10 Jun 2008

Soft opening, hard turn out

You must be one of the hundred over thousand crowds that flooded the much awaited hypermall, 1Borneo on Sunday, during its soft opening. Errm…I thought of going and had all dressed up for it when something very important unexpectedly turned up. So mau tidak mau terpaksa cancel, lagipun the programs, that had been lined up for the event, are not attractive enough for me (lainlah kalau peminat fanatik artis Hong Kong).

But the newspaper reports on the event had detailed out the presence of some unexpected celebrities including Sheila Majid, Linda Nanuwil and err…Deborah Henry. Aiyoyo..why on earth the promo flyer sent over to my house didn’t mention these celebrities. Not worth mentioned kah? No crowd puller…hmm.

And here’s a newspaper image of the crowds that thronged the mall to see the Hong Kong stars. Fuuh! patut juga jiran-jiran Chinese saya hilang hari Ahad. Yang tu budak bisu pun hilang sekali.

I grin while reading this line on the report (concerning local press unable to interact further with those celebrities)

[quote]...Invited local press, however, found access overly restrictive for even a comment or two. “That’s why you have to pay for the price, they are celebrities. If it’s so easy, they are not called artistes,” Chan (the Managing director) replied...[/quote]

Aiyo taukey…itu macam kah statement? Celine Dion pun artis juga mah, still accessible to press...still the press can ask few questions. Apalah bah juga artis Hong Kong tu! Berlambak muka di Gaya Street.