7 Mar 2009

OIAM3 - Top 10 konsert

Hampir kesemua peserta minggu ini menunjukkan prestasi yang mebanggakan setelah persembahan yang agak hambar minggu lalu.

Amylea - Bohemian Rhapsody

Nothing's wrong with her vocal tuning etc. But while watching her perform, I was kinda imagining a fat lady who dressed up in a bright colour baju kurung, she manage to fit in the dress but the bright colour doesn't suit her (makes her look even fatter). The same goes with Amylea, the song doesn't really suit her vocal tone but with a twist of creativity she managed to fit it into the song. The stage presentation seemed acted up too (as if scripted).

Nine - (Hapus Kah? Hapus Kan...I can't get the song title correctly)

With the guitar, he presented his trueself. Nice performance tidak banyak cacat cela. Cuma lagu kurang mencabar

Fify - Hot and Cold

Terlebih gaya dan agak kasar. Vokal kebanyakannya bagus tapi ada kala terencat sikit dek banyak pergerakan and kurang feel.

Simon - Juwita

Vocal wise, another good performance. Cuma presentation bak kata Syafinaz agak unnatural terutama ketika berjalan-jalan.

Anith - Pilihlah Aku

To put it simply, a very cute performance. Tambah-tambah lagi orang dia pun cute (has she ever appeared in one of the tv commercials?). Tapi persembahan cukup-cukup makan, straight forward, not very challenging and consider simple.

Rizu - Sandaran Hati

Nice song choice. He really shows off his true voice capabality in this song. Another great job by him.

Pija - So What

Again another good song choice to suit her vocal tone. Tapi dia menyanyi terlalu selamba seolah-olah berada dalam sebuah konsert rock terbuka di fun fair di hadapan penonton yang tidak hirau sangat whether you're hitting the right note or not. Her low note macam main hentam keromok ja as if she said "lantaklah...janji korus aku melatup".

Aweera - Gemilang

Suspense jugakan hehe. He finally turned a non-rock song menjadi ala-ala rock. Yupp...a couple of note tersasar (sumbang sikit Jac bilang) but overall very good. Tapi saya notis dia ni asyik-asyik jeling arah Jac as if saying "jan jealous!".

Esther - I Try

Again another great vocal delivery...no cacat-cacat one hehe...(tapi takut2 pula saya kalau dia tarik lagi tu mic jauh-jauh). Presentation wise, the first half was very good selepas tu...the gimmick...as Paul said "overdone". Esther has the most classy voice among the contestants. I mean she can easily attract the audience (live or at home) through her voice presentation. she can easily express the emotion in her voice. Having said that she doesn't need those "overdose" gimmicks (sampai terduduk-duduk dan terpelanting-pelanting mikrofon). Just a moderate one will do. I'd expect the judges will remind her about this.

Tomok - Crazy In Love

Again an awkward but interesting song choice after Gemilang. Not a bad effort though (another girly scream from me...aaaaAAAAA!)

My choice for immunity is either Rizu or Tomok but eventually Aweera got it (despite some note-hitting issue)

Ranking: Rizu, Tomok, Esther, Simon, Nine, Aweera, Amylea, Anith, Fify, Pija.


Tengku Speki said...

aweera dpt immunity because the range of the song.. ada key tinggi..
yg lain2 pun perform bagus... tapi key lagu dorang tak setinggi lagu Gemilang.. and aweera hit the note!
just only one part.. sumbang.. yang lain perfect..!!

jeremytuah said...

Last nite performance could be the best show so far. And I am glad that my prediction (Top 11 review here) on who will be voted out was absolutely bull eyed.

Read my full review at http://jeremytuah.blogspot.com/

dBOS-fm said...

Juliet - Yupp he did a wonderful job with the song (sung in the same key as Jac! mind u). Infact I was having a goosebump :).

Jeremy - Yeah nice songs choice...a redeem from the previous dull week

zrull said...

all the best!!!!