28 Dec 2007

Some events to look forward to

The National Christmas Open House will be hosted by KK this Saturday. By looking at the programs schedule all events will take place in broad day light. Hopefully the weather is sunny (as it is forcasted lately that we'll be receiving more rain and storm). No mention on the artistes involved though! There's only one way to find out...BE THERE!!

Countdown from the rooftop!

Calling all party animals....meow! Woww...woww!!...Cock!Cock!Cock..CoooocKK! Nyet..nyettt..nyett!! Nggokk! Reserve some energy (and money too) for the event below. Well, apart of the rooftop happening, Asia City will also be holding the first ever street party on the same day (31 Dec) starting at 6.30 pm. So it's gonna be from the street right up to the rooftop (hopefully no one takes the short cut jumping from the rooftop back to the street....die lah like that!)

Yeah.... let's party!


Anonymous said...

Hi dbos,
Nice xmas songs you have here, esp. our very own local AF artist, ps. where can i buy the cassette/cd.


dBOS-fm said...

Thanks...the AF Christmas album should be available at record shops around KK especially at Jaya Rekod in Centre Point and Wisma Merdeka (hope they're not sold out)