23 Jun 2008

Another new web social networking

If you notice on my Nuffnang ad banner, another advertisement, Pacmee, appears. Well this seems to be the latest online social networking just like MySpace, Friendster, Blog...etc.

If you are interested to register with Pacmee, to become one of the PacmeeANs, all you have to do is type any SMS message from your mobile phone and send it to 22700. You will then receive your Shoutouts credits and a temporary password. Next, you login to the Pacmee website using your mobile phone number and the temporary passwords given to you. After login, create your own profile. At this juncture you are advised to confirm your username and change your password to something you can easily remember.

What can you do with Pacmee? To simply put it, you can do instant messaging from your mobile phone direct to your online Pacmee chat box. This include text message with photo (hmm...probbaly soon you'll be able to send video as well). Imagine you are somewhere watching a concert and wish to share the photo instantly with your web visitors you just snap the pic and send it to your Pacmee chat box (ala-ala siaran langsung konon ni). Sounds fun doesn't it? But hang on, all this comes with a price (where got free one!).

And this is where I'm a little bit confuse. For every 20 messages (or known here as "Shoutout") your are charged RM1. This does not include the standard SMS and MMS rates (RM 0.05 and RM 0.25 respectively). If you don't use up all your 20 shoutouts within a month the remaining Shoutouts will expire by the end of the month (pulak!). Let say you have sent 15 shoutouts/message in May, the remaining 5 shoutouts (if you don't use them) will expire by end of May (faham?!). Apart of this normal charge, you'll also be charged monthly to the tune of RM1 per month (murah ja kan!). There are few other charges like direct messaging to your "followers" (other Pacmeeans who subscribe to your chatbox) and few more lah (that's why I said I'm a bit confuse). So how? Ok kah? You like? Quite a number of celebrities have already joined you know...including Karen Kong and Paul Moss (I bet if he's the inventor *LOL*).

By the way PAC is derived from the words Personalisation, Advertisement and Communication. Another important thing to note, Pacmee is currently available for Maxis (postpaid) and Hotlink (prepaid) users in Malaysia only. Which leads me to believe that this is a Malaysian invention. I'm a Celcom user so cannot use lah!..:)