3 Dec 2007

Powerboat Concert

KK folks were treated with two series of concerts held in conjunction with the World Cup Powerboat Race in KK over the weekend. The first concert which took place on Saturday featured Sabahan AF stars such as Candy, Lotter, Nora, Rich and Felix. They shared the stage with other well known local singers namely Amath Asir, Alfie (the lead vocalist of the group Cosmic), JIAJA and one invited crooner from the USA Mr. Felix Samora (hope I get the sir name correctly - this guy is said to be the buddy of our mayor). Well if you look at the program schedule, Saturday’s concert suppose to feature Anuar Zain where as the AF stars were scheduled to take the stage on Sunday. But for unknown reason, it turned out to be the other way around. Anyway here are some video clips, mostly on the first night, which we managed to capture.

All the way from the USA, giving the audience a taste of Las Vegas…=)

The AF stars doing, what I call, 'The Santai Unplugged Jamming Session'. Too bad Candy didn’t grab the opportunity showing off her guitar playing skill. In fact she’s the only one who didn’t perform solo during this segment. (Oops...excuse for the peeping-tom shooting. It's hard to avoid those blocking heads and people passing by)

Si 'lelaki itu' singing Lelaki Ini on the second night of the concert

This is indeed a long distance paparazzi shot =) The night was so windy and Anuar's voice travels dominantly to the back of the stage
The second concert on Sunday features many more local talents such as Andalusia, Valerie Wong, Betcy Michael, Kinabalu King, One Nation MC (I think this one is from KL) and Decipher apart of Anuar himself but due to some unforeseen circumstances only Anuar's Lelaki Ini managed to be shot

More videos from the concert on dbos YouTube channel. Both concerts were emceed by DJ Constan (who also performed with his group Kinabalu Kings)