27 Dec 2007

Hoping a glimpse of a submarine

Does anyone know where in KK is this?...=). This is probably one part of KK that not many KKians know exist (oops...mind me calling KK people as Kaykeeans?...=D). Yupp..i'm talking about the newly completed KK Naval Base in Sepangar Bay (the second largest after the Lumut Naval Base). Since the past two weeks i've been frequenting the base for some works. Ya good guess....i'm supplying submarine to them! (how I wish). Having been involved since the very beginning of the development, i've been there countless of times but least expected that am still required to pay more visits after the navy officially took over. Of course things are no longer the same as the pre-navy occupation. Before, we were free as the bird to enter and exit the area. Nowadays...fuhh! It's like 10, 15 minutes before I finally granted entry....very strict and security checks are done by the armed-fierce-looking army personnel. That's what I experienced during my first few visits. But lately it's like passing through the 'touch and go' toll for me....=P

The main entrance aka security check point

The new coastal highway leading to the base (very conducive
for Mat Rempit). This means no more boat rides from KK (Hyatt)
or passing through the scary 'pilaks' squatters to reach the area

If you use a microscope you can see KK City far away at the background.
Vice-versa the base is also visible from KK (picture taken while the
base was still under-construction,you are not allowed to take picture
freely nowadays)

Crystal clear blue water. But expect to see more sea
reclamations in this area soon.

On entering the zone, first thing first, is to look at the dock hoping a glimpse of a submarine...:=D but so far no luck lah. I did ask one personal if there's a chance for public to see one. He said maybe yes maybe no...errgh! Hopefully they will have a public open house one day!. The facilities in the base are so impressive. I took a peek at the stadium, although not as big as Likas', it appears to have an aesthetic football pitch. The swimming pool is obviously olympic standard complete with multi level diving platform...;=O. I was like saying to myself "who the hell is going to dive there?" If this is a standard facility in any base, they should've produced many national champions divers . But I don't think any of those current champions come from naval base (Nantilah aku tanya kalau tu askar punya muka lembut-lembut sikit...:))