5 Mar 2009

American Idol - The 9 finalists

American Idol - Anoop and Ricky in wild card concert.

Menonton rancangan American Idol semalam, I can say that this is the toughest group to select the final three, especially for the guys (sebelum ini, kecuali Michael Sarver, semua ramalan saya benar belaka). Von Smith (You're All I Need to Get By), Ju'not Joyner (Hey There Delilah) dan Jorge Nunez (Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me) are my favourite guys' performance last night. I didn't quite get it why the judges were so crazy about Scott McIntyre's performance. Oklah he's partially blind and can carry a tune but that's it! Adakah America akan membuat undi simpati?

As for the girls, Lil Rounds, Kendall Beard, Felicia Barton and Kristen McNamara did a great job. Lil Rounds will sure get through. Kendall Beard memperjuangkan muzik Country dan sudah pasti meraih undi dari pejuang, peminat dan penyokong genre muzik ini.

...you don't have to wait till 6 pm today to get the results. Here they are

1. Lil Rounds (yeah! clap..clap)
2. Jorge Nunez (yeah!..berabis mengkali Latins in America undi dia ni hehe))
3. Scott McIntyre (aarrgh!).

Arianna, the ex-Miss California Teen 2005
(patutpun "as cute as a button") , didn't make the cut

And the wildcards list

Von Smith (Yes!)
Jasmine Murray (yes!)
Ricky Braddy (BIG YES!)
Megan Corkery (err...so..so..goyangan badan dia funny bah)
Tatiana Del Toro (arg! Oh No)
Matt Breitzke (oh ok yes for him)
Jesse Langseth (Yes!)
Anoop Desai (Big YES)

And talking about the finalists, the truth about Adam Lambert's sexual orientation is finally revealed! (syabas dan tahniah kepada yang suspicious..:)). Khabarnya bukan satu, tapi berlambak-lambak gambar beliau dengan aksi ala-ala di bawah ini di internet. At least it gives me some clues to my question..."for someone with such a big..big talent as him, why does it take him so long to appear on Idol? He's 27...why not AI 1, 3 or 4?" Probably he thought being gay was a big scandal back then...but not now...is it? :). He's the hot favourite to win this season Idol, a singer with such an amazing vocal technical ability. Makan hati aku tengok transition suara dia dari serendah-rendahnya ke nada setinggi-tingginya effortlessly. Tapi lepas ni...entahlah macam mana nasib peserta ni.



Anonymous said...

hye..just drop by here. about the adam lambert, oh no..memang sudah agak he's kinda bit diff from other guys...rupanya gay. syabas utk info nie...tp truly mmg berbakat besar la...so, forget abt the gay issues and undi utk bakat...:)

dBOS-fm said...

Yupp I totally agree with you, just forget abt the issue, after all this is a talent show. But I kinda have the feeling that mojarity of voters are teen girls, ladies, housewives (gays probbaly vote too but their number is small). History has proven it, remember David Hernandez? Clay Aken had been dropped from his label and kinda neglected after saying "YES!" (out loud)...so the discrimination is not over yet.