2 Feb 2010

Songs Highlight 2.

So the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards concluded yesterday. It's always been Beyonce vs Taylor Swift and Beyonce won with a score, 6 - 4. Out of all the live performances yesterday my choice goes to Pink! *gulp*

Breathtaking! I'm extremely amazed when she's up there swirling around, not a slight glitch heard on her voice (pre-recorded or what?). But gosh, why does it have to be so perfect when it comes to Grammy show!

OK let's get back to our very own music award pre-nomination *grin*

Here's our pre-nomination for Best English Song, Best Male Vocal Performance and Song of The Year awards *smile*.

Lester - It's Been Said

A very good song indeed. My only issue is the duration. It's like 5:40 minutes!

Next is a song pre-nominated for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Group and Song of The Year.

T-Street - Kau Saja Milikku

This is a non-mix and non-mastered version.

T-Street has another nomination in Show Us (Some Love) (Playlist 2)

Moving on, here's another song pre-nominated for Best English Song, Best Rap Song and Song of The Year.

Decipher - Feels Good

The string melody sounds so nostalgic, I like!