6 Mar 2009

The Lucky 13 of American Idol

For some people, 13, may not be the lucky number but looks like American Idol had choosen that figure as the number of its final contestants this season (instead of the usual 12)

The last four to join the nine (voted) finalists are

Jasmine Murray
Megan Joy Corkrey
Matt Giraud
Anoop Desai

Oops..where's Ricky Braddy? I was rooting for Ricky Braddy (my picked as the best performer in round 1 concert). Jasmine Murray pula dapat (for the sake of having more girls and adding up another ebony in the final list? Probably). But glad the Drama Princess, Tatiana didn't make the final cut.

There's something about A.Idol this season. Firstly the boys outnumbered the girls (even minus Adam *LOL*), secondly we have an almost-completely-blind participant (Scott). It's gonna be a challenge to the group singing choreography (notice the boys sat on the bench last night, just to acommodate Scott...hehe) and lastly there's an openly 'comie homo-loving son of guns'. Awkward yet interesting