9 Dec 2007

LG Viewty

I'm actually in the quest for the most perfect handphone with multi function features. I thought I have Nokia N95 in my mind (after been suggested by a friend). But having checked out this Viewty..I'm kinda giving Nokia a second thought...:=)

The PR ads

And the review (more reviews on YouTube)

The price is said to be in the range of RM 2,099 - 2,299 (Ouch! nampak gaya kena kumpul gaji 1 tahun lah macam ni!)


Unknown said...

I had a demo of this phone and I gotta admit, although it is better than the 'SHINE' it isn't really too special. The stylus doesn't even sit in the phone! So you end up carrying the phone and the stylus separate.

It's like they made the phone and then noticed the stylus.

Kinda like when you put flat pack furniture together and have a few bolts left over ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the info. I'm welcoming every info like this before I decided to go ahead. Do you mind giving me the link to your demo?