19 Dec 2007

The unexpected Idol

For those who watched Asian Idol result show last Sunday might have seen Hady Mirza's reactions upon being declared the winner of the inaugural Asian Idol. The picture below tells it all. He was completely in total disbelief. At home, I feel like Adam Sandler (in the movie Click) had just pointed the remote control at me and press the pause button. I sit still staring blankly at the TV screen....twice as much in total disbelief :=)

Being the underdog Hady deserves to react in such a way. Upon asked whom they think will win the title, none of the judges mentioned his name. Looks like Jac, Mike (Indonesia) and Mau (Philippines) are the judges' favourites. Personally I want no one else to win but Jac, cos she has that extra 'umph' on stage. But my instinct strongly tells me that it's got to be Mike cause he has the edge as compared with the rest. He represents a host country with over two hundred million population. Aside of his talents he also appears more often on stage than the other contestants. If there would be a spoiler, I thought he's got to be the Indian guy (again backed by Indian's billion population) . But once the result was announced it was something far from crossing my mind (and the judges' minds too). Hady's victory just leads to some speculations, ranging from mostly young girls voted for..err..his look to the out-of-symphaty inclusions of SIN in the unique one vote for two countries SMS voting system (might as well they have two winners by having this voting system!). Whatever it is the result is final and...there we have it ladies and gentlemen....our very first Asian Idol....Hady Mirza of Singapore! (Clap! clap! clap!)

Some forummers came up with this complete results but yet to be confirmed!

1.Hady Mirza (Singapore) 28%
2.Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia) 27%
3.Abhijeet Sawant(India) 15%
4.Mau Marcelo (Philippine) 12%
5.Phu'o'ng Vy (Vietnam) 11%
6.Mike Mohede (Indonesia) 7%