22 Jun 2008

Elias Agustine - The unsung hero

Tu dia...rupa-rupanya ada pula pelakon Sabah yang kerap ditampilkan sebagai villain dalam beberapa filem popular Malaysia yang dulu-dulu. Mungkin watak crook yang sering diberikan pada beliau menyebabkan beliau tidak sepopular pelakon-pelakon lain...:). Apapun yang penting beliau maintain tagap!...:).

There was a ceremony to honour veteran Sabah artistes recently, looks like they have overlooked this guy..:(

...and some weather report

This image provided by NOAA shows Tropical Storm Fengshen taken Thursday, June 19, 2008 located southeast of the Philippines. Typhoon Fengshen lashed the Philippines for a second day Sunday June 22, 2008, killing at least 80 people as it submerged entire communities and capsized a passenger ferry carrying more than 740 passengers and crew.

Maybe it's clear to some of us now why we're called "The Land Below The Wind"...:) (or to put it not so romantically...The Land Just Outside The Typhoon Belt). We mostly receive just the 'tempias' of the main typhoon (tapi tempias-tempias pun berterbangan juga kandang ayam...kekek)