10 Feb 2010

'Kampung Ku" by Pinky

The accident that killed three doctors in Tg. Aru early Saturday is still being talked about. Yesterday's report questioned 'Poor lighting had a role?'. Not too sure the situation at that particular time, but I found nothing unusual on the lighting the day before the accident while sending a friend to Terminal 2 at around 5 am.

Another abduction incident happended in Sabah water (Semporna) on Monday. It reminds me of some warning issued by US intelligent recently asking its citizen not to get near the area. However some high ranking Malaysian considered the warning as bull**** "we know our place better" the high ranking Malaysian said. That "better" means, giving out statement the abduction on Monday is a normal internal criminal affair and took place over pay dispute. Coverline or what? Hello wake up! Abu Sayaff is coming to town...again!

On to our song, this is another new name, Pinky (adik Lotter??) with a song called Kampung Ku.

Vocal wise not bad huh. Macam tidak sabar-sabar dia mau nyanyi part bernada tinggi tu. With her sharp controllable wail it could be our answer to Chaka Khan :-). But how nice if she’s able to show off her vocal prowess like that in a song something like “Gemilang” or some soulful emotional song about being hurt by her boyfriend probably with a line, "ku tak kecewa...taaaaaaaaak kecewa!".Screaming your lungs out in a simple song about your kampung, is to me like dressing up to wrong occasions. Macam ndak kena bah, balik-balik pula tu teriak "kampung kuuu" :=) (just my 5 sen worth opinion)

Great amazing voice...errrm...in a wrong song...but at least she gives us a sneak peak of what she has to offer with a warning, "watch out you people..here i come! Itu baru lagu pasal kampung tu belum yang real punya lagi"..hehe.