13 Feb 2010

The New Version of "We Are The World"

The world famous charity song "We Are The World", written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and was recently revamped. The new version was premiered in the US yesterday and subsequently to the world today (Saturday). But instead of "USA For Africa" the tagline this time is "USA For Haiti".

How does it differ from the old version?

Woww...Michael Jackson still appears and the choir is always the hair-raising part. It's fun watching Lionel Ritchie guides Celine Dion at minute 3:53 :=). I guess the new features include some rappings and a T-Pain (robotic) kinda voice. But I'm a little bit annoyed by the Haitian singer (what was his name?)...errr..that turkey like sounds he made, is too much for my ear...hehe.


defoo said...

yg haiti singer ko bilang tu wyclef jean ba nama dia, dulu from the group refugees. i think hes actually american. nowadays dia byk do music to show his african roots but hes also a good singer and rapper hehe. for this song dia mo buat tribal roots la tu kan ^_^

dBOS-fm said...

*LOL* ndak kenal semua bah...ya yg tu Wyclef pula, ada juga kwn kasi tau hri tu tapi ndak sempat update. Tapi bila sudah dengar balik2 bunyi turkey dia tu bolehlah juga d terima...yg mula2 ja mcm janggal. First singer tu pun sya nda cam, budak tngktan 4 yg kasi tau Justin Bieber dia bilang penyanyi r n b dri canada kunun...