3 Dec 2007

Eager to have JIAJA first album

JIAJA made their appearance during the Powerboat Race concerts on weekend. Despite some commotion prior to their gigs, they managed to draw the masses’ attention with their classy acts. Just before they began, they made a little announcement on their debut album which will hit the market early next year. Following the announcement, they belted out songs from the album just to get the audience sampled what they have in store. They performed five songs altogether but these three tunes really captured my attention (I think they just sang continuously without mentioning the title of the songs)

This song reminds me the first time I heard ‘Tiwas Kotoh’. I just can’t help grinning listening to the lyrics. “Aku mau kasi tau apa yang aku rasa”….”oh sayang aku rasa aku suka kau”…..”jangan kau mati lepas aku kasi tau”. A very typical way of saying things at any street in Sabah =). I like both the melody and music of this song. I thought it’s not a bad idea if they include children’s voices (without music) at one stage of the frequently repeated chorus line “oh sayang aku rasa aku suka kau”…:=).

If I’m not mistaken they sang this song in English during the final of Blast Off. It has a strong Woodstock Rock Festival material (just can't avoid noticing the catchy drum beat in this song...si Karuk bah tu drummer dia!)

This song has the strong feel of Indon band that makes me a little bit confused. Either it is originally theirs or it is indeed a song by one of the Indon bands (?) But since they’re promoting their debut album I presume it’s one of the tracks included in their pet project.

Having sampled their materials I thought of rushing to the nearby music store to get their album, almost forgotten the facts that it’s not released yet:)


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check out their song at


very cool!!