30 Jun 2008

Ebi - Tak kurang sibuk

The interesting part of the article is about Ebi, Linda and Felix yang bakal muncul dalam drama berbahasa Kadazandusun sepenuhnya bertajuk Bambaazon (Ebi pun cakap Dusun kah?). Malangnya drama untuk siaran TV RTM tersebut hanya akan ditayangkan pada perayaan Pesta Menuai tahun depan!..arrgh! (sabar!)

Ketika menjayakan Malam Amal Mawar
Merah Olumis Borneo Batik House,
28 Jun 2008 di Sutera Harbour Resort.
Artis lain Azharina dan Ampal

Weekend escapade

I travelled almost the entire weekend...

Taken from the ferry to Butterworth

Aloq Staq

Landing at LCCT

Rushed to Mid-Valley mall

Huh...apa cerita ni? It's been a while I lost touch with newspaper, sekali stepped into a friend's car on the way to airport this morning (travelling back to KK) tekejut nampak this headline *LOL*...(yesterday's paper pula tu)

And finally landed at KK this afternoon, home sweet home...no photo taken cause too excited to reach home..:)

I thought of writing more tapi streamyx still down...grrr (inevitably called 100 to complain)

26 Jun 2008

Ateng - Di sebalik nama

Teringat pula seorang kawan masa kecil-kecil dulu bernama Atung...:)

25 Jun 2008

A rumour that caused traffic jam

A friend (in Keningau) SMS yesterday asking how's the traffic situation in KK (it was jam like hell in his town). But since I was at home I told him I've no idea and asked him what's the fuss about. He then told me about the planned 'mogok' by petrol stations. Huh? So rupa-rupanya begini pula keadaan trafik di KK kelmarin (I was at home the whole day and didn't know what's happening outside).

Only in Sabah....

...and more on the Air Supply concert in KK

Estranged - bakal jelajah Indonesia

Ya...bapa-bapa...ibu-ibu....Estranged bakal ketemu kalian, suka enggak?

Penggemar-penggemar Estranged di Pulau Nunukan dan Sulawesi...kok kalian usah khuatir! Bisa ketemu juga. Irian Jaya? Belum konfirmasi lagi. Sabar dong!

24 Jun 2008

‘Never Get Enough of…’ the Air Supply

Credits:Ivy's Pan

A string of romantic love songs filled up the air of the Magellan Grand Ballroom Sutera Harbour, last night during the Air Supply concert. And what thrilled me is the crowds who packed the venue (which can accommodate up to 2000 people). Never have I imagined it’s going to be that full. With the recent fuel price hike, the grouses on price increase, the advice by some ministers to change lifestyle and spending wisely, the thought of buying ticket (priced from RM 123 – RM 280) is totally out of the question to many people, but not to those in the ballroom.

Looks like no one is coming

...but then

And these signs were just everywhere...ahaks!. Since I’m a law-abiding citizen I have to abide by the rules.

The show started off just before 8.30 pm with the duo, backed by a keyboardist, a drummer and a bassist, belting out Sweet Dreams. When Russel Hitchcock sang his part, the crowds roared.

Some audience who were caught recording the show were stopped by the alert security personnel. They used flashlight and point it at the person who is recording. But towards the end when things got out of control those personnel gave up…hehe!

After Sweet Dreams the show continued with a string of their timeless hits namely Even The Nights Are Better, Just As I Am, A Little Bit To Everything (not too familiar with this one though) and my lagu wajib in karaoke *LOL*….Here I Am. They did all these songs from one to another continuously without communicating with the audience. Yet the audience constantly applauded, roared or sang along (no need instructions like…”tepuklah” or “mana tepukan!?”). Graham Russell (the tall guy) started talking to the audience only after the fifth song. The crowds were very appreciative and responsive yet something is missing…which is….errm…the hysterical screaming of teenage girls..) (yang hadir tu kan set-set mature ladies yang segan-segan mau scream…hehe). This must have surprised the duo and prompt Graham to say “it’s ok to make noise!” only to be responded by a male voice screaming in the front row *LOL*.

After the brief ‘opening speech’ the show continued with another karaoke wajib song…Chances *grin* (Hitchcock sang it in lower than the original key though) and followed by the crowds’ favourite Goodbye. Huh, only an hour had passed by, did they bid farewell yet? Some audience were heard asking around while checking at the time. Not yet lah! Next, their keyboardist showed off his excellent skill (I makan hati tengok) and followed by one unfamiliar tune by the duo something called Faith In Love (how come I never heard of this one?). The crowds roared again and sang along once The Power of Love was belted out.

Hitchcock and the boys took a break leaving Graham alone to entertain the audience. He sang a new song called Me and The River (or was it The River and Me? Whatever)….”I wrote this song while I was sitting by the river in South America” he told the audience and the audience clapped (what an amazing audience that night, responding every single word from the soft spoken Graham…they all must be English educated..*grin*). He self-played a guitar while singing this song.

Credits: Ivy's Pan

Hitchcock and the boys got back to the stage and I Want To Give It All filled up the air (according to Graham, the song flashback their memory singing without audience in a pub during their humble beginning in Australia). This was followed by Two Less lonely People, Without You and The One That You Love. Convinced that it’s safe to mingle with the crowds, they stepped down from the stage while singing The One That You Love). Hitchcock the short one was totally out of sight…dwarfed by the frenzy crowds. Lost In Love and Every Woman In The World were next on the list of their repertoire. For the record Mr Hitchcock didn’t even utter a word to the audience since the beginning of the show. But that was explained later by Graham that Hitchcock was indeed not feeling well. It was like saving his voice from talking too much. He only talked before doing Making Love Out Of Nothing All, a.k.a the second last song (again in low key). One can tell that he’s not well when he speaks but not when he’s singing…brilliant! Once finished all of them left the stage as if the show was over and the crowds chanted "we want more! we want more!".

They responded to the encore, and what a great way to wrap up the show by singing the song that took them to international stardom….All Out Of Love. They thank the audience and…The End!

Credits: Ivy's Pan

A five-star performance indeed, I regretted it that much for sitting at ‘kelas kambing’ (didn’t expect that the stage was so distance away) I was hoping the hall won’t be that packed and thought of curi-curi moving to the front seat at one point, unfortunately all seats were taken! All those early commotion caused by some dumb audience who simply took your seats are forgiven (the usherers are even dumber). While enjoying so much of their repertoire, I was a bit surprised to have never heard of two of the songs they performed. They didn’t include some other hits either like I Can Wait Forever, Now and Forever, Tonite, Come What May and Never Get Enough of You (this one I dedicate to the duo…;)

23 Jun 2008

Gangstarz II - kemalangan mencemaskan

Lya dari kumpulan South Trio (Malaysia) mencetuskan suasana cemas seketika dalam rancangan Gangstarz II, apabila beliau terjatuh dari platform setinggi lebih kurang 10 kaki.

I can feel Faizal Tahir berhabis control panick..hehe. Mujur juga beliau tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan teruk. Lagi malang semasa pengumuman penyingkiran dilakukan, kumpulan tersebut menerima undian paling sedikit justeru tersingkir dari pertandingan. Bak kata pepatah sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga,

Another new web social networking

If you notice on my Nuffnang ad banner, another advertisement, Pacmee, appears. Well this seems to be the latest online social networking just like MySpace, Friendster, Blog...etc.

If you are interested to register with Pacmee, to become one of the PacmeeANs, all you have to do is type any SMS message from your mobile phone and send it to 22700. You will then receive your Shoutouts credits and a temporary password. Next, you login to the Pacmee website using your mobile phone number and the temporary passwords given to you. After login, create your own profile. At this juncture you are advised to confirm your username and change your password to something you can easily remember.

What can you do with Pacmee? To simply put it, you can do instant messaging from your mobile phone direct to your online Pacmee chat box. This include text message with photo (hmm...probbaly soon you'll be able to send video as well). Imagine you are somewhere watching a concert and wish to share the photo instantly with your web visitors you just snap the pic and send it to your Pacmee chat box (ala-ala siaran langsung konon ni). Sounds fun doesn't it? But hang on, all this comes with a price (where got free one!).

And this is where I'm a little bit confuse. For every 20 messages (or known here as "Shoutout") your are charged RM1. This does not include the standard SMS and MMS rates (RM 0.05 and RM 0.25 respectively). If you don't use up all your 20 shoutouts within a month the remaining Shoutouts will expire by the end of the month (pulak!). Let say you have sent 15 shoutouts/message in May, the remaining 5 shoutouts (if you don't use them) will expire by end of May (faham?!). Apart of this normal charge, you'll also be charged monthly to the tune of RM1 per month (murah ja kan!). There are few other charges like direct messaging to your "followers" (other Pacmeeans who subscribe to your chatbox) and few more lah (that's why I said I'm a bit confuse). So how? Ok kah? You like? Quite a number of celebrities have already joined you know...including Karen Kong and Paul Moss (I bet if he's the inventor *LOL*).

By the way PAC is derived from the words Personalisation, Advertisement and Communication. Another important thing to note, Pacmee is currently available for Maxis (postpaid) and Hotlink (prepaid) users in Malaysia only. Which leads me to believe that this is a Malaysian invention. I'm a Celcom user so cannot use lah!..:)

Stacy - At Q-Ball

Kan...bekas penyanyi kumpulan Rimba di Q-Ball (maka berkeluaranlah familiar faces...:))

Adey...kabur habis mata ku. Berabis ku gosok...ingatkan mataku yang rosak, rupa-rupanya video sengaja dikaburkan untuk mengkaburi jenama-jenama minuman sejati. Kalau ya pun tak kanlah muka pemain lead gitar dikaburkan sekali..ahaks!

Part 1
Part 2 (Stacy makan butod)

22 Jun 2008

Elias Agustine - The unsung hero

Tu dia...rupa-rupanya ada pula pelakon Sabah yang kerap ditampilkan sebagai villain dalam beberapa filem popular Malaysia yang dulu-dulu. Mungkin watak crook yang sering diberikan pada beliau menyebabkan beliau tidak sepopular pelakon-pelakon lain...:). Apapun yang penting beliau maintain tagap!...:).

There was a ceremony to honour veteran Sabah artistes recently, looks like they have overlooked this guy..:(

...and some weather report

This image provided by NOAA shows Tropical Storm Fengshen taken Thursday, June 19, 2008 located southeast of the Philippines. Typhoon Fengshen lashed the Philippines for a second day Sunday June 22, 2008, killing at least 80 people as it submerged entire communities and capsized a passenger ferry carrying more than 740 passengers and crew.

Maybe it's clear to some of us now why we're called "The Land Below The Wind"...:) (or to put it not so romantically...The Land Just Outside The Typhoon Belt). We mostly receive just the 'tempias' of the main typhoon (tapi tempias-tempias pun berterbangan juga kandang ayam...kekek)

20 Jun 2008

Yazer - di puncak Kinabalu

Kalau menurut artikel di atas Gunung Kinabalu ketiga tertinggi di Asia Tenggara (dari nombor satu jatuh ke tangga ketiga...hmmm). Tapi sebenarnya telah jatuh dua anak tangga lagi ke nombor 5...arrgh! (macam carta lagu kan!).

Carta gunung tertinggi Asia Tenggara

1. Hkakabo Razi 5881 m (Burma) - Kalau Burma masih dalam SEA lah (I'm not sure the status now)
2. Puncak Jaya, 5030 m Indonesia
3. Trikora, 4751 m Indonesia
4. Mandala, 4701 m, Indonesia
5. Kinabalu, 4095 m Malaysia...:(

Probably the first four mountains had grown up real fast...:)

19 Jun 2008

Sara - dancing for survival

Last week's episode of So You Think You Can Dance saw Sara picked by judges to be in the bottom six. With that she has to 'dance for survival' to pledge for votes from viewers and audiences (poor girl). And this is her efforts

.....she's survived!

Talking about SYTYCD, one awkward thing I noted is the male and female are coupled to dance in an energy-demanding routine. Most often than not the judges will say the female is less energetic than the guy (what do they expect!). It's like asking a girl and a boy running 100 meters and when the girl lost she's crticised of being damn weak. We're talking about comparing a female energy or stamina with a guy! Where the hell did they get such idea *LOL*.
But I fully support the idea of the judges pick the weaker performers to be further judged by the audience/viewers (very much recommended in singing reality show...:)). And the 20-minute voting duration is something that AF should emulate!..:). It's just that they should maintain the number of weaker performers to four - two males and two females (known as bottom four) and not change it to six or eight or ten...blabla

Ayu berlaptop

Tu dia....dilaporkan sudah beli laptop berharga RM 2000. Jenama Acer barangkali...:). Nampak gaya kena tulis yang baik-baik sajalah untuk Ayu di blog ni, mana tau juga dia datang menjenguk...hehe

What a tragic loss...

*Sigh*....so be extra careful. Driving requires high capability of calculating risks. Tapi kalau sudah ajal, apa boleh buat kan!

18 Jun 2008

Stacy di Ria Sentral

Sesi temubual Stacy di Ria Sentral

Bersama Mila

...so dengan itu, janganlah kita cemarkan alam sekitar kita...ok!

17 Jun 2008

Wilson - Majlis pelancaran album

Meriah dan begitu aramaitilah majlis pelancaran album beliau ni, sehingga wartawan pun keliru mana satu Wilson dan mana satu Atama...:)

Azharina - cetus ribut

This is one report in the DE today...."Divorced Sabahan singer...." Atukk! What a headline. Dahsyat juga dia ni kan! Entah siapalah MP yang dimaksudkan itu (kononnya bukan calang-calang orang menurut laporan akhbar).

16 Jun 2008

Stacy - Aku Stacy (Ep.1)

Rancangan yang dinanti-nantikan oleh peminat-peminat Stacy, "Aku Stacy" memulakan siarannya semalam.

"Bapa sa teda kerja!"...oops!...tu dia...direct to the point tau!...ala-ala a tell-all biography gitu...hehe...

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Infinatez - Paparazi

Persembahan di dalam rancangan Muzik Muzik TV3

The CD of their singles will be released on the 21 June (kan Defoo?).

I thought only the DJs at Sabah FM pronounced their name as in-fi-na-TEZ but yesterday the X-Fresh FM DJs (on Malaysian English Hits program) also pronounced the same...:). Looks like some people are confuse with how to pronounce the name correctly.

13 Jun 2008

Wilson - Susuion

Susuion bukan surname tapi nama album beliau (jangan silap)

Ada lirik lagi. Siapa belum dengar tu lagu, hentam saja nyanyi ikut melodi sendiri-sendiri...:). Jangan lupa lusurilah laman web durang www.feel-production.com

12 Jun 2008

Jiaja - berpecah?

Nampak gaya kumpulan Jiaja bakal bergelar "Ji" saja, memandangkan ahli kumpulan yang meminjamkan nama "aja" (Naza) dilaporkan meninggalkan kumpulan tersebut. :(

Perlu kah?

Saya kurang pasti bahasa apa yang tertera pada papan amaran ini. Tapi pada pendapat saya, kalau sekadar memberi amaran pada orang-orang tempatan sejati Sabah (tidak kiralah dari suku kaum mana) I think bahasa Melayu is good enough...kan? (seperti amaran 'Larangan' yang di atas tu). Semua akan faham (not even warnings in Chinese and Tamil). So siapa pula yang tidak faham bahasa Melayu di tempat kita ni sehingga perlu diadakan extra amaran dalam bahasa yang khusus (go figure!). Kebetulan kawasan di mana amaran ini diletak memang ramai kelompok yang mencurigakan kerakyatan mereka. Tapi kepada mereka yang ditujukan amaran ini bolehkah mereka membaca?..:). Are we going to get use to this extra language on our signages?. These people will feel that they're mostly welcomed here. Kan kah bagus kalau amaran sebegini diletakkan di sempadan perairan negara. (I took this photo somewhere in Sepanggar Bay)

11 Jun 2008

Pray for her return

Let's just hope and pray that this missing girl who happen to be the younger sister of our friend is safe and sound and will return to her family soon.

The longest grafitti wall?

It's just some scribbles on slope retention wall along a stretch in Ranau - Telupid road. I was so curious to find out what's been scrawled and took a shot of it.

10 Jun 2008

Soft opening, hard turn out

You must be one of the hundred over thousand crowds that flooded the much awaited hypermall, 1Borneo on Sunday, during its soft opening. Errm…I thought of going and had all dressed up for it when something very important unexpectedly turned up. So mau tidak mau terpaksa cancel, lagipun the programs, that had been lined up for the event, are not attractive enough for me (lainlah kalau peminat fanatik artis Hong Kong).

But the newspaper reports on the event had detailed out the presence of some unexpected celebrities including Sheila Majid, Linda Nanuwil and err…Deborah Henry. Aiyoyo..why on earth the promo flyer sent over to my house didn’t mention these celebrities. Not worth mentioned kah? No crowd puller…hmm.

And here’s a newspaper image of the crowds that thronged the mall to see the Hong Kong stars. Fuuh! patut juga jiran-jiran Chinese saya hilang hari Ahad. Yang tu budak bisu pun hilang sekali.

I grin while reading this line on the report (concerning local press unable to interact further with those celebrities)

[quote]...Invited local press, however, found access overly restrictive for even a comment or two. “That’s why you have to pay for the price, they are celebrities. If it’s so easy, they are not called artistes,” Chan (the Managing director) replied...[/quote]

Aiyo taukey…itu macam kah statement? Celine Dion pun artis juga mah, still accessible to press...still the press can ask few questions. Apalah bah juga artis Hong Kong tu! Berlambak muka di Gaya Street.

9 Jun 2008

Sambutan Stacy

Meriahnya sambutan untuk Stacy. Kan...apa saya bilang, ramai peminat kan! Superstar bah

Hello everybody! I'm back!*grin*

Eh si Nubhan kah tu? (hehe)

Orait tak colour mata I?

Sedang berucap... "marilah sama-sama kita berjimat cermat
di era globalisasi kenaikan harga minyak sekarang ini"..:)

Wajah-wajah yang bakal muncul dalam program Izou Putet...
oops...I mean Aku Stacy..:) Termasuklah si Ampal

All pics are taken from stacy's fan site. In the mean time Stacy's single "Aku Stacy" makes its debut on Carta Era at number 15 (clap! clap! clap!)

8 Jun 2008

Record breakers

The Sabah quartet for both the male and female, at the Sukma XII Games, won the 4 x 100 meters events in record breaking time.

I was all set to record their superb actions, unfortunately they were not shown on TV during the "Soroton" program at 11.30 pm (diskriminasi kah ni?...grrr!). I only managed to have a glimpse of their actions over the snippets shown on TV3's Buletin Utama. Yang kena tayang 4 x 400 meters lah pula...where Sabah finished second in both male and female events

Boring betul pengulas dia ni nama Terengganu
dan Johor saja dia sebut

Dan Rayzamshah memenangi acara 110 m (siapa boleh lawan?)

7 Jun 2008

Welcome to Growball Club

Located at 5th floor Centre Point

The grand entrance

Avoiding the number '4' ? (no Cinamex 4'...hehe)

The Box-office a.k.a ticket counter area

The E-Cafe...spacious

A row of K-Boxes...while I was there,
lagu-lagu Dusun ja berkumandang...:)

The grand entrance to the Karaoke lounge (K-Lounge)

The Sportzone, (only for snooker games?)

What a huge playground...:)