5 Jun 2006

Let's meet the kings

YO!!...check it out!....WasszZupP New York! (hehe...just kidding)!! Ok!...so you've heard the song "Harvest Fiesta"! In case you've been wondering the guys behind the song...here they are dude!...KEWL...aren't they! Alright! let's check it out...from left we have Johnnie Blaque..YO!..age 27 years old, from Tuaran...and the name on MyKad reads Contantine Anthony! Does it ring the bell?? Yupp...he's none other than once a popular radio DJ with Sabah VFM, before transferred to Tracks FM in KL (formerly Radio Four). The one seated at the centre is Benggazzi Ben Hyder (fuuhh....what a kewwl name!) aka Nukie D. He's from Sandakan and 29 years of age. Finally on extreme right....very hard to miss, is Dunstan Keith Dumpangol...YO!! aka DJ Special K, 30 years of age and hailed from Keningau. They shared the stage with Andy (Flop Poppy), Ning Baizura, Adam, Felix, Deja Moss and Azharina last Tuesday night at Hongkod, during the special concert organized by Muzik FM (broadcast live over the same radio channel). They are currently promoting their single album, comprising tracks such as Harvest Fiesta and Oh Marsha (aikk?!? bahaya ni!!). According to the sumandak who manned their promotional booth at Hongkod, their full album will be out in July...but I forgot to ask whether it's July this year or next year (hopefully this year)...anyway be forwarned! Check them out...PEEACE!!


Vivien Dumpangol said...

special k looks familiar.