22 Dec 2007

OIAM 2 : The counter is now open..:)

The OIAM 'Top 12 Berhad' is now public listed. The counter is now opened for buying and selling activities. So trade you account wisely..=P.

Ab's profile
Izwan Pilus look-alike..=)

Ayu's profile
If only Oprah Winfrey can vote.:D

Well the judges had given their fair comments to the contestants and by looking at all the twelve talents' performances, I've to agree to most of what they had said (except maybe some comments on Rony). After watching the first showcase, I think Sarah and Roni had shown the true potentials to win the title. If x-factor is not the major concerned in the industry, these two deserve to win :=). One or two other names worth mentioned are Ab and Shila.

Mark's profile
Totally lost his x-factor during high note

My personal ranking

Ladies; 1-Sarah 2-Shila 3-Rina 4-Ayu 5-Tiara 6-Intan 7-Joni
Men; 1-Roni 2-Ab 3-Mark 4-Shone 5-Izzi

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Paul's choice..hmm..(I'm more in favour of Gideon)