24 Dec 2007

Astro Kirana Short Film Contest - Results

Grand Prize - Beautifool Life (Calvin Lim Keal Boon)
First runner up - Shou Ji (Chan Kean Wah)
Second runner up - Hasrat (Martias Mohd Ali)

Best Videography - Shou Ji (Chan Kean Wah)
Best Perfomance - Shou Ji (Chan Kean Wah)
Best Story - Hasrat
Best Acting Performance - Shao Lin Goe (Ah Teh)
Best Sound - Akan Miss Hujan(Teddy Chin Leken)
Best Editing - The Contract (Yusmal Ghazali)
Audience Award - The Promise (Sia Yaw Yie)

There you have it. Looks like the entry Mimpi 3x didn't grab any award. According to the source all 10 short film finalists will be shown during Astro Kirana's Super Short Slot on the coming Monday (It probably refers to 24 Dec)


Why Hady is the Asian Idol?

Still on 'the aftershock' of Asian Idol. Some media came up with the factors/theories that leads to Hady's crowning as the first Asian Idol. The factors include...he's got looks, he's got charm, his Malay appeal (grandparents were said to be Bugis from Sulawesi), his universal appeal, he kept it real, the whole package, good song choice, divine intervention and last but not least...he amassed 'the other vote' (which I personaly think is the main factor he won the contest)

...and this is what the media say (concerning "he amassed the other vote").

"Judging by posts on online forums dedicated to the competition, the most rabid fans came from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Given this, one would assume that it was a pretty close fight among the candidates from these countries. But because contest rules were such that each person had to vote for two candidates, fans were to give their 'other vote' to a 'neutral' competitor rather than a strong one. Hence, the theory goes, an Indonesian supporting Mohede would almost definitely not have voted Malaysia's (Jaclyn) Victor or the Philippines' Marcelo too. And who benefited from this? Harmless Hady.

Singaporean network engineer Ariff Yunos, 25, said: 'Because each voter has to root for two contestants, people would naturally vote for the contestant who poses the least threat to their country's representative. And Hady was that weakest link.'

the 'SMS freak' countries - referring to mobile phone users in Indonesia and the Philippines - would not vote popular Jaclyn Victor as their second choice but instead vote for 'safer' Singapore that they thought would have a slim chance to win."

(*LOL*...exactly like what I did). So if there were to be another Asian Idol contest in the future, they should get rid off the one vote for two countries system. It just have the tendency to produce a fluke winner!