4 Jan 2008

Tiny yet powerful..

So this is the spy-cam reportedly used in the DVD production involving the ex-Health Minister. Very tiny. So next time, you step into a hotel room (for whatever purpose), first thing first, check thoroughly for this device. It could be placed at the sprinkler, lamps, under the sinks etc. Once you find it, don't get panick, reeelax! *aksi ala-ala Eby*. Pose and smile at it before you pick your nose or ear with full emotion. Dig out whatever you can and place 'the digged treasure' (the more the better) right on the lense to cover it. That's it, as simple as that.:=)

Talking about sprinkler, there was one incident reported few months back in the paper. It's about a lady who smashed violently the sprinkler in one hotel room in KK. She suspects that it's a spy-cam! What makes me even more grinning reading the report is the lady is not a tourist from New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Taipei etc but from a land called 'Cembiunen' (...errr...that's a pronunciation for Tambunan borrowed from one Englishman..:=D). Anyway it's not reported clearly if the sprinkler burst and spray water all over the room (how I wish it happened). Paranoid you say, but appears to be a high-techly advance woman to me...*grin*.