5 Sept 2006

A Dusun guy singing in German..

His name is Ambrose Majiun...it's been almost ten years since I last met him and suddenly he just pop up out of no where at Padang Merdeka KK during the recent Konsert Ambang Merdeka. He spent most of the recent years in Germany. Like many of my other friends he's also very active in singing and had done some studio recordings. The latest is a full English album. You can visit his website at www.ambrosemajiun.de , BUT... errr.... it's written in German (ya..ampun bu!...nggak paham!). Anyway just click the link "Musik" and you'll be able to listen to two of his songs "Feel Like a Bird" (in German) and "Under The Moonlight" (English - the Dusun version of this song entitled Kaandaman Ku, performed by Ambrose himself is available in the album Upus 1 Sinding Piginawaan from Moe's music...anyway I've uploaded it in my radioblog...take a listen!)

Ambrose is scheduled to perform at DCL carnival at Menara Tun Mustapha this weekend...9 Sep alongside Adam AF2 (DCL is one of the many active MLMs...in case you don't know).

ACHTUNG!!<----the only German word I know


Anonymous said...

cool..tapi,ganjil dengar org dusun nyanyi dlm bahasa german...achtung kama..lindax

Anonymous said...

hehehe...I agree...like something we totally never thought about...tabik to Ambrose for being 1 in a million!

Japrin said...

:) he is a little weird.. by the way, he got a 'names' in germany.. anyway, he was a cousin of mine.. :)