31 Dec 2007

Promoting 'Barisan' and unity

While attending the National Christmas Open House on Saturday two questions in my mind were, "is the election coming really soon? (maybe in one or two months time)" and "is our unity seriously being under threat?". I posed these questions because first and foremost, the event comes along with a theme "Barisan Kita, Warisan Kita"! *LOL* Why the word 'barisan'?, I guess "Perpaduan Kita, Warisan Kita" or "Keharmonian Kita, Warisan Kita" sound much better. So you can guess what the theme is trying to tell us. :=). The inclusion of all races and ethnic groups in the performances, is a simple proof by the government that no one is being sidelined (thanks to the turmoil by Hindraf recently). One popular Christmas song was sung in all languages exist in Malaysia and greetings were uttered in all languages as well...(boring!). If I were the MC I would say "please let me know if I miss out one race/ethnic's language!" Duhh! After 50 years of independence, we still need a lot of things to do to unite the people. Maybe some races/ethnic groups in the country are still suffering the syndromes of inferior complexity and anxiety disorders...:=). Perhaps the best thing to do is to join the "line", queue up and wait patiently for your turn to get a better life...*LOL*

The 'barisan' artistes taking part in the event..:=D

I came late in the afternoon (miss out the goodies...erggh!) and not so sure if there was stage performance in the morning. Artistes seen performing in the afternoon are Velvet, Lotter, Abu Bakar Ellah, Clarice, Everistus and the RTM unity group comprising of Achapan, Angeline Tan, Abon etc.

...And now live from Padang Merdeka (versi kucar kacir)

Velvet singing Where Are You Christmas after the
official segment ended at 5 pm. Since the event has
a permit until 6 pm, the artistes took over the stage
to entertain the remaining crowds until the permit ends

Choir and Boria Krismas (mana mau cari?..:=))