5 Jun 2008

Up...up and away

So how did you respond to the fuel price hike announcement yesterday? Coincidently we were travelling to Lahad Datu. We arrived there at around 5.45 pm, checked in to our hotel and since we were too exhausted after driving for seven hours, we dozed off (setting the clock at 8 pm to wake up for dinner). Sekali terjaga and checked my handset there were few miss calls and sms mesagges concerning the price hike. I was like "what?! didn't the paper just say it's gonna be at least by August?". I immediately switched on the TV set for Berita...goodness it's true! I looked out of the window at the nearest Shell station...whoaa...it was a long queue of vehicles. At one glance there was no hope at all and I said "never mindlah it's okay!". But once my friend speculated; "what if there'll be no more diesel left tomorrow?" (alamak!!). The next thing I knew we were lining up for two hours (8 something to 10:40 pm). We kept our fingers cross hoping for some diesel left on our turn. At the same time, we kept on cursing ourselves for purposely ignored the idea of filling up the tank earlier (actually it came across our mind as soon as we reached the town...but never mind let's just fill it up tomorrow morning)

Some time around 8 pm

Close to 10.30 pm...thank goodness we finally reached the kiosk

It was so chaotic, the cashier asked for deposit first before allowing us to fill up. I handed over RM 100 for a full refilling but since we still have about a quarter of fuel left, the pump registered an amount of RM70. When I claimed my balance the cashier gave me RM70 instead of RM30! *LOL*. I only realised about it after getting back to our car. I wanted to return to the cashier but having seen the crowds...errm...forget about it! Hehe...untung! (nda sia-sia berbaris 2 jam). Poor Mr. Cashier, the chaos must had really made him so confused. So we finally had our vehicle refilled. I just had another full refilled a while ago upon reaching KK...err from the usual RM80 it is now RM 140...almost double! Napatai!