12 Dec 2007

OIAM 2: The Top 20

The last few episodes of One In A Million (OIAM) showed the gruesome process of selecting the most deserving talent to win the 1 million ringgit rewards. Thousands of hopefuls had been ushered to the exit door including some well-known faces in the Sabah music scene such as Ivye (Top 80) and Auninabila (Top 40).As of the fourth episode last week, the second season of OIAM had finally settled for its choice of top twenty.
They are…

Intan Sarafina, Nur Shahila, Sarah Raisudin, Nor Azrinna Azahar, Syed Alfrizal Syed Alwi, Shone Eric Jr.Majimbun, Mark Glen Malim Lorin, Gedion B. Hilarius, Khairullah Ezuan Sulaini, M Simon Christopher, Joni Tham Chi Won, Shahron Hussein, Tang Chee Mun, Abraham Edwin Dungot, Mohd Azmirah Mohd Arih, Mior Ahmad Zulkifli Mior Hashim, Joel Benedict, Norayu Bamit, Noor Liyana Ismail and Tunku Tiara Yasmin Sofia

Four of the names above are said to be from this land. But I’m only familiar with Mark Glen Malim and Norayu Bamit. So who are the other two? Judging by those names they are highly likely Shone Eric Jr. Majimbun and Gedion B. Hilarius (if that ‘B’ stands for bin cause only in Sabah you’ll find non-Muslim name with a bin). What about Abraham Edwin Dungot? (That third name sounds very Sabahan *grin* besides it also reminds me the surname of one Sabahan climbathon athlete). Well I bet some of them probably are our fellow local men but attended the audition elsewhere. Nevertheless who will be next dedicated the scary tagline…“your journey ends here!”?. The answer should be in the up coming episode, when only twelve hopefuls are selected to continue the journey to win the title of “One In A Million”.


Anonymous said...

Kalau saya tidak silap la...

Gedion B Hilarius - saya pernah tengok dia perform d Tj Aru Beach
Shone Eric Jr. Majimbun - Memang sabahan dia nie!
Abraham Edwin Dungot-Penyanyi Album Pusakag 2

yang lain saya kurang pasti...
Apapun wish best of luck untuk diorang semua!! Go Sabah Go!!!

dBOS-fm said...

Ya...kecuali Gedion..semua Sabahan dlm Top 20 masuk Top 12 (si Gurangak bilang).

They are...Ayu, Mark, Shone, Abraham dan Ronie (yg ni audition d Johor)...all the best to them!