14 Dec 2007

OIAM 2: Top 12

Don't forget to catch our talents tonight on OIAM 2 (8TV, 9 pm). Tonight's episode is the elimination round to select the Top 12 and suppose to be thrilling but since our spoiler had revealed it all..:D you only need to sit back and relax watching the show (best juga ada spoiler ni tidaklah berdegup-degup jantung saya...:=)). The good news is four of the Top 12 are Sabahans. They are Ayu, Mark, Shone and Abraham. The bad news is..."matilah macam mana mau undi ni!". Another guy, Ronnie, whom I suspected from Sabah (since I've seen him performing somewhere in town before) is actually comes from Labuan (if i'm not mistaken he auditioned in Johor). Another Sabahan in the Top 20, Gideon, didn't make it...:(
Top 12
credit:Gurangak's blog (click for more pics)

All the best to them!