-lebih lagi kalau artis tu pernah menjadi artis rakaman sebelumnya. Kena label sudah tidak lakulah dan macam-macam label lagi :(.

30 Mar 2009

Malaysian Super Soccer Star

Has anyone watched this show?:-).Tidak popular bah kan, padahal it's been on TV2 since 7 January. I watched it by accident when the 2-star hotel we stayed in only have TV1, TV2, TV3 and two Astro channels. The show was created by British entertainment giant, Galleon Entertainment plc, and the first and only reality TV show that allows Malaysian youths the chance to turn their dreams of playing in the English Premier League into reality (wow!).

It's more a less singing reality show but the focus is to find a Malaysian football star. From hundreds of hopefuls (age 13 - 16) they were filtered down to 64, 40, 20, 12 and finally 4. The episode last week showed the final four underwent a week training and test at Chelsea Football Academy in Cobham, London (untungnya)

One of the final four is Sabri bin Sahak (pic below), he often ends up his plegde for vote speech with 'aramaiti!'...so we assume he is from Sabah..hehe (cakapan dia pun memang slang Sabah)

Is Sabri gonna be the first Malaysian star to play with the EPL (with Chelsea Youth Team)? Find out this Wednesday (1 April) at 8 pm on TV2, when the show concludes.

The official website
From Chelsea News

Cawangan Kolopis

Calling Kolopis!

AF 7 - Carutan Konsert 3

Pelajar yang bakal dicampak ke dalam bas gergasi KL Hop On ialah.....

Mungkin ramai yang tidak setuju kalau saya katakan konsert AF minggu ni lagi-lagilah membosankan. Samada lagu-lagu pilihan yang membosankan, para pelajar atau the whole production itself yang membosankan. I think the sound system quality plays a major role to liven up the mood of TV viewers (just like AI or OIAM productions) but I don’t get this in AF (tak terangsang aku noks! *LOL*). I’ve no problem with lagu-lagu retro tapi pilihlah lagu-lagu yang mampu mencabar kemampuan vokal pelajar (lagu yang ada range, big notes etc). Nasib baiklah juga ada komen-komen Adlin yang menghiburkan (terhibur jugalah saya). Juri yang tahap profesor tu tidak payahlah jemput, tidak pandai bercakap (we need someone who can deliver good comments smoothly not just a word or two). Dato’ Khaty on the other hand had improved as compared to her first week.

The choral presentation of Menuju Puncal was very nice. Lebih baik disampaikan saja ala-ala choral macam tu! After all this is about singing academy and not dancing. I mean we should hear more vocal harmony of the students instead of their physical harmony in dancing.

On to the carutan

1. Yazid (Pawana) – The good thing, not much of pitch issue as before, he sang mostly on tune. Vocal wise, adalah improvement than his last two performances. Tapi pergerakan beliau nampak begitu calculative (ketara direncanakan). Selain tu ada stamina issue dan as Adlin said ‘groove tak blend dengan music’ (5/10)

2. Aril (Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu) – His soft husky (rusty) tone is interesting cos it distinguishes him from other singers (but that doesn’t mean it’s appealing). Aril macam malas mo angkat suara and hit the precise notes resulting in a couple of pitch issues. Bunyi nyanyian kurang dinamik macam setara saja. Secara kasar persembahan nampak malas, ditambah lagi dengan suara back up vocal yang ala-ala sumbang begitu menjejaskan ketenteraman lagu ini. But I kinda like the musical arrangement. (5.5/10)

3. Claudia (Lama Tak Jumpa) – Was it just my eyes or she’s been transformed into Dayang Nurfaezah. Good stage presentation but a little bit disconnected with the audience. Not much of singing problem, cuma suara kurang range dan part suara normal pada korus disampaikan secara falsetto (and it’s a weak falsetto too) (6/10)

4. Rini (Seloka Cinta Remaja) – Lagu kurang mencabar dari segi menampilkan dinamik suara penyanyi. Secara dasarnya nyanyian Rini bolehlah dikatakan baik dari segi kurangnya sumbang mambang dsb (maklumlah lagu mudah). Dari sudut phrasing masih banyak ruang boleh diperbaiki. I thought she could do more with her gestures and movement (buat lebih gedik-gedik sikit) tapi bila fikirkan dia ni bertudung, so kira oklah juga gestures dia tu. (6.5/10)

5. Qhaud (Pilihlah Aku) – He failed to hit the low notes precisely and had some phrasing issues too. He didn’t make full use of the female props. Falsetto juga tidak menjadi. Not a good performanc to me, but Qhaud has a nice male vocal tone that needs further polished. (5.5/10)

6. Akim (Anak Gembala) – Everything seemed uncontrol, samada pergerakan beliau dan juga suara (getaran suara Akim ni macam sudah kena program...hehe. Almost setiap line hampir sama, tiada variations). The good thing about his performance is he had fun and enjoyed himself. (5/10)

7. Rubisa (Angan Angan) – Macam lagu ‘Rasa Sayang’, kurang mencabar, melodi hampir sama ja dan diulang-ulang. It didn’t challange much of Rubisa ability. (6/10)

8. Zizi (Ini Rindu) – Interesting! Persembahan 2 dalam 1 (dangdut dan rap sekali). First part was very good. Masuk bahagian rap, dia lontar habis-habisan hingga terlupa mo bajet stamina, nafas dan energy. Masuk part dangdut balik...punctured! *LOL*. Gimik pengsan di akhir lagu as if telling it all. But overall it’s a good execution! (7/10)

9. Sidi (Hanya Radio) – To me Sidi has the nicest tone among the male students. Mungkin dia belum mahir menggunakan teknik yang sepatutnya untuk menjadikan nyanyian beliau strong dan solid (if only he can sing like Hafiz). He still needs to improve breath management dan nyanyian semalam juga kurang groove. (5.5/10)

10. Obri (Abang Beca) – Breathing and tempo issues, kurang volume, macam main bantai saja. So sad that he’s out sebab time dia nyanyilah saya selalu ambil kesempatan melawat toilet, pi buat nesface, cari makanan di fridge etc... *LOL*. (3.5/10...fail)

11. Aishah (Mata) – One of my fave retro songs, sebab lagu ini sound so advance during its era. Malang sekali Aishah didn’t execute it very well. Low notes were too low and high notes (chorus) just too high for her (kalau ikut lagu asal, she’s not suppose to join the chorus part, it's only for back up singers). She didn’t play enough with the male props too, not to mention she’s almost terpacak di pentas. Too much weaknesses this time. (5/10)

12. Isma (Rambu Ramba) – Good voice control tidak semput-semput macam last week. Very smooth delivery. Phrasing, pitching and everything were very well in place. (7.5/10)

13. Hafiz (Mat Travolta) – Very entertaining and very nostalgic sudahlah penampilan ala-ala Herman Tino..hehe. Before the chorus, adalah juga tersasar-sasar sikit (mungkin koreografi tarian sedikit mengganggu konsentrasi kawalan suara beliau). Masuk part korus ja, his trademark - the amplified resonance - showed up. Again the best performance that night (8/10)

Ranking: Hafiz, Isma, Zizi, Rini, Claudia, Rubisa, Aril, Qhaud, Sidi, Yazid, Aishah, Akim, Obri

28 Mar 2009

KK ditenggelami air tahun 2050

Hmm...actually malas betulbah saya mau bercakap pasal environment ni but since everyone is talking about Earth Hour, which is suppose to be tonight from 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm, so saya bagi komen-komen jugalah sikit. Isu alam sekitar kita ni begitu berkait rapat dengan isu menampung jumlah penduduk yang makin bertambah di samping manusia sendiri yang inginkan keselesaan. Kalau mo bercakap pasal isu ni, sampai bisuk-bisuk pun tidak habis dan tidak boleh lari dari hal-hal sensitif yang menyentuh soal agama, budaya, sosial dsb. In short it's a very sensitive issue to discuss (not to mention 'bikin takut'..hehe). How much actually do you care for the environmment...especially now and selepas 9:30 pm nanti? Do you use the blank side of the used paper as rough paper (bikin catit-catit note dsb)? Do you own more than one car? (in fact cars or automobile is listed as one of the major culprits in destroying the environment, what's with the non-biodegradable tyres, lubricant, fuel etc). Do you keep wastes especially plastic in your pocket, purse or in your car if you can't find dustbin around? Or you simply throw them around? Berbalik pada 'keselesaan' tadi, well we need cars to move around, house to live in, bilik berhawa dingin, electricity, jalanraya, water supply...semua lah! It means more new areas needed for housing and developing the relevant infrastructures. If you think carefully all those are not for kucing, ayam, gajah, burung etc but for manusia. Sampai pernah ada soalan ditimbulkan walaupun secara jenaka "perlukah manusia membiak demi kesejahteraan alam sekitar" *LOL* (but it's a food for thought)

Back to Earth Hour, have you ever wondered why only lights to switch off tonight? Kalau serious sangat why not shut off all electrical appliances! Hmm....pelik juga kan but on second thought it's a good start to promote environmental awareness for those who never care (although we do have Environmental Day fixed every year). Semoga apa yang anda lakukan malam ini dapat menyelamatkan KK dari tenggelam pada tahun 2050 nanti....SELAMAT BERGELAP!

Maestro ditutup

Syarikat rakaman dan pengurusan artis Maestro Talent Management Sdn. Bhd. (Maestro) telah memberhentikan operasinya semalam (sebelum ini ada desas desus mengatakan bahawa ianya akan memberhentikan operasi pada 1 April ini). 19 orang kakitangan syarikat tersebut telahpun menandatangani surat berhenti kerja. Demikian menurut lapoan KOSMO online.

Persoalannya bagaimanakah nasib artis-artis Maestro yang kebanyakannya terdiri daripada bintang-bintang AF selepas ini. Belum ada komen dari orang-orang kuat Maestro.

KE Next Top Entertainer - Pusingan 5

Baru perasan rupa-rupanya si Bobby pun ada join :-).

OIAM 3 - Top 7

Hmm...I'm not sure what is the theme this week. I thought it's got to do with 'make your own arrangement' but having heard Rizu and Aweera songs...nope it's not! Another girl (Fify) seen packing home. Assuming another girl eliminated next week, it's got to be either Amylea or Esther (as simple as that).

Straight to my ranking

1. Tomok - I hate to put him at No.1, but what to do, no other choice. He knows very well the strategy to attract or to get sweet words from the judges. And the formula is, doing the "opposite attract". I guess he's the one who kinda give the organiser idea of having the theme "opposite attract" (last week) after belting out Beyonce's song. So don't be surprised if he sings Siti's "Cinta Ku Bukan Di Atas Kertas" in fast tempo next :-).

2. Amylea - Good for her, for being allowed to sing her own composition (it's rarely happen in any singing competition). The good thing about Amylea is, she may change people's perception about AF as the ultimate platform to succeed in music industry, "look at me, I've been in AF but still not successful! I badly need OIAM to 'menuju puncak'" (or she's in OIAM just to promote her new album...I wonder why no objection from Maestro, she's still under contract isn't she?)

3. Rizu - The poor little boy with big voice. Poor, because he's been trying hard to impress the judges (no sweet words by Paul so far). But he impressed me, although there were some moments when he strained his voice in that performance.

4. Esther - As usual, good singing, but I'm just not connected with the song, just couldn't feel it. So it's not her who have problem, it's just me who have trouble with the song :-). What about turning some Malay songs into blues?

5. Aweera - As usual, merely an imitation, no originality. The cowboy hat? Luckily it wasn't Simon Cowell on the judges seat, otherwise we may hear words "you look like a brokeback mountain hero who is trying to be straight by singing a hardcore rock number!"

6. Nine - Hmm...nothing outstanding. But as usual this guy mampu mencetuskan suasana gempak which makes him so entertaining to watch.

7. Simon - He suppose to be tied with Nine at No.6, unfortunately Simon is least entertaining. Nyanyian kurang emosi. I just don't like seeing him singing while doing those little walks, macam kurang attitude dan gaya (he needs to synchronize those moves with the rythm)

Misi : "Selamatkan Bakal Ratu Modern Blues Negara Dari Tersingkir"

Kepada chatter yang cuba memburuk-burukkan Esther, maaflah di sini tiada ruang untuk memburuk-burukkan mana-mana individu. Setakat ini komen chatter berkenaan lebih bersifat memburuk-buruk bukannya sesuatu yang membina (so terpaksa didelete). Apa yang kita inginkan ialah kritikan membina (kritik-kritik juga tapi jangan lupa bagi sesuatu yang membina). Kalau setakat mau bagitau atau mengingatkan kami yang individu tertentu nampak tua, bagilah juga cadangan macam mana mau nampak muda. Kalau tiada idea, saya sarankan lebih baik diam saja (we don't need to hear that). Lagipun OIAM kan ada menyediakan saluran undi keluar, kalau tidak suka dan iri hati, senang saja just type 'No Esther'.

Bintang RTM

Adakah anda masih menonton Bintang RTM? Mungkin tahun ini ada sebab kenapa anda perlu menonton Bintang RTM :-)

Peserta-peserta Sabah





Episod pertama akan bermula 5.4.09. Butiran lanjut klik sini

27 Mar 2009

Telemovie 'Jaguhan 3C'

Kepada yang tidak tahu, Luis Chin tu is the uncle of Esther OIAM3 (the elder brother of his father :))

American Idol - Top 10 concert


This week’s theme is songs from Motown catalog. Some contestants performed great, a couple of good ones and one and two unexpectedly bad. One of those who was in the ‘unexpectedly bad’ category was Lil Rounds. It’s supposed to be her week unfortunately she didn’t deliver her song as I anticipated; probably it’s the wrong song choice.

My ranking

1. Adam Lambert (I’m speechless!Not to mention he looked like Kurt Russel),
2. Matt Giraud
3. Danny Gokey
4. Kris Allen
5. Anoop
6. Allison
7. Lil Rounds
8. Micahel Sarver
9. Scott McIntyre
10. Megan Joy

But just forget about the concert last night cause the results are in, here they are

Bottom three

Scott McIntyre, Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver

Eliminated?? Jeng..jeng..


26 Mar 2009

Sumandak laju

Awas! Ada sumandak laju dari Sabah..hehe. Ask any of those who are familiar with the athletic scene in Sabah, we rarely seen a girl run sub 12 sec over a hundred meters distance. Not only in Sabah but at national level too, at this moment, we no longer have a female sprinter who could run consistently sub 12 sec.

Unfortunately Cynthia's 11.9 sec is not recognised by MSSM (only recognise by Sabah Sports Council) probably it is a hand-time record (setau aku Stadium Likas ada pencatat masa elektronik kenapalah penganjur tidak guna sepenuhnya? Asyik rosak-rosak kah?). When the report said the second place winner was timed at 13 sec I can imagine the gap, something like 50 meters behind?. She's only 16 and should be groomed to be the next national sprint queen.

25 Mar 2009

Den dengan album baru

Tetap aktif mengeluarkan album

24 Mar 2009

Marsha dalam 'Saus Kacang'

Macam manalah kunun lakonan Marsha dalam filem keluaran Indonesia ni. Kalau ikut laporan Murai.com lakonan beliau mendapat pujian.

Sinopsis Saus Kacang dalam Bahasa Indonesia (oh Saus ni makna dia sos pula)

Dewi (Bunga Citra Lestari) – Chef de Cuisine restoran di sebuah hotel bintang 5 di Bali – sudah berulangkali sial dalam bercinta. Fredo (Ashraf Sinclair), seorang turis dari Malaysia yang sangat menyulitkan karyawan hotel. Ia moody, sering complain dan yang paling parah, ia senang sekali menghina para pegawai hotel. Tapi buat Dewi dengan slogannya "Tak ada tamu yang tak bisa dihadapi", ini adalah tantangan

Usah Dewi terlalu berlebihan hingga mereka tak sadar telah keluar rumah disaat perayaan Nyepi. Mereka pun mendapat hukuman membersihkan pura selama beberapa hari. Masa-masa menjalani hukuman itu terungkap bahwa mereka memiliki nasib yang sama dalam cinta. Hubungan mereka makin akrab dan lebih ceria menjalani hukuman.

Disaat mereka berdua siap menjalani lembaran baru, mantan calon istri Fredo, Mea (Marsha) dating menyusulnya ke Bali, menawarkan cintanya kembali. Fredo bimbang, Dewi pun berfikir akankah kegagalan cerita cintanya akan terulang kembali?

Trailer Saus Kacang

Uiina...ada juga wajah sumandak Dusun dalam filem Indon kan..hehe (kira international star sudah lah ni). Apa kalian sudah nontonin? Bagus nggak?

At the same time, I found this v/c on YouTube, Mba Marsha duet dengan Idayu lagu Tell Me. Patutpun aku termiss sebab durang menyanyi masa Mawi kawin (masa promosi majlis perkahwinan 'malampau' Mawi, 7 hari 7 malam tu aku langsung tidak buka saluran Ria..hehe). I didn't know what happened on Ria, nasib baik ada YouTube.

Best banget kolaborasi durang ni (makan hati si Amylea yang terpacak di belakang)

KE Next Top Entertainer - Pusingan 4

Macam muka si Candy pun ada :)


Harian Metro pada 22 Mac melaporkan seorang individu yang telah berjaya menipu segelintir artis dengan caranya yang licik. Malah bukan setakat artis tetapi pensyarah dan ahli perniagaan juga menjadi mengsa beliau. Antara temberang bekas pengurus artis itu, dia mempunyai kontrak pengedaran album dengan syarikat terkenal Indonesia, MD Entertainment dan hubungan baik dengan penyanyi kumpulan Dewa, Ahmad Dhani sehingga boleh meminta lagu daripadanya (tu dia!)

Wajah Mr.S, individu yang dikatakan menipu artis Kredit

Saya sengaja meletakkan topik ini di sini sebab temberang individu ini begitu berkait rapat dengan memenuhi impian seseorang menjadi artis rakaman (beliau mengatakan kenal rapat dengan orang-orang dalam industri muzik...orang itu, orang ini..bla..bla..bla, dia guna nama Infinatez pula tu!) Setakat ini belum ada laporan beliau tertangkap mana tau juga dia terbang ke sini lalu menjalankan operasi beliau di sini dengan mengambil kesempatan di atas impian-impian tinggi menggunung orang-orang di sini (siapa yang tidak mahu merakam lagu dari Ahmad Dhani...kan! :)). Yang bahayanya, beliau juga dilaporkan mengguna ilmu hitam.

Bacaan selanjutnya klik sini

P/s:Could this be the same person yang menipu Rini AF7 dengan kembarnya, untuk menjadi artis rakaman

23 Mar 2009

Tambunan calling!

Calling Tambunan! Calling Tambunan! Is everything alright overthere! Do stand by! Tu dia berkembang sudah cawangan fan club si Esther.

22 Mar 2009

AF7 - Carutan Konsert 2

Artis profesional, mangsa penyingkiran pertama AF7

Ramai betul yang memuji kononnya konsert Af7 minggu pertama adalah yang terbaik. Saya rasa ramai yang beranggapan sedemikian gara-gara dipengaruhi oleh kritikan para juri pada konsert pertama. Rata-rata pengkritik malam itu, Edry Hashim, Dato’ Khatijah dan Adlin tidak banyak memberi kritikan-kritikan negatif yang pedas justeru membuat orang ramai bependapat konsert pertama tersebut kononnya yang terbaik. Berbanding dengan dua musim sebelumnya (AF5 dan AF6) semasa Ogy, Fauziah Latif dan Ning Baizura menduduki kerusi pengkritik tetap, mereka lebih banyak memberi kritikan negatif seolah-olah memberi gambaran kononnya kritikan positif tidak sesuai atau tidak layak diberikan semasa konsert pertama (pelajar belum cukup pengetahuan dan perlu dikritik pedas) walaupun pada pendapat saya prsetasi pelajar di konsert pertama dalam dua musim tersebut tidak jauh bezanya dengan musim sekarang. Dalam erti kata lain pengkritik mempengaruhi pendapat umum. Apabila banyak kritikan negatif dilemparkan maka dikatakan konsert pertama tersebut kurang berjaya, sebaliknya bila banyak yang positif maka disimpulkan konsert tersebut berjaya. Padahal persembahan pelajar dari musim ke musim lebih kurang sama saja.

Berbalik kepada AF7, nak cakap inilah kelompok pelajar-pelajar terbaik yang pernah dipilih (sepertimana yang dijerit oleh Edry Hashim minggu lalu) rasa saya tidak juga. Setakat ini hanya Hafiz saja yang kira outstanding. Pelajar-pelajar lain lebih kurang sama saja dengan musim-musim lepas. Konsert kedua semalam mula mendedahkan kelemahan pelajar. Kalau konsert pertama memberi kelonggran kepada pelajar memilih lagu kegemaran mereka, konsert kedua pula mencabar pelajar membawa dua lagu sekaligus dalam bentuk medley.

Carutan persembahan pelajar

Tapi sebelum itu, tarian Menuju Puncak pertama kali dipersembahkan. Agak baik juga walaupun lebih menampilkan pergerakan setempat (mungkin ada kaitan faktor jumlah pelajar dan ruang pentas)

Akim – Pembawaan yang baik untuk lagu pertama tetapi kurang sedikit pada lagu kedua. Ada baiknya beliau tidak menggunakan mic stand yang dikatakan mengganggu persembahannya.

Rubisa – I thought of rooting on Rubisa, but so far she’s so disappointing. Nothing like Rubisa I’ve seen in MyStarz. So Ok..she has throat related sickness (tonsile) simpati tu simpati juga, but in Diary AF, she talks a lot, menjerit-jerit, bergurau, ketawa seolah-olah tiada apa yang berlaku. (Setau akulah kalau ada masalah tekak ni, selain jaga pemakanan pesakit kena kurangkan bercakap, kalau boleh jangan bercakap selama 24 jam - berkomunikasi guna isyarat or in writing - leher kalau perlu, dibalut untuk menseimbangkan suhu). Dari pemerhatian kasar saya si Rubisa ni macam kurang serius. On to her performance, persembahan lagu Gagap agak baik walaupun sedikit-sedikit semput. Lagu dingin pula mendedahkan kerosakan suara beliau. Memang rosak suara dia ni. Do you want to hear the voice of sick person?

Qhaud – Not bad, very energetic.

Aishah – My favourite among the female contestants. Sebutan jelas, mirip-mirip cara penyanyi Indonesia. Penguasaan pentas yang agak baik juga. Perwatakan menarik, comel, cuma gigi dia ja ni perlu adjust sikit (baru tambah cun).

Obri – Mak aih! Lagi-lagilah peserta AF yang tiada kualiti. Kan kah bagus kalau tempat dia ni diisi samada oleh AB atau Kelana.

Zizi – Nampak berani di pentas macam tiada tekanan, persis penyanyi professional. Instead of letting the stage and the ambience ‘consumed’ her, she consumes them all. Lazimnya penyanyi macam ni mampu mengawal betul-betul nada suara agar close to perfection but not Zizi. Her action on stage seemed more important dari mengawal nada suara.

Sidi – Actually his first song was not bad, very much on tune (but Edry Hashim commented the opposite, in fact there were some comments by him which I disagree). Cuma bila masuk lagu kedua...habis! Sudahlah tidak pandai menari...hehe.

Adilla – Mendengar persembahan nyanyian Adilla, susah mau terima hakikat yang dia ni sudah ada dua album dan terbaru ada sebuah single. Vocally she sounds so amateur. Kawalan nafas belum mahir, banyak kedengaran flat notes. Tapi kawalan pentas cukup hebat, nampak sangat tidak kekok.

Aril – Macam putus-putus sebutan perkataan pada note-note rendah. Satu perkataan with two syllables contohnya jadi dua perkataan. But things improved during the chorus dua perkataan pun dia boleh sambung jadi satu. I was waiting for his specialty, dancing (shuffle)...but none! Yang ending tu kah?

Rini – First song slightly sharp and just a fairly good job for the second song.

Yazid – Aiyo! Nampak sangat gugup dia ni (tertekan) kalau sudah macam tu, mana lagi boleh kawal suara dengan baik tapi sempat pula dia tunjuk skil breakdance (jangan kempunan dia bilang..hehe)

Claudia – Tone suara ok and not much glitch cuma kurang colourful...sama saja from start right till the end..

Hafiz – All the while I thought there were some technical problems in the sound system, sebab rata-rata suara peserta-peserta kedengaran macam sayup-sayup, tidak kuat dan tidak terang sehinggalah si Hafiz ni mengambil mikrofon. Kuat dan jelas suara dia ni, kedengaran begitu stabil dan seimbang tidaklah tenggelam timbul. Kawalan nada pun baik. I think he is one step ahead from the rest.

Isma – The good thing is she didn’t actually sound like Siti in those performance (tapi entah kenapa Edry brought up the issue...mungkin dia dengar masa dalam diari). Cuma ketara semput dan a couple of flat notes too.

21 Mar 2009

OIAM 3 - Top 8

It's Anith, another girl sent to the exit this week, leaving us with three girls and five guys (macam American Idol lah pula). It's the 'Opposite Attract' theme, interesting yet challenging, luckily they don't call it 'transgender'. I love OIAM3 production, the sound system and the setting are almost A.Idol standard. They must have learnt a lot from producing Malaysian Idol :)

On to the performances

Tomok (Gantung)– He’s a smart actor on stage. The facial expression, to me, is merely a mimic and not a genuine emotional expression from his heart. But I’m sure his lady fans out there are melting sympathetically looking at his sad-Casanova-look. Singing wise, a couple of low notes issue at the beginning but overall it’s a fairly good gig.

Amylea (I'm Yours)– The singing was good, smooth and not much of glitch. But the arrangement was not my cup of tea. The ad-libs “sschhobeedoo” were not there too. I was wondering why not just stick to the original arrangement. But later on I got the answer in Nine’s performance :)

Aweera (Tiada Lagi)– Again another good singing, it’s just that he lacks the emotional expression in his voice. And too bad this song has been covered by Amy and it didn’t give me much impact on the theme ‘opposite attract’ (I can’t help but to compare them both). This guy really sang in high key (I’m waving my white flag..hehe) and he did it effortlessly. If he really knows how to control his voice and singing in style, quality and excellent….I guess he can be the ‘Adam Lambert’ of OIAM3 (I'm talking about the vocal!)

Rizu (Mercy)– One of my current fave songs, the big voice was apparently loud and clear. Jay Jay must have been very shocked! (did he genuinely ask about the akil baligh thingy? *LOL*). But I’m just not sure this time, the soulful connection with the song was just not strong enough (I almost couldn’t feel it). He’s some kind of emphasising more on the vocal design. But still I like his efforts and performance.

Simon (When You're Gone)– Another person with low notes issue at the beginning. Overall it’s merely a transgender vocal from female to male. Simon needs to spice up his performance too.

Fify (Pria Terhebat)– So Syafinaz finally commented on Fify’s one-colour-vocal tone (similar to my opinion last week). It’s not a bad thing; it’s just that she needs to find a suitable song to fit her tone. I guess any song by Ramlah Ram, Zaiton Sameon, Shariffah Aini or maybe Ziana Zain suits her well (some Whitney Houston’s songs with less falsetto will also do)

Nine (Karma) – Was it just my ear or the song was arranged like ‘I’m Yours’? (siap ada ‘sshhoobeedoo’ lagi…hehe). I was so engrossed especially at the arrangement but at the same time annoyed by some flat notes. After he passed the guitar to the pretty lady, things were not as wonderful as before. But it’s very entertaining.

Esther – Won't Go Home Without You

Let’s hear what the Americon Idol judges had to say *grin*

Randy Jackson – Dude! That was HOT! HOT! HOT! The best performance tonight and your best so far…I love it!... Say what?!

Kara – You know what! I’m totally amazed and didn’t expect at all it’s gonna come out from someone who prefers R&B, soul or modern blues. I didn’t hear Maroon Five at all!, It gives such an impact to the theme ‘opposite attract’. You made it all yours, great stage presentation, great vocal control…I’m amazed…impressed…YOU GO GIRL!

Paula – You know, you had just made me filled with envy with all those jumping and running with high-heel (Simon intervene “say it out loud”) oh shut up Simon! You’re not even strutting! It took me years to master it..but you...you were just born with those heels. You’re well connected not only to me but to the audience as well. You’re likeable, authentic and having said that you’ll definitely…won’t go home without reaching the final..and..and..and...that one million ringgit!

Randy: Simon Cowell!

Simon Cowell – I thought (long pause) that was the best performance from you so far! ALTHOUGH at some points you had made the safety personnel in this room shaking their heads and on stand-by mode with your accident-prone performance (Paula intervene “they call it showmanship")…whatever that was…not to mention you had just made one lady confessed how jealous she was (Paula: “ok if that’s the real issue here I’ll take it back”). You also made the song originally yours, great vocal control; I didn’t hear you gasping for air…thanks to the short minutes given of course, what else to say…probably one of the unforgettable performances!


My choice

Esther, Amylea, Nine, Rizu, Aweera, Simon, Tomok, Fify

20 Mar 2009

Making fun on Idol

I never miss watching Jimmy Kimmel Live show when it was regularly aired at 7:30 pm on Star World. But since it had been shifted to 11.30 pm and sometimes 12:00 am, I guess I've to choose my bed time over Mr. Kimmel's show. Here are just some of the funs he poke on American Idol (very funny).

There was another joke when Mr. Kimmel said "they have a blind contestant this season" and he went on to show a clip with Scott look-alike singing facing the back stage instead of the audience...*LOL*...cruel but amusing (I couldn't find the video on Youtube)

And the joke he poke on the TV series "Lost" are even more hilarious.

KE Next Top Entertainer - Pusingan 4 (pre-view)

Seperti biasa...

Misi:"Selamatkan Bakal Ratu Soul Negara Dari Tersingkir"

19 Mar 2009

Bandwith magazine

Hip, stylish, current and informative are just some of my words to describe "Bandwith", a brand new entertainment magazine published locally. With a size of 15 by 10 inches (tabloid paper size) the inaugural issue is distributed for FREE since the 14th of March! There are 32 pages altogether featuring local, national and international infos.

Jiaja on the cover

Some artistes updates. Featured here are Che'nelle, Stacy, Ebi, Infinatez and Nikki

Pages on albums review (9 pages altogether)

Featured artiste - Jiaja

High tech gadgets available from stores in KK and some featured business premises in town.

Fashion and style from boutiques around KK

Movie review
And some articles on happenings around town

Those are just part of the contents in the debut issue. Not bad isn't it. It's high time we publish such a magazine with local flavour. I understand we do have lifestyle magazines in Chinese. By the way "Bandwith" is totally in English. Maklumlah kan budak-budak sekarang belajar sains dan matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Go and get your copy from these places

*Blue Note
*Wisma Merdeka Information Counter Old Wing Ground Floor
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Karamunsing Complex, Wisma Merdeka, 1Borneo, Waterfront,Damai
*Tune Hotel, 1Borneo
* De Notes, Damai
* iMotion Studio, Plaza Grand Millenium
* Institut Sinaran, Damai
* Moe's Music, Asia City
* Apple Studio, Asia City
* Hollywood Music, Karamunsing Complex
* Soundblazer Jamming Studio, Donggongon
* Pool Zone & Cyber Zone, 1Borneo
* Rekod Jaya, 1st Floor CPS
* Goblinz, KK Plaza
* Legend, CPS
* San Francisco Warisan Sq & City Mall
* Waves Jamming Studio
* Black Ink Industry Tattoo, Tg Aru
* Also available for reading at Hair Salons, Clinics & Dentists within CPS, Wisma Merdeka, Karamunsing Complex, City Mall, Lintas Plaza, 1Borneo, Damai Point, Damai Plaza, Warisan Sq.

American Idol - Top 11 and results

Eliminated !

“Take me home country road to the place I belong..” tu dia my favourite country song a.k.a tema konsert AI minggu ini. It's the 'Grand Ole Opry Week'..yeeha!

Michael – He gave justice to the genre of music, it's very country. Tapi entahlah macam kurang berkenan pula saya dengan peserta ini. I was more focussed at the harmonica player. Is he out this week? I want him to but since he sang a real country song it's just not fair if it happens.

Allison – Great job. I thought of saying “this is one contender to watch out for” silap-silap boleh jadi juara (remember Jordin Spark?) but on second thought, macam berlambak sudah di pasaran suara dan style dia ni.

Kris – Heartfelt, I was unable to detect the off pitch issue as Paula brought up. Sampai ada saturang sumandak ni di rumah tutup mata masa Kris menyanyi. Bila saya tanya “handsome macam tu pun ko tutup mata?”. Saya ndak sanggup tinguk bah nanti termimpi-mimpi dia masa tidur. *LOL*

Lil Round – Didn’t she say she wanna get rid off the R & B in herself, for the sake of giving honour and respect to country song? (Ala-ala menghormati lagu tradisi Amerika)? But the judges seemed unable to accept her reason. Yupp..I agree with Paula’s song choice though “Stand By Your Man”.

Adam – Ouch! not sure if it’s fair to the song but undeniably great vocal performance (a CD quality voice...makan hati betul dengar vocal performance dia ni). Are you as confused as Kara? *LOL*.

Scott – Just an OK performance. I thought of disagree with Paula, but hey sometimes you have to motivate the disables that they’re indeed on par with the normal people.

Alexis – Her facial expression was somewhat emotional but not her vocal and not perfectly on tune too.

Danny – The early verses seemed too low for his tone and he struggled to control the low notes. Anyway he blast it off halfway right to the end.

Anoop –The third note in “Maybe I..” was slightly off. But overall Anoop Dogg (Doug? Dawg? Whatever!) is back..

Megan – “the Megan way” as Randy and Kara like to put it, is just a proof that this lady really has her own style. Her singing last night reminds me of the jazz numbers way back in the 40’s. This lady is shaping up, err..I'm not talking about the physical aspect.

Matt – Just to be fair to Scott, Matt should sing without the piano too next week (only if he’s still around). Good performance though, silky husky voice.

My choice

Kris, Megan, Allison, Anoop, Danny, Lil, Adam, Alexis, Scott, Steve

And the verdict?

Bottom 3

Allison, Alexis and Michael


ALEXIS! (arrgh)

Konsert The Beginning

Pertandingan akhir Carta Pop Dusun

17 Mar 2009

KE Next Top Entertainer - Road to final

Misi: "Selamatkan Bakal Ratu Soul Negara Dari Tersingkir"

Selamatkan juga mama si Samsul Danial dari mengusung beg di minggu-minggu awal. Afundi Rubisa hantar ke 32999

Dua Ribu jangan kamu gentar...

RM 2000 bayaran minima :-)

So lagu dari artis Sabah untuk promoter-promoter (nyanyi ikut melodi Lima Ribu)

Dua Ribu jangan kamu gentar
Kami jamin kamu tidak menyesal

(siapa mo sambung)

Pengakuan bekas juara Mentor

Mungkin Pijalah artis pertama mengaku 'sudah tidak popular'. Biasanya artis yang memasuki pertandingan OIAM memberi alasan yang berbagai bila ditanya tujuan mereka memasuki pertandingan tersebut. Yang menariknya dalam berbagai sebab dan alasan yang diberikan tidak sekali-kali mereka mengaku 'sudah tidak popular'....walaupun! (hehe). Syabas kepada Pija kerana berani berterus terang.

Has she acted before? To me she has all it take to be an actress. She should give it a try atau jadi pengacara rancangan-rancangan untuk remaja.

16 Mar 2009

Bontugan Sinding 2008

I heard some voices saying "alahai pentas dia tu bah!". For the record this event is primarily for radio broadcast, so just ignore the dirty wall with all those adhesive tapes etc :-)

Linda Nanuwil

Nokuro 29

Ben Simon (juara)

Jo-Anne S.H. Rampas (Best Vocal)

KREDIT Darkota

15 Mar 2009

AF 7 - Konsert 1

Saya perhatikan, sebelum menyanyi VT ditayangkan, selesai menyanyi peserta berdiri lalu berpaling ke arah juri (yang dialih lokasi mereka dari depan ke sisi pentas) dan juri terus beri komen (tanpa arahan pengacara). Selepas juri beri komen, pengacara bersembang dengan peserta (short and simple) dan muzik latar pun dimainkan'. Eh...eh...macam pernah nampak saja scene ini, di mana ya? Oh American Idol rupanya *LOL* (konsert Top 36). Tu dia tranformasi ke American Idol.

Suasana konsert AF semalam bolehlah saya simpulkan agak 'suram dan bisu'(kalau menonton dari TV). Pentas kecil, kalau kamera fokus dari depan nampak macam pentas di pub. Lagu-lagu yang diambil dari ‘wish list’ pelajar rata-rata lagu yang mudah dan selamat yang tidak banyak menguji kemampuan vokal pelajar (dari segi vocal range) tapi sekadar memperkenalkan vocal tone mereka (rasa saya cuma lagu ‘Matahari’ oleh Rubisa yang agak mencabar)

Dan carutan saya...

1. Adilla – Di Bawah Pohon Asmara : Setelah memiliki dua album solo dan satu single....haruslah beraksi selamba ala-ala penyanyi profesional yang menjadi artis jemputan rancangan tersebut...tak gitu?. Suara semput...who cares this is not a competition, but a concert.

2. Sidi – Terimakasih Cinta : Not a bad vocal tone but singing unstable, bumpy and limited vocal range .

3. Zizi – Molek: Suara ada ciri tersendiri, pitching generally ok, well connected with the audience too dan tidak nampak tertekan.

4. Yazid – Di Penghujung Rindu: Ada sedikit-sedikit ‘bumpy’ masa note-note rendah tapi agak baik masa korus. Part yang sepatutnya suara ‘dibulatkan’ kedengaran agak ‘nipis’. Nampak sedikit tertekan, feeling juga kurang but nice vocal tone.

5. Isma – Sepi: Mungkin sebelum ini ramai komplen tone suara beliau mirip Siti dan dari persembahan semalam beliau seolah-olah cuba melarikan diri dari terus disamakan dengan Siti, agak berjaya jugalah, walaupun masih kedengaran sedikit-sedikit persamaan tersebut.

6. Akim – Hati Ku Kau Luka: Quite confident, macam tidak sabar-sabar mau tunggu giliran dan nampak macam tidak gemuruh 9tak tertekan). Tidak banyak gangguan suara tapi vibrato masih perlu kawalan. Unfortunately I don’t quite like his vocal tone.

7. Claudia – Sempurna : Adalah sedikit-sedikit mirip Dayang suara dia ni walaupun belum full blast lagi. Kalau sudah mirip Dayang tu memanglah tone suara bagus kan! Tapi lagu kurang mempamerkan vocal range beliau (safe and simple) dan a little bit pitchy.

8. Hafiz – Lagu Kita: Yupp he did quite an impressive job. Tersemat emosi dalam nada suara beliau (adalah juga 1, 2 flat note). Perfect song choice for his vocal tone.

9. Rini – Elegi Sepi: Another safe and simple song...hmmm!

10. Obri – Jeritan Batin Ku: Could be the worst among the finalists, suara kurang attitude dan style. Nasib baik muzik R & B kalau tidak tertidur aku depan TV. So I concentrate on the musical arrangement sajalah.

11. Aishah – Dan Sebenarnya: Penampilan atas pentas yang menarik dan ceria, tidak kelihatan tertekan, nice jazzy singing style (walupun semput sikit-sikit), bersahaja dan well connected with the audience. But again, lagu safe and simple almost no dymanic.

12. Qhaud – Suara bagus tapi feeling kurang dan persembahan lebih mirip orang mendeklamasi puisi yang berlagu.

13. Rubisa – Some pros and cons. Lagu memang mencabar (dynamic with variation in melody, note range plus some big notes too) kualiti suara Rubisa memang bagus, tak perlu disangkal (setakat konsert semalam, suara yang terbaik di kalangan pelajar wanita) dan memang sesuai lagu tersebut dengan suara beliau. Malangnya dua orang juri tidak memberikan komen positif. Terkejut? My theory lah kan, pertama kurang identiti tersendiri (nyanyi lagu Rosa, style dan lontaran suara macam Rosa, nyanyi lagu Marsha “Untuk Terakhir Kali” persis Marsha). In short, vocally impersonating the style of the original singers. The attempted drama pun macam not well connected with her song (copycat video Agnes jugakah ni?) noticeable Adlin bilang. But I'm still in the opinion she did a good job coz the song is risky, challenging and she almost nail it

14. Aril – Rahsia Perempuan: Kalau Dato' Khatijah Ibrahim sudah cakap “boleh mengganti Allahyarham Sudirman” perlukah lagi saya beri komen..hehe


1.Hafiz 2.Rubisa 3.Isma 4.Aishah 5.Akim 6.Aril 7.Claudia 8.Zizi 9.Qhaud 10.Rini 11.Yazid 12.Sidi 13.Adilla 14.Obri.

Hmm...next week I'd really love to see more challenging songs.

Juara Carta Pop Dusun

Perrtandingan akhir Juara Carta Pop Dusun (Bontugan Sinding) telah berlangsung di Dewan Masyarakat Ranau semalam. Sepuluh lagu popular dari senarai lagu-lagu dalam program Bontugan Sinding (carta lagu pop Dusun mingguan) di Sabah VFM telah terpilih ke pertandingan akhir tersebut.

Calon-calonnya ialah

1. Upus Tolidang - Linda Nanuwil (Ranau)
2. Koupusan Ku - Jo-Anne Henley Rampas (Tamparuli)
3. Kada Noh Soroho - Diana Stephen Tuning (Tambunan)
4. Bisorou Mamatos Kolungguyan - Ben Simon Bukag (Kota Belud)
5. Kada Oku Sundualai - Danny F. Malinggi (Papar)
6. Polombusan Ku Suang Ginawo - Noveson Galuan (Tamparuli)
7. Piupusan Di Kosusuni - John Dautis (Tambunan)
8. Insasamadai Kolungguian Ku - Leornard Sentia (Ranau)
9. Pogiroto Do Ginawo - S. Welly (Kota Belud)
10. Nokuro Tuh - Nokuro 29 (Keningau)

Dan pemenangnya

Juara Carta Lagu Dusun - Ben Simon Bukag (Bisorou Mamatos Kolungguyan)

Persembahan Terbaik - Leornard Sentia
Lagu Dusun Paling Popular (undian SMS) - Leornard Sentia
Vokal Terbaik - Jo-Anne Henley Rampas (heard that she'll be contesting in Bintang RTM this year?)

Semua pemenang di adili oleh Juri, kecuali lagu paling popular.

14 Mar 2009

OIAM3 - Top 9 konsert

This week's theme is song from local composers. Unfortunately it doesn't cover a wide group of composers including season composers like Ahmad Nawab or even Fauzi Marzuki himself (hmm). I'd say those who did a good job this week, outnumbered those who didn't. And last night another girl was ushered to the exit. Hopefully it's gonna be a guy next week.

Here's my ranking, as if it's very important...haha,just for fun bah kan (in descending order)

9. Anith - It's just too big of a song for her, she sang it in male's key dan kurang penjiwaan.

8. Aweera - Obviously some glitches detected. He didn't hit some notes precisely as well. Tiada penjiwaan, as if he's still in a jamming (rehearsing) session. It's totally the opposite of his performance last week.

7. Fify - Fearless with great confidence but not much variety (coloured) in her vocal tone. Falsetto tidak menjadi. She did it mostly in normal tone. A sexy song just lost its essence.

6. Simon - Nope it doesn't really attract my attention. Somehow he looked boring with the guitar. standing by the mic and just strumming. Why not get some mobile mic and move around with some actions.

5. Amylea - A jazzy voice singing 'Yang Pernah' in rock with a guitar? Unique but didn't quite give justice to the song. So here's the deal, if your last week's performance did not get positive remarks from the judges, this week just get a guitar and sing by the mic. It's the best way to avoid bad comments. Simon and Amylea had proven it.

4. Nine - Not a bad performance though and good 'penjiwaan' too. But unlike Amylea and Simon, Nine doesn't get good feedback from the judges even if he sings with the guitar (poor fellow). It's time to apply the formula, this week with guitar and no guitar the following week :-).

3. Esther - I can't imagine Esther ended up with this song (her own choice or what?). But judging from the list of songs, she hasn't got much choice. Kalis Rindu (Fify). Cinta (Rizu) and Mungkin (Anith) are other songs that she should consider. Anyway she didn't murder or butcher the song, just a fairly commendable performance. I like the way she choreographed her moves too, starting from a sitting position and walked slowly to the center of the stage. The 'kureng sikit' as Syafinaz said is probably due to her oufit :-). (It's high time to do a high-tempo song, 'Mercy' is highly recommended)

2. Tomok - Yupp the word 'smart' as Paul said has been in my mind since week one, when it comes to Tomok performance. He can't afford to sing in high pitch like MUH (or Faizal Tahir and Beyonce, in week one and two respectively) and had to make full use of his limited resources, creatively. With his trademark (jalan ala-ala orang mabuk) it worked!.

1. Rizu - Don't you think his version is totally different than the original? He gave it some sort of R & B treatment and along with his Anuar or James Ingram sound alike voice he did it with a bang! My number one choice...hehe

12 Mar 2009

KE Next Top Entertainer - Pusingan 3

Misi: "Selamatkan Bakal Ratu Soul Negara Dari Tersingkir"

Ginger cari peluang


Looks like Americans had voted out contestants with names starting with the letter 'J', Jasmine and Jorge (poor guy, I consider him 'kalis sumbang')

Selalunya nama 'Ginger' ni sering dipakai oleh perempuan, tapi nampak gaya empat anak muda di bawah memilih nama tersebut sebagai nama kumpulan mereka. Tidak pula dijelaskan cerita disebalik pemilihan nama tersebut (mungkin durang suka makan halia)

AI8 - Michael Jackson menonton?

Hehe...bila Kara cakap "I hope Michael Jackson is watching now" semasa memberi komen kepada Adam Lambert saya pun bertanya "menonton kah si Michael tu?" Kalau dia menonton pun mengkali dia geleng-geleng kepala..."don't become like me kids". When I was very little I thought of no other singers but MJ. I learnt his 'Rockin Robin' and 'ABC' when I was like 7 or 8 (hehe). The person whom I think is born to be. a real singer is reported to stage his farewell concerts this year. How sad! No matter what happened and what's been reported in the media he's still on top of my list of favourite singers :). And AI has every reason to have MJ's week. This has to be my favourite AI concert and out of all the songs only Scott's number I wasn't familiar with. It looks as if the songs are made for the contestants, except for one and two perhaps, and my ranking...

Megan Joy Corkrey - Rockin Robin (surprise!...just love it)
Adam Lambert - Black or White (I hope Americans are in tune with the judges)
Danny Gokey - Pretty young Thing (black voice trapped in a white man's body...love it)
Alexis Grace - Dirty Diana
Allison Iraheta - Give In To Me
Lil Rounds - The Way You Make Me Feel
Jorge Nunez - Never Can Say Goodbye (good singing but the arrangement was lousy. He should do One Day In Your Life)
Kris Allen - Remember The Time (few apparent off notes at the end)
Matt Giraud - Human Nature
Michael Sarver - You Are Not Alone
Scott MacIntyre - Keep The Faith
Anoop Desai - Beat It (R & B and soul guy suddenly pick a rock song?..mmm..Never Can Say Goodbye in original arrangement should suit him. Pelajar peringkat master ni nampak gaya kurang bijak pilih lagu MJ. Jadi pula versi Weird Al-Yankovic "Eat It")
Jasmine Murray - I'll Be There (the most unsoulful ebony contestant I've ever heard...lagu pun khas untuk remaja-remaja berangan popular yang mengenali MJ through other singer)

Unfortunately no one sings this song, maybe it's all about a rat named Ben (Anoop should sing it..or )

11 Mar 2009

Kononnya Nikki

Gambar wanita beraksi lucah yang digembar-gemburkan sebagai Nikki Palikat (read my lips...bukan lah!)

Bodoh betul penyebar cerita ini, mentang-mentanglah bahagian mata tu ada persamaan sedikit sudah buat statement yang bukan-bukan. Apalah salahnya letak tajuk "wajah wanita iras-iras Niki...bla..bla..bla!". *sigh*. The bad thing about having this kind of gossip is some idiots out there can be easily influenced and mislead. Some even spread and exaggerate the rumours. "Iye ker?!"..."betul Cik Kiah oii! mater aku sendiri yang melihatnya hah! tak der orang lain lagi dah...memang si Nikki tu Cik Kiah oii! Bukan aku tak pernah bersemuker ngan si Nikki tu, mater, hidung, bibir, rambut, pipi...ngko cakap jer part maner...SAH! memang dier! "

"Belukar" bakal menampilkan Daphne

Sebuah syarikat perfileman yang ditubuhkan di Kota Kinabalu dan mempunyai cawangan di KL, Preston Zaidan Productions Sdn Bhd., bakal menerbitkan sebuah filem berjodol Belukar. Filem ini membariskan para pelakon yang terdiri dari muka-muka baru dan lama. Antaranya seperti Daphne Iking (heroin utama), Bront Palarae (hero), Azhar Sulaiman, Dato' Tarmimi Siregar, Danny, Annuar Chew Kin Wah, Sabrina Hassan, Azwan Kombos, Md Eyzendy Aziz, Ray Redzuan, Fong U-Shin Xavier, Sharmila Dedy Borhan, Linora Lowterdiri dan tidak ketinggalan bekas pelajar AF3 dari Labuan Ekin (hmm...ramai juga nama-nama yang belum pernah didengar sebelum ini). Malah pengarah filem ini Jason Chong sendiri merupakan orang baru dan Belukar adalah percubaan pertamanya.

Belukar yang akan membuat lokasi penggambarannya di Kota Kinabalu dan Labuan antara lain berkisarkan kisah penyelewangan wang insuran berjumlah RM100 juta oleh seorang "professional Sabahan insurance swindler" (lakonan Daphne Iking) (matilah! orang Sabah lagi tu kunun), lanjutan dari penyelewengan tersebut beliau disiasat oleh syarikat insuran berkenaan. Pegawai penyiasat, Nik (lakonan Bront Palarae) tiba-tiba terjatuh cinta pula dengan si Eva ni (maklumlah kan bekas Unduk Ngadau)...so the conflict begins. Hmm..dahsyat juga cerita dia ni.

Penggambaran dijadualkan berlangsung dari 9 - 31 Mac dan semoga dapat ditontoni menjelang Pesta Filem Malaysia Ogos nanti.

For more info just click here

P/s: Hmm..teringat pula saya kisah benar yang pernah berlaku seakan-akan kisah di atas. Harap-harap tiada kena mengena.

Jalius ingin membantu keluarga

Gigih juga dia ni bergiat dalam bidang seni. Salah sebuah lagu dia berjodol "Agen Singapura". Ini mesti lagu melepaskan geram kepada agen mencari pekerja ke Singapura yang sering menipu pencari pekerjaan. :-).

10 Mar 2009

Danny's campaign for "Carta Pop Dusun"

All the best!

Misi: "Selamatkan Bakal Ratu Soul Negara Dari Tersingkir"

Saluran 180 harapan karyawan Sabah?

Beberapa berita menarik (sekurang-kurangnya untuk rakyat Sabah) muncul di dada akhbar minggu lepas. Mula-mula sekali Perdana Menteri memberi bayangan jambatan yang akan menyambungkan Labuan dan Sabah bakal menjadi kenyataan dan hanya menanti kajian kebarangkalian (feasibility studies)yang sedang dijalankan oleh UMS. Hasil kajian tersebut dijangka diketahui pada bulan Oktober tahun ini. Sekiranya hasil kajian positif projek berkenaan akan dilaksanakan secepat mungkin dan diwar-warkan akan siap pada tahun 2016. Some people predict it's gonna be about ten years from now. Hope we're all live long enough to see the bridge..:-) (God willing).

Another interesting news (but this one had been mentioned here earlier) ialah Pesta Filem Malaysia bakal berlangsung di KK bulan Ogos ini. Berbagai aktiviti-aktiviti seperti bengkel, seminar dll berkaitan industri perfileman bakal diadakan. Tergerak juga hati aku untuk menyertai bengkel-bengkel berkenaan dan sekarang ni sedang sibuk membelek-belek diari jadual kerja bulan Ogos kalau ada yang boleh 'escape' (hehe).

The following piece of news pun tidak kurang menariknya iaitu berkenaan sebuah saluran baru di Astro yang dinamakan Muzik Aktif dan bakal disiarkan 24 jam melalui saluran 180. Saluran ini sebenarnya diperkenalkan oleh RTM dan menumpang satelit Astro untuk dipancarkan. Menurut Menteri Penerangan Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Muzik Aktif bakal menampilkan klip-klip video artis-artis tempatan yang merangkumi berbagai genre, bahasa, kebudayaan dan kumpulan etnik. Itu dia, sekali imbas seolah-olah ditujukan khas untuk rakyat di Sabah dan Sarawak. Laporan juga menyebut Saluran 180 ini akan dilancarkan pada 16 Mac (*LOL* I mentioned "lusa" earlier on padahal next week...maklumlah ndak sabar-sabar bah..hehe). Harap-harap kita akan terus dapat mengikuti siaran saluran berkenaan pada hari yang sama (duh tidak sabar-sabar aku ni..hehe)

9 Mar 2009

Stacy - Pelancaran album

Pelancaran album sulung Stacy berlangsung yesterday di 1-Boreno Hypermall dan disempurnakan oleh Tan Sri Bernard Dompok dan isteri (covered by many presses as well). Kehadiran penonton bolehlah dikatakan ramai juga tapi tidaklah seramai yang saya jangkakan, mungkin publisiti agak kurang diberikan kepada majlis ini (the banner only appear in Donggongon on the same day itself). I put it that they didn't properly plan the cue and looked very much impromptu. Maka pengacara pun seolah-olah bertindak sebagai ketua pengarah (arah orang masuk pentas, keluar pentas...do this and do that) menjadikan majlis terlalu formal dan berprotokol tinggi (kurang santai). Sound system jangan cakap lah, tahap PA system di sekolah (they never bother to fix the sound system at shopping mall, don't they?).

Apapun my objective is to get the CD, nothing more than that and here it is. I purposely display the back cover cos I like her striking pose. Meliuk lentuk badan :-)

Ramailah juga yang membeli CD tapi alangkah baik kalau semua yang hadir tu beli sekeping satu. Ni tidak, more observers than buyers :-(.

And for those who've been to 1-Borneo lately, do you notice the tiles particularly on the first floor were sort of ripped off and nicely replaced or patched by carpet. I hope it has nothing to do with the rumor I heard concerning its fitness (yupp I heard it when the mall was launched but I chose to stay quiet)