5 Dec 2007

Kerana Karina : Episod 16 dan 17

Episode 17:

Fuhh! That was close!...I thought they gonna kiss each other!

Episode 16:

Marcus' mother (to Sherina): Are you Marcus' girlfriend?!
Sherina: Nope! Not me...it's him (pointing at Boy)
Marcus' mother : *fainted*

..LOL just an imagination to create a little controversy to this movie.

A theatre entitled 'Tarap Man'

from gua.com

Date: Dec 5 – 8
Time: 8:30pm and 3pm (there will be matinee shows on weekends)
Venue: The Annexe @ Central Market (2nd Floor, Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, KL; Tel: 03-20310339)
Admission: with a minimum donation of RM30 (to RSVP, call 017-6512126)

GUA says: A journalistic thriller set in Sabah where a newspaper reporter sets out to discover the truth about a boy born during the war, who apparently committed a gruesome murder in 1952. It stars Anne James, Mia Palencia, Vernon Adrian Emuang, Thor Kah Hoong, Christina Orow, Megat Sharizal, Abdul Qahar Aqilah, David Lim and Fariza Ariffi.

So Mia adds another feather to her cap by becoming a stage actress...:)


~sHaH2u.CoM~ said...

best giler citer....

boy ker yg nak kahwin ngan bf sherina? hehe