19 Jun 2008

Sara - dancing for survival

Last week's episode of So You Think You Can Dance saw Sara picked by judges to be in the bottom six. With that she has to 'dance for survival' to pledge for votes from viewers and audiences (poor girl). And this is her efforts

.....she's survived!

Talking about SYTYCD, one awkward thing I noted is the male and female are coupled to dance in an energy-demanding routine. Most often than not the judges will say the female is less energetic than the guy (what do they expect!). It's like asking a girl and a boy running 100 meters and when the girl lost she's crticised of being damn weak. We're talking about comparing a female energy or stamina with a guy! Where the hell did they get such idea *LOL*.
But I fully support the idea of the judges pick the weaker performers to be further judged by the audience/viewers (very much recommended in singing reality show...:)). And the 20-minute voting duration is something that AF should emulate!..:). It's just that they should maintain the number of weaker performers to four - two males and two females (known as bottom four) and not change it to six or eight or ten...blabla