1 Feb 2010

CNY Charity Show

A Chinese New Year Carnival will be held at KDCA Penampang on 7th Feb. The venue for this carnival had been very well decorated including with some sort of long yellow dragons along the fence, how's that? There will be a charity show at night featuring Stacy, Adam, Chaq, The BAD Boyz and Clarice.

Juara MyStarz LG3

For the record I haven't seen the show yet. I didn't manage to catch it live last night due to attending some events (hope to catch it online or the repeats if any). I just got info from friends and today some reports confirm it. My response is...Yess! After the departure of both contestants from Sabah I’ve been paying my attention to this lady (Tom aka Raja Farah Afzal Raja Ikram) and judging by her performances the past weeks how I really wish she would win. I like how she focuses her singing just to control her pitch; very cautious, as cautious as a driver controlling a steering wheel. I’m not saying she’s perfect, but most of the times she hits it right. Nevertheless she’s the most experienced among the contestants, isn’t she? A regular in OIAM auditions and even managed to spit on some curse, to the OIAM’s judges last season *LOL*. But I guess she made headlines last year for winning some gold medals at the WCOPA in LA, along with Siti Sarah and Bob. Well congrats to her; let’s see if she shines better than any other winners.