27 Dec 2007

When some 'remedy' connected with Sabah

I just can't stop grinning reading this report...

In a fix over Sabah 'penis remedy'
25 December, 2007

Kuala Lumpur: More than 1,000 men are suffering from various complications after getting sandalwood oil jabs from "five-foot-way doctors" who claimed that the jabs could help enlarge their penises. Victims paid up to RM1,500 for the injection, only to suffer pain or impotence. Andrologist Dr Ismail Tambi revealed that the use of sandalwood oil for such purpose began in Sabah and Brunei, but it has since spread to peninsular Malaysia.

"I learnt of this from a patient of mine from Brunei. When I checked his penis,
it looked really strange. He told me that he had received 15 injections for the treatment that had gone wrong," he added.

Dr Ismail said he received similar cases after that with some patients suffering from serious complications. He said most of the "doctors" would show their own private parts first, claiming the oil had done them good.

"I want to advise men not to fall for this ploy, especially with the attractive advertisements circulating on the Internet," he added.

When the doctor said "it looked really stranged", it probably something totally beyond his imagination. I completely have no idea how it looks like but the sight of the abnormal coconut tree with seven branches that appeared on paper recenlty, quickly come into my mind...*LOL*