26 Sept 2006

SMS jokes..

I have a friend who have plenty of jokes (I don't know where he gets them) and often send the jokes to me through SMS. But most of the jokes are rated 18XX and I dare not post them here. Anyway here's the one that I just received...some of you may have already seen or read it.

Osama wrote to G.W.Bush in a form of a code to let the US know that he’s still alive & kicking! This is what he wrote..



Panic! Bush asks FBI to break the code thinking it would be another attack. FBI, CIA, NSA & the secret services could not break the code. Bush called the Scotland Yard & Agency Securitat but still they couldn’t break the code. Finally Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM) when desparately contacted by FBI for help told FBI to read the code upside down!!

(Bah kalau kamurang boleh baca upside down..silakan…kekekekek!)


Anonymous said...



Hats up to me hheehhe

Anonymous said...

Hehe...tapi baris yg di bawah tu sepatutnya di atas..(kalau baca upside down)

Anonymous said...

Damn hillarious..lindaxx