26 Mar 2009

Sumandak laju

Awas! Ada sumandak laju dari Sabah..hehe. Ask any of those who are familiar with the athletic scene in Sabah, we rarely seen a girl run sub 12 sec over a hundred meters distance. Not only in Sabah but at national level too, at this moment, we no longer have a female sprinter who could run consistently sub 12 sec.

Unfortunately Cynthia's 11.9 sec is not recognised by MSSM (only recognise by Sabah Sports Council) probably it is a hand-time record (setau aku Stadium Likas ada pencatat masa elektronik kenapalah penganjur tidak guna sepenuhnya? Asyik rosak-rosak kah?). When the report said the second place winner was timed at 13 sec I can imagine the gap, something like 50 meters behind?. She's only 16 and should be groomed to be the next national sprint queen.