28 Dec 2007

When record shop offers CD burning

I went to Centre Point this morning to look for some CDs. I bought two CDs at Leego record shop (a KD CD and an English CD). While paying at the counter, the lady was mumbling something like...."sepuluh lingit saja! tunggu ...3 minit!"...at the same time she showed me a CD-Rom. It took me awhile to capture what she was talking about. When I asked her to repeat, she pointed at the original CDs "sound sama, tapi masuk sini (showing a CD-Rom)...sepuluh ringgit saja..tapi tunggu 3 minit!". Can't she just said "CD-burning" (habis cerita) or perhaps I don't look high-tech enough for her to use such term! I stood aghast for awhile at the terrible discovery before saying "oh lu copy semua lagu masuk sinilah....bolehkah buat itu macam?....polis tidak tangkapkah?". "Manyak olang buat mah!!" she replied. But then I told her I settle for those with proper sleeves, photos and lyrics. She further offered for RM8, but i'm still refused. She looked surprise upon seeing my refusal (as if I'm the first ever soul she encountered rejecting such offer...:=0). *Sigh* In fact I wanted to ask her more, like how long has she been doing this, how's the response like etc.

Wow! Can you imagine, RM10 for one CD burning. They should have earned more by doing this than selling the original CD. I know this is not new at any cybernet where they offer such service. But to discover similar offer also available in record shop is totally a different thing. To me record shop is the place to get original CDs. My sympathy goes to the artistes (especially local Sabahan artistes) who had become victims of this irresponsible conduct. So if you find your album sale not as what you expected, this is probably one of the reasons. Who shall we blame, the 'demander' or the 'supplier'? probably both!

One of the CDs I bought

Perhaps...it takes an intellect to appreciate and pay high respect on intellectual properties!...Ehemm! :=)